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DESPERATE: Divisive Fraser ready to drop bombs on Kroger faction as Liberal brawl intensifies

malcolmfraserliberal Internal tensions within Victorian Liberal ranks are set to re-ignite over the Ted Baillieu faction’s deployment of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in the battle over constitutional reform of the party.

Andrew Stuart and Tim Wilson, Baillieu faction operatives, have arranged Fraser to talk to a gathering next Monday at the Craig Community Centre in Ashburton where he will speak on “Renewing the Liberal Party for the 21st Century.”

fraseroration The invitation specifically refers to the event being a “seated forum” (as distinct from the standing room only cocktail party plan) to comfort those familiar with what Liberal insiders say is the ever-increasing length of Fraser’s speeches as he harkens back to his defence of Mugabe, tariffs for sclerotic industries and state pegging of the currency.

fraseroration2 Earlier in the year, Fraser told the left-wing press that the party was “in the grip of ideological conservatives” and that it had “lurched to the right” and was “factionalised”.

But he took time to lavish current Liberal state leader Ted Baillieu with praise:

“He is a Liberal in the true sense — liberal in attitude and liberal in approach,” Mr Fraser said. “He stands for basic liberal principles — that is, liberal with a small-L.”

In recent times, Fraser has slammed President Bush and the US Ambassador to Australia while defending Labor Leader Mark Latham, accused former PM John Howard of targeting Muslims, opposed the liberation of Iraq, struggled to explain his involvement in assisting Zimbabwean President Mugabe and his praise of former Chinese dictator Mao Zedong and also declared his ideological connection with former Labor PM Gough Whitlam.

Burwood Electorate Council insiders pointed out they have keen to encourage a genuine debate on the issue of the party structure and have already hosted Party President David Kemp and arranged Federal President Alan Stockdale to speak to their group already.


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  1. Malcom is so cool! Howard will never have the love that flows to Malcom. Howard cost Malcom govt.

    Posted by Arthur conan doyle | September 10, 2008, 10:36
  2. Odious, I would never support such a pinko if only I’d known.

    Posted by sir johan kerr | September 10, 2008, 10:50
  3. How can Timmeh be a fan of the Reagan legacy and embracing ‘Mad Malcolm’ ??? Something doesn’t add up.

    Posted by ronald reagan | September 10, 2008, 11:17
  4. Mal is a great man.

    Posted by Freedom Lover | September 10, 2008, 11:44
  5. Where’s my invitation?

    Posted by Malcolm Fraser = C*nt | September 10, 2008, 12:13
  6. Fraser liked Reagan enough to use footage of he and Ronnie together at the White House in his 1983 election TV ad. But 20 years later he was busily attacking Howard for cuddling up to the evil Bush and Amerika.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 10, 2008, 12:21
  7. Labor will be appalled at the resurgence of Mal and his supporters. They know when the crazies, Minchin,Abbott,Briggs etc etc are in the ascendancy,Labor is safe in Govt. They fear the return of the real Libs.

    Posted by Arthur conan doyle | September 10, 2008, 12:25
  8. re-ignite!!! The bush fire has never been extinguished.

    Posted by Fire fighters Unite | September 10, 2008, 13:38
  9. Make new meaning of the words what do you do when the beds are burning.

    Posted by The power and the passion | September 10, 2008, 13:40
  10. The trouble with the whole Ted v Kroger dynamic is that distracts from the philosphy of Red Ted and his cadres such as Timmita.
    He is championing Brumby’s Abortion Bill in total without any expressing any reservations and never mind that the majority of the party’s rank and file would have extreme difficulty with it.
    Apparrently he wants also legalise euthanasia.
    His flunkies are anti semites and you have to wonder about his stance on Israel despite his chief of staff.
    Timmitta and Red Teddy’s other foot soldiers style themselves as ‘progressives’ but seem less than progressive about turning the party large L.

    Posted by Anon Anonski | September 10, 2008, 14:18
  11. If all these people are so keen to give individual members of the Party power, then why do they not advocate allowing the rank and file membership to choose the Party’s leadership team, instead of restricting it to a vote of MPs?

    Parties in the US have primaries to choose their candidates for statewide and national office. Political parties in the UK elect their leaders via a ballot of party members.

    Has anyone thought that maybe this is why they are able to attract, engage and retain members – particularly young people?!?

    Posted by Short Memory | September 10, 2008, 14:47
  12. Small-l liberal = NY Times / Age / Fitzroy North liberal, i.e., nothing but a lefty.

    Posted by Kylie Lambert | September 10, 2008, 15:53
  13. What a shame on Red Ted to bring in the old traitor.

    Posted by Anon | September 10, 2008, 20:23
  14. NSW minister admits to parly sex act
    September 10, 2008 – 11:40PM

    Police Minister Matt Brown has admitted to a drunken and semi-naked incident in the NSW parliament, in which he simulated a sex act on a female Labor MP.

    Mr Brown has confirmed reports that he engaged in “unacceptable behaviour” during a party in his office which followed a late-night sitting of the parliament three months ago.

