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Financial Review slammed for promoting piracy

The Australian’s excellent Cut & Paste section points out [$] the Fin Review’s accusations against former News Corp subsidiary NDS appear not to stack up at all and, indeed, they have pinged the Fin for promoting piracy in the pages of the august newspaper:

Paul Smith, AFR, yesterday:

FOR internet downloaders who don’t mind breaking the law, Game.Of.Thrones.S02E01, as the episode is known in downloader parlance, appeared last night … For most non-live television content, the BitTorrent file-sharing system has become a default option for millions of no-pay-per-view TV on demand viewers.

So what website do you get to when you Google Game.Of.Thrones. S02E01? thepiratebay.se:

GAME of Thrones. Download. Get this torrent.

LeadBrick: Thanks for awesome torrent.


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