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D’OH: WA Corruption and Crime Commission bungles again

wacrimecorruptioncommission The bungling and inept WA Corruption and Crime Commission has again been embarrassed following the dismissing of charges against a property developer David McKenzie for giving them false evidence because the CCC investigators had made a key error when quizzing him.

In what is being reported as a “major blow” to the discredited Commission that is well-known for targeting public servants and politicians in a highly harassing and intimidatory way but leaving nasty organised criminals and gangsters alone, the Commission’s cases against other targets – like patriot Julian Grill – might also be affected.

The ABC reports:

David McKenzie was charged with two counts of giving false evidence to a CCC hearing on the Smiths Beach development in 2006.

The charges related to amendments to a town planning scheme, which would have affected Mr McKenzie’s proposed resort development near Yallingup.

Prosecutors alleged that Mr McKenzie knew the amendments would be discussed at a meeting with Department of Planning and Infrastructure officers, but he had denied having that knowledge when he testified in 2006.

But the charges were dismissed after the Perth Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday that Mr McKenzie was questioned about the South West ‘Regional’ Planning Committee, when its proper name was the South West ‘Region’ Planning Committee.

A spokeswoman for the CCC says it’s considering it’s (sic) position.

The West Australian said:

(McKenzie’s lawyer) Mr Richardson relied on an 1809 precedent to argue that because Mr Hall used the incorrect word during the hearings then the accusations were false.

“There was no evidence of a meeting of that name on that day,” he said. “It is fundamental in a perjury trial that the accused person gave the evidence said to be false.”

Mr Richardson said both charges referred to the “regional” committee so both were false.

He said if the prosecution case was to succeed then it must prove the “regional” committee existed. “How can a man be deprived of his liberty when it was not a mistake by him . . . it was a mistake by Mr Hall,” he said.

Throughout the trial, recorded conversations were played to the court where Mr McKenzie discussed the amendment and Mr Frewer’s involvement on the committee with Brian Burke and his colleague Julian Grill six months before denying knowing about them at the CCC hearings. Mr Burke and Mr Grill were employed as lobbyists by Mr McKenzie to win approval for the development.

Prosecutor Tony Elliot said there was “some force in Mr Richardson’s submission”. “If I have got it wrong, there will be an appeal,” he said.

Mr Heaney said he accepted Mr Richardson’s argument and the complaints were dismissed.

A CCC spokeswoman said last night it was considering its position.

Many believe the WA Government ought re-consider the role of the WA CCC. It has clearly outlived its usefulness. Its persecution by prosecution of controversial political figures has gone on long enough.


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  1. A trainee lawyer wouldn’t make a fuck-up like this.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 28, 2009, 16:45
  2. We all now know the CCC is nothing more than a football without a game, looking for a boot to fall on. It bounces all over the ground from one position to another and doing nothing more than gathering and flicking mud about. No it’s time this government grew some of its own balls and took this one out of the game – permanently.

    Posted by allamuchy | February 28, 2009, 18:18
  3. Well there you go, the CCC hoisted by their own petard. No better example. If the CCC are going to lay perjury charges based on directing proceedings in such a way to get the results they want then they should be prepared to be hoisted again and again.

    Posted by BlarneyBeak | February 28, 2009, 19:11
  4. Sling me 10k and I will try and fix it up.

    Posted by Burky | February 28, 2009, 19:31
  5. Ugly.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 1, 2009, 22:41
  6. Brigadier Mike “Children Overboard” Silverstone the Executive Director of the CCC seems to cock up just about everything he touches.

    Posted by Desert Rat | March 3, 2009, 15:33


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