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DENIAL IS A RIVER IN EGYPT: Casey council crisis has Mayor Aziz in a deep panic

Former Labor party member and Mercedes-driving Customs official, Casey Mayor Sam Aziz sent a panicked email to Casey council staff last night boldly defending the disgraced and beseiged CEO Mike Tyler after devastating – and highly specific – claims that he had sexually harassed and even stalked a female council worker for the purposes of forcing her to have sexual relations with him. She successfully resisted his systematic campaign of pressure but was left suicidal, out of a job and financially disadvantaged by the outrage.

There are rumours – at this stage unconfirmed – that Tyler has targeted other female staff at Casey with unwanted sexual attention.

Aziz’s defence of Tyler boils down to this:

the matter was settled purely for commercial reasons – that is, it cost considerably less to settle than it would have cost to fight the matter…

But that doesn’t make any sense at all, because as even a bush lawyer and Customs official like Mayor Aziz would know that if Tyler wasn’t engaged in the activities alleged (witnessed by numerous people beyond the complainant as VEXNEWS revealed) then the bid to sue Tyler would more than likely fail, with legal costs awarded against the unsuccessful party, as they tend to be.

So there was no commercial or financial reason to settle.

Indeed, the amount of the settlement was uncommercial very high, some say $25,000, others speculate the saga cost as much as $300,000, for a sexual harassment case. The truth is that it’s all speculation because the ratepayers – whose funds were used (indeed misused) – have never been told how much was spent on paying the hush money or on legal expenses associated with it.

There was a desperate – and at one level understandable – desire by the CEO Mike Tyler to suppress all knowledge of this scandal, even to the extent that it appears he broke the law by failing to tell his supervisor (i.e. the full council) of the incident, and the legal claim as it happened. It was an extraordinary deception, a cover-up that entangles Lorraine Wreford, the then mayor who kept it secret and who is now serving in the Baillieu government as a backbencher.

Aziz’s suggestion that the councillors were told about the scandal masks the fact that they were in fact only told after the claim had been settled and paid out. It was too late for them to do anything about it. It was also, sources say, a clear breach of Tyler’s legal responsibilities to his employer, the full council.

Aziz also claims that there was an “independent investigation.” Again, this doesn’t stack up because what he fails to mention is that the “independent investigation” was conducted by a law firm Casey Council routinely uses and that – because of their relationship with Tyler – has billed the council for very large amounts for a wide variety of legal services.

It was not and is not an independent investigation, in any respect. It was an attempt to placate councillors who were shocked at hearing about the scandal, after it had happened, using lawyers who were hopelessly commercially compromised in conducting a serious, independent investigation. Did they speak with the victim? Did they speak with the many witnesses to Tyler’s behaviour? Did they require Tyler to give evidence on oath? We don’t know, but we suspect you can guess.

Aziz is right on one thing though. This scandal clearly does need an independent investigation, either by a municipal inspector if they are still operating, or the Ombudsman or by Royal Commission. This scandalous cover-up cannot be allowed to fester any longer.

It’s an election year, so Aziz is being “courageous” in defending Tyler in these circumstances. Given his position as a Customs official, a position of considerable public trust, you’d think he’d be wise to wait and see what a real and true independent investigation digs up. But he’s not the smartest tool in the shed, it seems, so when in a hole, Slippery Sam just keeps on digging.

Here’s his missive sent to all Casey staff at 5.34PM yesterday.

From: Colleen Holland
Sent: Thursday, 29 March 2012 5:34 PM
To: #All Staff
Cc: #Councillors
Subject: Mayor’s Statement in relation to the CEO

Dear Casey Staff,

There is currently a campaign being run to, once again, denigrate Council’s CEO. This is being waged through the Herald Sun, a gutter website [VEXNEWS: Not sure who he means] and the Cranbourne Leader.

Councillors were briefed on the matter during last year [VEXNEWS: More than a year after the serious claims were first made] and, unlike what has been reported in the media, ordered an independent investigation.[VEXNEWS: Using lawyers you have a pre-existing relationship with is not independent]  I will be moving at the next council meeting that the results of that investigation now be made public.

It is not appropriate for me to comment on the allegations that were made by the complainant, but I can say that the matter was settled purely for commercial reasons – that is, it cost considerably less to settle than it would have cost to fight the matter. [VEXNEWS: Ridiculous, as noted above, costs are awarded against unsuccessful litigants, so if they were so confident of defending them, there was no “commercial” imperative not to contest the claims. The hush money was paid to avoid scrutiny and embarrassment and to minimise the risk of other victims speaking out.]

