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EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Jaspan out

theageincrisis VEXNEWS has learned The Age’s Editor-in-Chief Andrew Jaspan is reportedly leaving and will be temporarily replaced by his loyal deputy Paul Ramadge.

There are conflicting reports about whether he’s been sacked or resigned at this stage although there has been much speculation about his departure for a long time.

An email from the company’s CEO Don Churchill makes it clear that the traumatised company wanted a new approach to editorial direction in the newspaper and that is probably code for “he was sacked.”

Churchill told staff the company “decided that for this next critical stage of The Age we would have fresh editorial and executive leadership”.

Yesterday there was also blood on the carpet in the Spencer Street Soviet as the head of sales Anthony Catalano was axed by the advertising director David Hoath, fresh from his overseas travels with key Age advertisers.

An Age insider told VEXNEWS that “Jaspan was made certain promises at the start about quality and headcount. Those promises were not kept.”

Paul Ramadge during his controversial deputy editorship

Paul Ramadge during his controversial deputy editorship

Another said “Sacking fifty journalists while pretending the same standards can be maintained is simply not what anyone would ever want to do. Although Ramadge will probably enjoy that part of the job, which he’ll prosecute with all the enthusiasm of a gleeful jailhouse snitch. He should enjoy it while it lasts, I doubt he’ll be allowed to be editor for very long.”

Churchill confirmed that a decision about a permanent successor would be made “soon.” Age insiders noted that finding a world-class new Editor usually takes several months and that the newspaper will be a “rudder-less ship” with Ramadge in charge.

“Anyone who’s ever crossed Ramadge has good reason to be nervous. He’ll be coming up with hit-lists as we speak.”

Jaspan’s departure will be hailed by those who were concerned about the increasingly stridently left-wing editorial positions taken by The Age.


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  1. HUZZAH!

    Posted by loves2spooj | August 27, 2008, 11:58
  2. It’s been a long time coming. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Jaspan!

    Posted by Jaspanator | August 27, 2008, 12:11
  3. […] interesting is the long anticipated beheading of Andrew Jaspan today. There are reports that Jaspan might have pulled the pin when asked to ‘maintain quality” with a reduced […]

    Posted by The Concatenate » Carnage at Fairfax | August 27, 2008, 12:56
  4. It’s hardly exclusive if it’s reported in both major Melbourne Newspapers and you’re using a photoshopped version of the image used in The Age itself, is it?

    Posted by keri | August 27, 2008, 13:41
  5. I pushed a massive stinking shit out this morning. I will miss Jaspan as much as that turd.

    Posted by Anonymous | August 27, 2008, 13:43
  6. Won’t change the fact that the rudder-less and hopelessly lead Liberal Party is out of office everywhere.

    The Age never was, and never will be, as shamelessly biased as that oversized poo-ticket, The Australian.

    Posted by Dave Solomon | August 27, 2008, 14:05
  7. Good, it is enjoyable to see how easily the lefties cower when sackings are in the wind. Hopefully there is a good clean out of not just them but all of the wankers they use to pad out their bullshit stories with like Paul Mees.

    Posted by Right Said Fred | August 27, 2008, 16:16
  8. I hear prospects are none too good in the UK either, so Jaspan could be facing a long holiday.

    Posted by Archie Wedderspoon | August 27, 2008, 16:58
  9. C

    Posted by keeper of da seekrets | August 27, 2008, 18:00
  10. Good news.
    looks like an exclusive to me, keri.
    Vexnews broke the story before Noon – the electronics were following up this afternoon.
    btw: it’s “Antony” Catalano. and I’m sure the Cat will bounce back, he’s quite the player.

    Posted by Jack O'Lantern | August 27, 2008, 18:49
  11. Ah, the irony. The consummate socialist editor, brought down by the free market.

    Posted by Alan | August 27, 2008, 19:08
  12. The champagne is flowing at Spencer Street!
    And with more dead wood to be thrown out the hacks will be shittin’ themselves.

    Posted by Argus Fargus | August 28, 2008, 8:34
  13. And even more champagne is flowing at Spring Street!

    Posted by Shaz | August 28, 2008, 10:32
  14. Good job. You should claim credit.

    Posted by congrats | August 28, 2008, 12:20