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Costello forces seek to bury Tony Abbott not to praise him #auspol

There’s no pleasing some people. Tony Abbott has been the most brilliantly effective Opposition Leader since Paul Keating demolished his opposition from the Lodge. He is a human wrecking machine. And yet what’s left of the Costello forces in Club Fed, whose continuing spokesperson is ex-Cossie staffer Niki Savva, appears to be reading the Last Rites for Abbott’s leadership. Their nominated successor is the pugnacious Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison although Malcolm Turnbull might try to marshal the small-l liberal majority in the party room, or at least those with short memories of his Rudd-esque temper-tantrum reign of error.



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  1. What about my Joseph for leader?

    I don’t spend all my time eating and scheming with him just for him to be forgotten about. Joe (and me) are the two most popular and talented people in public life. We are also very loyal to our colleagues and anyone that says that either of us have undermined Abbott won’t be invited to Joe’s house for a “Leadership Joe” campaign dinner

    Posted by Obese and Loyal Jamie | October 25, 2012, 15:48
  2. Greg Hunt sees himself as a future leader. Who is this guy kidding? He comes across as some try hard little school boy debating wanker. The Carbon tax is Tony’s only card to play and it is already looking dodgy. How will it look twelve months from now?

    Posted by Little Greggy Hunt | October 26, 2012, 8:51