Perhaps, in hindsight, as a matter of principle, it should have been fought. [VEXNEWS: It ought now be publicly revealed how much public money was used and why and only an investigation by the appropriate anti-corruption investigator can do that]

This is exactly what the Commonwealth Bank did recently in a case they chose to fight, and the presiding judge was absolutely scathing of the malicious claims made by the complainant in that instance, which were wholly dismissed. View the Herald Sun report. [VEXNEWS: Bizarre, the Commonwealth Bank case has nothing to do with this complainant and is a furphy. Sure, all allegations should be subject to proof, but in this case what is undeniable is that massive amounts of public monies were used to pay hush money to a complainant in circumstances where those in charge of the public monies didn’t authorise the payment and weren’t told about claims from staff that their CEO abusing his power for sexual gratification.]

I encourage those leading this unfair campaign to focus more on representing constituents instead of pursuing this unhealthy and unnecessary personal and hate-fuelled obsession with the CEO. [VEXNEWS: Only an independent investigation by the Ombudsman or other appropriate regulator can cut through whatever council politics is at play here. This is not about which councillors like the CEO or don’t like him, this is about whether a shocking abuse of power can be allowed to stand without being investigated.]

The City of Casey has formidable challenges ahead, and can not afford to be distracted by these silly and childish political games.

Every councillor’s primary priority should be the future of Casey. Part of that future is having an extremely competent CEO who has delivered, and will continue to deliver.

In that regard and as Mayor, I have every confidence in the CEO Mike Tyler. [VEXNEWS: This is certainly leading with the chin but it’s done without Aziz explaining how much public money has been used, done without any impartial independent investigation into the claims of sexual abuse against Tyler, done without any credible justification of why the full council wasn’t told of a staff member’s complaint against the CEO or even of the settlement of an expensive lawsuit against him using ratepayers; money. Aziz is being crazy-brave here. How he defends it, while he almost certainly knows there are other claims just waiting to spew out into the public consciousness, is beyond us.]

Sam Aziz


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  1. Here sammy’s wife pays for the merc. She’s the king of the house

    Posted by hello SUCKERS | March 30, 2012, 12:50
  2. Casey is not the first and will not the last council to face the new Criminal Justice Commission, if and when it is established.

    The Cty of Melbourne had paid secret commissions and payouts to ex coucillors for their ongoing support.

    One ex-councillor, having lost reelection, was offered a plum job on the City Library Board, even though it was illegal for them to do so. Having made the illegal appointment the City Council was forced to cancel the job offer and made another illegal payment of over 30,000 in hush money as a form of compensation for the illegal job offer that was unable to be offered in the first pace.

    This money was payment for services rendered and the support given in past Municipal elections.

    The Government should refer all the City Council’s past payments to ex councillors to the new crime review authority and the Auditor General should also review any such payments going back 10 to 15 years or more when the city council was reinstated.

    Posted by council of corruption | March 30, 2012, 13:21
  3. Such matters can also be invetigated by the Auditor General. the ombudsman has limited Jurisdiction over council administration and not decisions of the elected Council. The Auditor General has much wider powers of review of Council finances. All it takes is a member of Parliament or a ratepayer to lodge a complaint and request a review of the alleged illegal payments.

    Posted by Public oversight | March 30, 2012, 13:29
  4. There is also Council’s internal audit committee, that once the matter is refered to them they must report on the findings of their investigation. This report is also subject to further review by the State authorities including the Minister for Local Government. There is also justification for the State Parliament to set up a Local Government review Committee in addition the the proposed Criminal Justice Commission

    Posted by Public oversight | March 30, 2012, 13:35
  5. How about the investigation of a Cr West for bullying of 3 female council officers? Cr West’s OAM will be stripped once the full truth is exposed to the public.

    Posted by anon | March 30, 2012, 15:06
  6. By drawing the comparison to the Comm Bank case, Cr Azziz is implying here ie that the complainant’s accusations were “malicious claims that would have been wholly dismissed” must be treading very dangerous grounds close to being defammatory. Looks like some more work might be coming to MB out of this one.

    Posted by Right Said Fred | March 30, 2012, 16:49
  7. ***the hush money was paid to avoid scrutiny and embarrassment***

    Hang on. Don’t these grifter claimants always say, ‘it’s not about the money’? We need scrutiny, in this case. What’s to stop her pulling the same scam on her next employer?

