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FB SNAFU: Christopher Pyne’s sweet Caroline pictorial controversy exposed

CPFBChristopher Pyne is the latest pubic figure to become aware of the perils of social networking. The flamboyant Liberal front-bencher uploaded a pic of himself and an old chum Caroline Brown. Many of his Facebook followers assumed it was his wifey, Carolyn, due to the familiarity displayed in the pose. Some remarked “you are a lucky man”, “what a glamour couple” to which Pyne responded awkwardly that it was another lady entirely and that his Carolyn “is as beautiful as the day I married her (16 and a half long years ago!)”

All a bit weird, although no weirder than Pyne himself who supposedly was telling colleagues of his travel adventures this week and explained to one that he’d had a delayed flight out of Jordan. “I was stuck in Amman,” he explained to bemused friends. We think we know what he meant. Hopefully Channel 7’s Mark Riley won’t ask him.


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  1. Don’t get the wrong idea, I am really only with the yukky girl as I want to ‘befriend’ her brother and invite him to my favourite bath house.

    Posted by Pynie | February 9, 2011, 13:24
  2. He often gets stuck in Aboy, just pop into his EO a hotbed of homoerotic activity- all thats missing is the butter and oil- cant order that from the allowance.

    Posted by Men at Work | February 9, 2011, 13:33
  3. “Stuck in Amman”. Hmmmm……….

    Posted by Pissy Chryne | February 9, 2011, 14:35
  4. I hope Christopher doesn’t have any pix of me on Facebook.

    Posted by Noddy Abbott | February 9, 2011, 14:40
  5. If you ever need some ‘mentoring’ in politics from a real man Caroline, give us a tingle luv. Only two minutes of your time is required for me to service you.

    Posted by Boofa | February 9, 2011, 14:49
  6. Have you ever seen his wife. Even RDR would not offer her a lift home.

    Posted by Earnest Ernie | February 9, 2011, 17:04
  7. Tho middle class, dahling!

    Posted by coz | February 9, 2011, 17:21
  8. Has the woman got a teenage daughter or sister?

    Posted by RDR | February 9, 2011, 17:22
  9. I must introduce the gorgeous young lady to ‘Little Fatty’ I am sure they will get along like a house on fire.

    Posted by Fatty Doyle | February 9, 2011, 19:24
  10. Christopher Pyne is staying that this woman is an old friend who is still as beautiful as the day he married his wife. (I thought he was gay and this was a gay hag) Could it be a marriage of convenience?

    Posted by Pining for the ex | February 10, 2011, 8:56
  11. Aussie deaths in Afghanistan – shit happens.

    Floods in Queensland – shit happens.

    Cuts to African aid – ah well…shit happens.

    Bringing back WorkChoices – ah well…whatever.

    Posted by ABBOTT now has yoof vote | February 10, 2011, 10:10
  12. Pyne is married so it is obvious to all that he cannot be gay.

    Posted by Anon | February 10, 2011, 11:07
  13. yes he clear coudl not be gay because he is married, so were the countless number of mp’s already outed. but at least we know its not true because he has children, by IVF- a gay wouldnt do that!

    Posted by Brett | February 10, 2011, 16:33
  14. I love a good woody chardonnay. I swallow it all down. My beard never gets any though.

    Posted by Duchess of Sturt | February 10, 2011, 22:58
  15. Alan when you pay me a visit, please feel free to enter via the rear door you be most welcome.

    Posted by Member for Skirt | February 12, 2011, 15:26
  16. Alan is such a polite man, he always pushes my stool in before he leaves.

    Posted by Member for Skirt | February 12, 2011, 17:49
  17. I have an uncomfortable torn rear curtain at my back door, I must ensure the EO is not so rough and boisterous.

    Posted by Member for Skirt | February 14, 2011, 18:31
  18. God you are a bitter person A Landeryou … why don’t you get on with contributing something useful to society instead of trying to pull all these public figures down into the gutter where you reside?

    Posted by Tinman Roberts | February 15, 2011, 10:53


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