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DOING A COREY: Pyne invites 1159 of his closest personal friends to Senator’s small office

South Australian Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne has failed to learn the lesson made legend by Melbourne teen hoon Corey Delaney: be careful about inviting too many people around.

VEXNEWS has learned that the Liberal MP invited all 1159 Facebook friends to an event at Senator Mary Jo Fisher’s office at which he is guest speaker. Trouble is that Senator Fisher’s office can probably hold about 40 if people are packed in like sardines.

Sources close to the Senator say she is a bit miffied he did not notify her prior to the event that he was going to do this.

As many of Pyne’s Facebook friends are members of rival political parties including the Greens and the Labor party, many of the RSVPs were from people who would not normally be invited into Senator Fisher’s inner sanctum.

As a result, Pyne’s office was quick to “close” the Facebook event on the grounds it had been “oversubscribed.”

Not since “The Producers” has someone been so disappointed by a sell-out crowd.

One hardened Pyne critic told VEXNEWS “Christopher ‘Corey’ Pyne has maybe has illustrated why it took him 14 years to get to the front bench…and wow he would look good in yellow sunnies and a fur jacket. You never know, that may be his cover that he uses when on his famed escapades in Sydney’s night spots.”

Also, Pyne’s mate and former State Liberal Party President Christopher Moriarty has apparently sent out a flyer today for his Liberal pre-selection tomorrow for the State seat of Fisher with endorsements from John Howard, Peter Costello and many other former Howard Ministers that have been taken out of context.

The endorsements were actually from when he was beseiged as the controversial State President of the Party and were given solely for the purpose of showing solidarity in the Party when the media was out to knife him. Most of these Ministers don’t even know him. VEXNEWS has learned that the other two candidates running are quite frustrated at the campaign that he has run, with several unsubstantiated incidents occurring during the pre-selection race that Party members are unwilling to pursue further. For now.


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  1. Good one Chrissy. Such a lightweight.

    Posted by Anonymous | August 9, 2008, 11:05
  2. Sit on my face Chrissy.

    Posted by Chris Pearce | August 9, 2008, 20:45
  3. So, does Chrissy call it his ‘sit on my FACEBOOK’? And was the Senator’s soirree a bit if a tight squeeze?

    Posted by Quirky | November 7, 2008, 14:20