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | March 30, 2012, 16:58
  8. We often hear of disgraceful Labor councils like Brimbank and Moreland and appalling Green councils like Yarra. Casey is appalling rort of a council riddled with self serving Liberals. Casey is a pure disgrace, like Brimbank. A full investigation by the new CJC is the only was of ridding these disgraceful creeps forever.

    Posted by Annon (for good reason) | March 30, 2012, 17:07
  9. The Victorian Ratepayers’ Association should have a look at Casey Council’s conduct over this matter. The Victorian Ratepayers’ Association have a core guiding principle which Casey Council has breached – expenditure of ratepayers funds must be transparent and relevant decisions and the facts behind them must be open and available for ratepayers to scrutinise.

    The cost of this matter, fully detailed in every aspect, must be made available to residents and ratepayers along with a chronology of relevant decisions, who made them and detailing the advice and source of advice that informed the decisions. Public questioning of Councillors and Senior Officers at an open Council meeting by residents and ratepayers or their representatives should also be part of this process.

    When all is said and done, Councillors and Council officers are paid for by residents and ratepayers and must be accountable to them for their actions. If they are allowed to coverup and hide their actions there can be no accountability. If they hold themeselves above such complete accountability they should be sacked by the State Government. In addition, the individuals involved should be subject to investigation by IBAC and prosecution as relevant.

    Local Government is the first level of Australian democratic government and is supposed to be closest and the most immediately accountable to the people. Those that don’t measure-up must be for the chop and if their crimes and misdemeanours warrant, placed in the corrections system.

    This is the way we must clean-up local government and Casey seems like a good starting point.

    Posted by Ratepayers who want accountability | March 30, 2012, 18:18
  10. Local council + Labor stooge = bottom of the barrel.

    Posted by The Truth | March 30, 2012, 20:48
  11. Cr West has done nothing wrong it is the filthy crime behind Cr Peulich, Cr Ronke, Cr Dundas and Cr Molony that involves bank rolling dirty $$ to assist certain Blonde Bimbos into being MPs.

    Posted by anon | March 30, 2012, 21:16
  12. There is a. Clear need for a Local Government oversight committee or authority. Local Government more often than not are an authority unto their won lacking accountability and transparency. In teh City of amelbourne Decsion are now bing made by illegal committee meetings that are held in camera. The committee makes a recommendation which intron is then acted in by the Coc il Officers under delegation. The local go ernmentbact requires that all meetings are open to teh public unless a special resolutionis passed to closete meeting on confidential grounds. This is ot what ishppening. Decisions that are and should be subject to public review are being held in camera. Contray to the provisions of the Local Governmnet Act.

    Posted by Public oversight | March 30, 2012, 23:04
  13. This whole beat-up is a dud, Andy! If you were a real journo you would have realised it before now!

    Posted by Another Andy beat-up | March 30, 2012, 23:18
  14. A gutter website!

    Aziz is far too kind.

    Posted by Another Andy beat-up | March 30, 2012, 23:23
  15. Savo please try a bit harder and get ‘it’ up for your honey pot.

    Posted by Inga Binga | March 30, 2012, 23:29
  16. Aziz looks like a proprietor of a ‘Kebab Van’.

    Posted by mixed grill | March 31, 2012, 8:51
  17. Another dumb, what’s new ?

    Posted by Anonymous | March 31, 2012, 8:55
  18. Aziz ah yes I remember having a drink and dance with him, you know me not too fussy male or female, as long as there is a heart beat I’ll have a crack at it.

    Posted by Ken Capar | March 31, 2012, 18:41
  19. That idiot, Labor minister Dickless Wynne certainly fucked up local government in Victoria. No real oversight to ensure they follow the law and the creation of laws that treat councillors as public servants who often operate in secret instead of elected representatives of the people and required to be responsible to the people. Let’s not stuff around any more; Baillieu needs to make sure the law recognises councillors as elected decision makers on behalf of and accountable to their constituents. They can have their private discussions just like MPs but again, like MPs, actual decision making, including the functioning of committees needs to be in public, warts and all. The parliamentary system (as distinct from how Cabinet operates) may not be perfect but its far and away better that what Wynne left us with in Victorian local government.