    A witness has told The Australian that Mr Brown had stripped down to his “very brief” underpants as he danced to loud “Oxford Street” techno music, while standing on a green leather couch in his office.

    Mr Brown then “mounted the chest” of Wollongong MP Noreen Hay, according to the report.

    The witness said Mr Brown then called out to Ms Hay’s adult daughter: “Look at this, I’m tittie-f…ing your mother!”.

    Mr Brown was sworn in on Monday as NSW’s new Police Minister following his elevation from the role of housing minister in the former Iemma government.

    A spokesman for Mr Brown has denied he used any such words, but did not deny the other claims including that he had simulated a sex act.

    “I can confirm there was a party during a parliamentary sitting evening. It is unacceptable behaviour,” Mr Brown said in a statement.

    “I have spoken to the Premier and he has made it very clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

    “I regret the incident and have apologised to the Premier and given my guarantee that this will not happen again.”

    NSW Premier Nathan Rees says Mr Brown’s actions were “utterly unacceptable, both to the public and to myself”.

    “Any repeat will bring a swift response from me,” he said.

    Posted by NSW Police Minister = Deviant | September 11, 2008, 0:22
  15. Looking forward to Browny getting the Buswell treatment.

    Browny must go. He must go now!

    Absolutely disgraceful that Premier Rees is refusing to sack this tosser.

    Posted by Anonski | September 11, 2008, 0:24
  16. hilarious!

    Posted by anononmous | September 11, 2008, 8:55
  17. Excellent news for all patriots!

    NSW crisis deepens as police minister quits over sex antics
    Alex Tibbitts and Alexandra Smith
    September 11, 2008

    Matt Brown is alleged to have simulated a sex act with Noreen Hay.
    THE crisis in the NSW Government deepened last night when new Police Minister Matt Brown was forced to resign from the cabinet just three days into the job after it emerged that he simulated a sex act with another MP.

    It is understood that Premier Nathan Rees spoke to Mr Brown last night after he confirmed a report that he engaged in “unacceptable behaviour” during a party in his office following a late-night sitting of parliament three months ago.

    Mr Rees warned him his actions were inappropriate. But it later emerged that Mr Brown had not given full details of the incident to the Premier, and once they became public the minister tendered his resignation.

    The incident follows last week’s upheaval in NSW Labor, in which former premier Morris Iemma was forced out of office following a series of crises over electricity privatisation, economic management and public transport.

    “Matt has tended his his resignation to the premier tonight and the premier has accepted his resignation over an incident he deeply regrets,” a spokesman for Mr Brown said last night. “He apologises for any embarrassment he has caused the Government.”

    The incident is believed to have occurred on budget night. At the time, Mr Brown held the housing and tourism portfolios.

    A witness told The Australian that Mr Brown had stripped down to his “very brief” underpants and danced to loud “Oxford-Street-style” techno music on a green leather Chesterfield couch he had recently ordered for his office.

    The witness said Mr Brown “mounted the chest” of Wollongong MP Noreen Hay and made a lewd remark about his actions to Ms Hay’s adult daughter.

    Ms Hay last night denied Mr Brown had simulated a sex act upon her. “That is absolutely untrue,” the Labor MP said. “Absolutely nothing untoward occurred and certainly when I was in that room with Matt Brown he was fully clothed.”

    She said Mr Brown was one of many dancing in the room. “I think someone is getting confused here,” she said. “Nobody would speak to my daughter, or any one of my children, like that in my presence.

    “Not only did (Mr Brown) not make that comment to my daughter, I don’t think anybody would make a comment like that in front of me to my daughter.”

    With AAP

    Posted by Former NSW Minister = Deviant | September 11, 2008, 9:26
  18. Malcolm Fraser was regarded as right-wing and conservative during the Holt McMahon Snedden period of Australian political history.

    When PM he went to China in 1976 (remember that the Liberal Party had previously always opposed Australia’s recognition of mainland China and maintained an embassy in Taiwan. The Whitlam government withdrew recognition from Taiwan and sent an ambassador to Peking, as it was then called)Malcolm Fraser made a speech attacking the Soviet Union.

    Ideologically Fraser may be a secret Maoist, like Mr Holt. Perhaps Harold Holt was taken by a Chinese submarine after all, as was claimed in a book written by a one time ceo of the Melbourne Club.

    Guess who is a member of the Melbourne Club? Malcolm Fraser.

    Posted by Anon | September 11, 2008, 10:13
  19. Holt was taken by the Chinese and they replaced him with Kevin Rudd

    Posted by Manadrin Kev | September 12, 2008, 13:35
  20. The Melbourne Club is said to be anti-semitic, and Jews are blackballed. Ken Myer is one example. Tony Beddison the recruitment man is another, but he’s not a Jew but was believed to have Jewish ancestry.

    How come Malcolm Fraser is a member and wasn’t blackballed? His mother is a Jew and therefore according to the Jewish religion he is a Jew. Possibly the anti-semites at the Melbourne Club didn’t know about Malcolm’s mother.

    Posted by Anon | September 12, 2008, 13:57
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    Posted by jdivywm ynfd | September 26, 2008, 0:15
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