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DANGEROUS TERRITORY: Zed boned Gary, will Gary now be able to bone Zed? #auspol

The ACT Liberal preselection could be overturned as boned incumbent Gary Humphries has said he’d contest a second preselection if one was held.

This is despite telling the press he’d abide by the result which saw Humphries’ former protege Zed Seselja sneak up behind him and strike when his supporters had quietly organised the numbers.

The Senator’s backers currently run the party machine and seem confident they’ll overturn the first ballot and go on to win a second one.


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  1. Gary Humphries and I go way back to the days of the Australian Union of Students. He was a solid citizen then. Even though he held some trendy views, he stuck by the Liberal Club’s nomination for the AUS Executive (which happened to be me).

    So I am a Humphries supporter out of loyalty to a good friend.

    I know Zed Seselja is a far more traditional kind of Liberal on most issues and we probably would agree on many matters. However, he is young enough to let Humphries have a couple of extra terms. The extra experience will assist him in being a stronger more articulate and better rounded Senator.

    Both of them are strong advocates for Canberra despite the need to cut government waste. This will not be particularly popular in the party room.

    Gary Humphries has gravitas and experience and he will be able to articulate more forcefully.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | March 4, 2013, 10:03