    Posted by Council decision making must be in public | March 31, 2012, 19:49
  20. An investigation is a good idea. But will it do any good? Remember that the Ombudsman found that Casey’s Cr Bradford was a corrupt liar. Does anyone know if anything happened? You’d think something would have happened, especially given his history. He had to leave the police force for taking advantage of a vulnerable female prisoner in a police cell. What faith can anyone have that an investigation will do any good?

    Posted by Andy Pandy hero worshiper | March 31, 2012, 20:02
  21. Nearly a week and no mainstream media followup on last Sunday’s Herald Sun ‘expose’ of Mr T.

    You are a bit exposed, eh Andy?

    Posted by The sound of silence | March 31, 2012, 22:46
  22. By Tuesday night’s council meeting it will be Bradford who will be running for the hills. I hear nearly all of the councillors have had enough of him and are now determined to usher him out- there will be a few surprises. Will you report on Bradford’s scandals Andy or are you just happy attacking the innocent?

    Posted by Bradford Gone | April 1, 2012, 12:58
  23. Do you have to re-hash that old photo? The Mayor’s private car is a now a new E-class with different plates! Get with the times idiots and understand that there are those who work extremely hard (and have been doing so for the last 23 years) who can afford this calibre of car. Perhaps Rob Wilson and other losers can organise a photo of the new car (like they did last time), and continue to sulk about the fact that they have been wasting their money defending law suits against them (witch craft etc.) they will never be able to afford a car like this.

    Posted by You're out of date idiots | April 2, 2012, 1:26
  24. If the allegation against Mike was serious enough, it would not have settled prior to hearing, in the public world normally those figures are soft targets, she just wanted extra cash and it was an opportunity to capitalise on. After living in Casey more than 20 years; I have witnessed first hand how far this city lifted its profile with massive growth, current CEO and councillors in the last three years had to be the most productive group ever, with the exception of this corrupted Bradford where he is only keen to waste time and sabotage everything that does not support ALP! I cant wait till next election when i see Bradford out of the picture and with a tail between his legs, Cranbourne residence just had enough of his BS.

    Posted by GAS | April 2, 2012, 1:51
  25. How does a not very ranking Customs official afford a Mercedes? Just asking.

    Posted by Curious | April 2, 2012, 6:41
  26. Cr Aziz believes in the cash economy no !

    Posted by Mixed Business | April 2, 2012, 9:52
  27. Andy you naughty boy,

    I just read the stuff about you on ultra-left news. And I’m not talking about just the entries for Vexnews and you. What is most interesting is the talk and discussion by experienced ultra left editors. They really emphasise your lack of credibility. No wonder that it is only that rag called the Herald Sun supporting you. Along with your dodgy mates Rolfe, Bradford and Donellan. What a pack of deranged losers. How about you actually do something of merit for once. Rather than writing crap and playing losers political games. You are no journalist. You are not even a second rate blogger. You are a waste of space.

    Posted by Amazed | April 2, 2012, 11:58
  28. Dear Amazed,

    One thinks after reading all the above commentary and finally reading your contribution, my opinion is that their appears to be, which ever way you look at it, something very smelly about this whole matter. Somewhere in the middle of all the commentary must be the truth. I get the opinion that those speaking above, including yourself, that their is a campaign of some description commencing to turn the issue away from the point in question, which is, why didn’t the CEO be forthcoming to the Council when the allegations against him was first made, instead he and as it appears two Mayors, collectively kept this most serious issue from the entire Council. Surely, if the CEO had nothing to hide, he could have simply brought the issue to the attention of the Council and explain his side of the story ?? At least then the matter would have been handled in a commensense fashion. NO one apart from the CEO and the female staff member actually knows the truth so in all honesty, who are we (those making comments ) to say who’s lying and who’s not. Fair point dont you think?

    Posted by Anonplus1 | April 2, 2012, 14:22
  29. Aziz is a good example of

    Posted by anon | April 2, 2012, 21:44
  30. He gave me the eye too once and I was only trying to pay my rates.
    Should have hung in there and maybe the council would have waived my rates for life

    Posted by Cleopatra | April 3, 2012, 0:53
  31. Tyler would have have a crack at a snake with a festered arse just like Wenchy. In fact you could occupy both with each end of the snake!

    Posted by anon | April 3, 2012, 1:25
  32. Some of your correspondents are going out of their way to present Mr Tyler as blameless and the woman concerned, a shiftless hussey after money from “a soft target”. Blaming the victim is the oldest ruse in the book if you want to distract from the real issue – Mr Tyler’s guilt or innocence of sexual harrassment.

