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DISRESPECT: The Age breaks Geelong Football Club embargo, ruining suspenseful celebration

theageembargo The Age newspaper committed a major faux pas by breaking a promise to not release confidential results from the Geelong Best & Fairest count.

The Geelong Advertiser – the best regional newspaper in the world – has vented its fury over the scandalous misconduct which they say had a very damaging effect on the celebration.

The Age breaks embargo on Geelong Cats Carji Greeves Medal count
Christie Peucker

October 2nd, 2009

THE perfect end to the perfect season was spoilt for Cats players and supporters last night after the result of the Carji Greeves Medal was leaked by The Age before votes were officially read.

Thousands of Geelong fans on the Geelong Advertiser’s live blog site, were enjoying the suspense of the best and fairest count when a blogger posted the results based on reports from The Age website.

The result which was under embargo until 11.30pm was also revealed to many of the 1700 people at the Crown Palladium, who were regularly checking social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Age said the story was put up by mistake and was taken down soon after before being re-posted after the embargo lapsed.

The results had been released by the Geelong Football Club to several media outlets ahead of time to accommodate deadlines.

The Geelong Advertiser continued to report the count on its live site for its duration.

Bloggers soon complained the early release had ruined the suspense, and their night.

“That’s very bad. Thumbs down for The Age,” said one Cats fan, while blogger Drew said “Lets hear Caroline Wilson’s comments on that!”

“I cannot believe the disgraceful performance of The Age tonight, what they’ve done is a disgrace…”

“I cannot believe the disgraceful performance of The Age tonight, what they’ve done is a disgrace,” Dr Controversial posted at 11.20pm

Bloggers remained on the Advertiser site well after the count ended to voice their opinions.

“It’s not fair that it happens. There will be people there checking stuff like Twitter and finding out … bad form Age. I commend what the Geelong Advertiser is doing right here. Top coverage, genuine coverage, not some newspaper breaking an embargo cos of an early edition deadline,” Fairls said.

Robert seemed to have a solution for the error saying the envelope should only be opened on the night.

“Prior knowledge, just to catch newspaper deadlines, spoilt what should have been a sensational result,” he said.

Kenny agreed saying: “It’s taking away from what a great season these two deserved winners and this great club had in 09.”

Gary Ablett and Corey Enright were joint winners of the Carji Greeves Medal on 740 votes.


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  1. At least its not a right wing kiddies book that only entices people to read to by the size of their headlines and stories. The herald suns propaghanda only fools the weak and pathetic. Don’t you think an information based paper that is based on solid journalism with fundamental social and ethical values to back up their information is better than a paper that has massive headlines(only there to sell the paper), huge pictures & heaps of ads, yet the actual articles take up less than a quarter of the page. Herald Sun=propaghanda paper loosly based on fact! Age=Solid paper based on fact with info to back it up!

    Posted by Anon | October 2, 2009, 21:30
  2. Reprehensible!

    Their ethics in the gutter, they are dying slowly…

    Posted by Geelong patriots | October 3, 2009, 1:27
  3. …yawn…

    Posted by David | October 3, 2009, 4:46
  4. The Addy in Geelong will be going strong, long after The Age has turned out the lights.

    For all the money The Age spends, it gets very little value. Why would the Geelong Football Club ever trust The Age again? They won’t.

    The Age ruins its relationships around town all the time.

    Posted by Claude | October 3, 2009, 5:24