    The woman concerned has witnesses, texts from Mr Tyler and medical evidence on the effects of what appears to be Mr Tyler’s incessant stalking. The fact they settled with her is indicative that her evidence was pretty compelling.

    One of your correspondents – GAS – says that if the matter was serious enough, the woman would not have settled. Mr or Ms GAS does not seem to understand that trauma, anxiety and physical illness drive many people to settle such cases just to get past it with at least some small measure of acknowledgement by the perpetrator of the evil of their actions. The size of the “acknowledgement of guilt” in this case is not publicly known. Indeed, the suggested use of Council funds and the amount involved are real issues for investigation, exposure and action.

    In addition to the very serious matter of sexual harrassment by a CEO against a junior employee, using his power and authority as Casey’s CEO to seek improper personal sexual gratification, there is the matter of the coverup of this appalling matter involving at least two councillors who had been elected Mayor of the City, one of whom went on to become a state MP in Mr Baillieu’s government. By their actions and words they clearly seem not fit and proper people to hold elective or senior public office.

    Further, their actions seem to rise to conspiracy in furtherance of Mr Tyler’s apparent breach of the law. Add to this conspiracy any misuse or defrauding of public funds for private purposes and there are very serious matters to consider under the Crimes Act.

    All in all, each of the people involved in the conspiracy, particularly Mr Tyler, the MP and the Mayor, should be stood down from their respective roles whilst a full and proper investigation is carried out by appropriate authorities including the Local Government Inspectorate, Ombudsman and Victoria Police. This should result in appropriate administrative sanctions and penalties as well as the development of a brief of evidence for action by the DPP. And obviously, this matter will also be squarely within the province of the new IBAC just to round out the range investigative and prosecutorial bodies that should and must have a role in cleaning up Casey Council.

    Posted by Council decision making must be in public | April 3, 2012, 1:42
  33. Hey Bradford – which of your dodgy mates wrote that? Was it Dunellan or Rolf, or someone else? It clearly wasn’t you because the last thing you would want is any investigators around you. Who knows what they might find. How many people did you take advantage of or bully in the police force? The stuff that is already public is probably just the start. How many Council officers have you bullied? Once again, the staff that is public is probably just the start. How times have you leaked to the media? The Ombusdmans report is probably only the start. Be corrupt somewhere else please. I’m sick of my rates being used for the likes of you to play your grubby little political games.

    Posted by Amazed | April 3, 2012, 9:23
  34. Hey, Amazed,

    How about you grow a spine and print your true name ? Also, you really should learn how to spell, it really makes you look even more foolish than you already are.Good points you raise in your above comment. The difference between myself and the CEO, who takes a far greater percentage of your rates than I do, is all my issues were both publicly dealt with and independently investigated by the proper authorities and in all case found to have no case to answer. Unlike TYLER who has a majority of councillors covering up his many mistakes.

    Posted by Kevin Bradford | April 3, 2012, 9:40
  35. You are a bit loose with the truth there Kevin. But whats new? Who was the local journalist who refered to you as the FLYER. What was that a clever abreviation for again? And you are not getting my name.I dont want you on my doorstep bullying me. I will vote you out next election.

    Posted by Amazed | April 3, 2012, 11:01
  36. This is great !!!! Finally all the hens are coming home to roost for one Mike Tyler, just a pity that Bradford is the one who is going to claim his scalp as that is what I wanted to do on my short time on council….but hey, I will be back

    Posted by Steve Beardon | April 3, 2012, 11:33
  37. Instead of throwing allegations around about Kevin Bradford tonight at the Casey Council meeting the other councillors should have been as angry about the cover-up involving the Tyler payout. I sat there among fellow rate pagers absolutely seething that this payout comes from public funds.

    Posted by Ros Larke | April 3, 2012, 23:15
  38. Instead of throwing allegations around about Kevin Bradford tonight at the Casey Council meeting the other councillors should have been as angry about the cover-up involving the Tyler payout. I sat there among fellow rate pagers absolutely seething that this payout comes from public funds not their or Mike Tyler’s back pocket.

    Posted by Ros Larke | April 3, 2012, 23:17
  39. Listen Amazed, if you’ve got the goods on Bradford or any other current or past Councillor now’s the time to put them on the table.

    In fact you’ve had ample opportunity to make any pertinent facts known. But nothing is presented except the malicious drivel that you spew out from the shadows.

    From what I can discover Bradford was investigated and there was no basis for taking it further. Just people like you who keep making accusations without evidence becuase it suites your political or personal agenda

    Stop using silly abuse and innuendo to apparently try and distract from the allegedly sordid actions by Mr Tyler and apparent illicit coverup by current and former Casey councillors, including a Government MP for God’s sake.

    There needs to be a proper investigation of this matter with those implicated stood down during the investigation (based on the available evidence), a detailed public report on the all the facts and actions of those involved and finally whatever prosecutions are warranted. Let all who are guilty hang!!

    Posted by Council decision making must be in public | April 4, 2012, 1:25
  40. Strange that the week there is a story on this in the Cranbourne Leader that is normally distributed throughout council, none are to be seen. Did someone stop them being distributed???

    Posted by Keep Employees in the Dark | April 4, 2012, 22:14
  41. ***the Cranbourne Leader that is normally distributed throughout council, none are to be seen. Did someone stop them being distributed???***


    A crack team of three beautiful women in black leather jumpsuits was given the mission – stop distribution of the Leader to Council employees, at all costs!

    But when, in the dead of night, they rappelled down from the skylight, they found that last week’s stack of Leaders was the same height as *this* week’s stack, of Leaders. Meaning no-one at Council is reading the dull old rag anyway.

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | April 5, 2012, 0:59
  42. ***finally all the hens are coming home to roost for one Mike Tyler***

    Ummm … we don’t use the expression ‘all the hens are coming home to roost’, in a case of multiple sexual harrassment allegations.

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | April 5, 2012, 1:01
  43. ***Aziz looks like a proprietor of a ‘Kebab Van’.Posted by mixed grill***

    He’s the mayor of a quite sizeable metropolitan Council, Mixy. All fair observers say he accomplishes that difficult task with considerable panache and aplomb. What are your accomplishments, so we can compare? Get back to me after you change the oil, in the deep fat fryer.

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | April 5, 2012, 1:05
  44. Byron, Sam is a [deleted] up unit, doing mikes dirty work. You are a idiot

    Posted by Justice | April 5, 2012, 7:43
  45. Byron you idiot, how can anyone like a half caste like Aziz.
    The guy is a dam good argument for the White Australia Policy, even though I’d normally find such a policy vile.

    Posted by anon | April 7, 2012, 19:14
  46. I’m a long way from Casey and have no special knowledge of Aziz. Here’s what I do know:

    1. there’s an epidemic of frivolous and dishonest sexual harassment claims. Why wouldn’t there be? Even with those that are thrown out no-one’s ever charged with perjury. Lawyers like Maurice Blackman work on a commission basis, and have their pet doctors and shrinks who’ll just about anything as regards the claimant’s medical situation.

    2. If Tyler is overpaid – and his wage seems to be outrageous – why can’t locals run for Council on a reformist agenda?

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | April 7, 2012, 21:02
  47. Is this session open to anyone? Wow, can I join in? Let me say this. I had issues with Casey law enforcement. The issues have never been addressed. The removal of a requirement for two written complaints in Local Law No.2 is the only change, but as to practices and policies, they seem to have remained inconsistent with state laws. State laws declare that nuisances and dog barking is to be investigated by council. If it happens at night, INVESTIGATE IT AT NIGHT! It is a 24 hour issue. A note for the police too, section 92 of the Domestic Animals Act declares you too can investigate dog barking and nuisances.

    As for who is doing who, I don’t care, as long as ratepayers don’t foot the bill prior, during or on the fallout!

    Sam, you bully, why did you abuse your position and throw Paul Richardson out of chamber? He only asked a question. What? Are you scared of him? Afterall, you asked if anyone had anything to say. Did you set him up? How mean!

    Posted by I don't pay YOUR rates. | April 10, 2012, 8:51
  48. Have you actually knocked on your neighbour’s door and politely complained about the noise? Or are you one of those pesty zealots continually wasting council and police time demanding Bluey down the road bark when convenient for you? PS woof woof

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | April 10, 2012, 9:30
  49. I know of another council in Mr Elsbury’s electorate (not his fault) where a former mayor has a reputation for verbally abusing female Crs and female staff. Sending some home crying. Sending others to resign. Yet this bald headed gorilla gets away with it because no one has the courage to deal with him, even though he is being investigated on various other grounds, by the municipal inspectorate.

    Posted by Tony Greene | April 13, 2012, 15:04


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