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FIRED UP: Gary Morgan torches Catherine Ng’s dismal record and stakes his claim

garymorganpatriot Quirky rich bloke Gary Morgan excelled himself in an online Lord Mayor’s candidate forum on the Herald Sun website today.

In stark contrast to many other weak candidates, he answered all manner of intrusive and aggressive questions and handled all exceptionally well.

Morgan slammed-dunked the most-hated Mayoral candidate Catherine Ng condemning her failure to do the basics like attend council meetings:

Q: What do you say about Councillors who don’t show up to council meetings like Catherine Ng? How will you raise the standard of our representation?

A: It’s outrageous Cr Ng didn’t attend the meetings. Particularly, as she was chairwoman of the building and town planning committee. I will request that all councillors attend, unless they have a genuine excuse – Robert Doyle hasn’t attended many of the residential meetings over the two weeks.  

He also slammed Catherine Ng’s knuckle-headed plan to send cardigan wearing City Ambassadors into the mean streets of Melbourne late at night to tackle hoons and criminals.

He didn’t have kind words for the incumbent Lord Mayor John So either, rating his performance out of ten as zero. He claimed that the LM, the hated Catherine Ng, headliner Gary Singer, Carl Jetter and militant right-wing Pastor David Wilson voted as a block.


He listed mistakes that group had made, in sequence, in a damning critique:

He wasted money on overseas activities  as well as promoting himself, rather than Melbourne. He was not critical of the Howard government over their Sydney-biased airline policy. He voted against reviewing and reforming the Melbourne electoral system. Today about 14,000 are being offered a vote without their signed consent as required in the act. It goes on and on – it’s hard to believe no one cares. I

He also damned Robert Doyle for “coasting” in the election and said the media were to blame:

You’re correct. Blame the media. They have done a poor job in bringing the issues to the attention of the voters.

Controversially, the Lord Mayoral aspirant proposed that cars would be banned from the MCG in Yarra Park (where most of them park), insisting that underground carparking should be built.

He condemned council waste, saying the council ought to scrap its international affairs department.


Morgan pledged to close the 24 hour toilets in the Melbourne Town Hall responding to concerns that there are “wanton acts of sodomy(!), ice-taking and debauchery going on in the Town Hall’s 24 hour toilets? Will you shut them down to keep the pervs out of the City?”

He said “If that’s the case, absolutely. I made the council get rid of the ‘meeting places’ in the Fitzroy Gardens.”

helicopoters Without question, Morgan’s quirkiest response was his agreement with the bizarre assertion that “helicopters are an important part of an alternative to cars.” He was asked “Would you support the development of more helipads and helitaxis to ease the burden on our streets?”

An exciting albeit rather expensive strategy some might think. Morgan had no doubts though, saying “No doubt, this will be the case.”

Morgan also committed in his tour de force online interview that he would be tough on dog poo and the causes of dog poo. “They should be prosecuted,” he declared.

All in all, a very impressive display by a candidate who has polled very strongly in the past.  He’s not been expected to poll as well in this election but his wise choice of council running mate Liberal wet Peter Clarke has ensured that his election material looked particularly well informed on local issues. While Morgan himself is probably not particularly across the minutiae of the council affairs, Clarke certainly appears to be, being one of the stronger performer at the Town Hall.

Clarke seems almost certain to be re-elected and if that’s all Morgan achieves he’d be doing well. But Morgan proved today in his compelling take-on-all-comers online chat that he’s a strong conservative candidate, more up front about his views than the sneaky Ng and more informed/active than the disconnected Doyle. He doesn’t have the breadth of experience and political balance of the McMullin-Wilson team but he’s certainly a proven leader who will be strongly considered by many conservative voters.


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  1. Gary Morgan is a complete and utter whack job. But he does deserve the brand of being a “patroit”. There are few in this race that have claim to the “patriot” title. Only McMullin-Wilson, Columb-Calwell and Morgan-Clarke have the spine and commitment to this city and country to fight for what is true, honest and decent in the world. Bandt, Fowles, Singer, Ng and the rest are simply weak minded fools with nothing to contribute except appeasement.

    Posted by Anonymous | November 21, 2008, 17:36
  2. I’m sick of Morgan being denigrated for being mad. It’s just because he wears a hat.

    Posted by Morgan 4 PM | November 21, 2008, 17:59
  3. […] I have never seen your environmental policies in public before now. All … Party hacks says: Doyle has been in Canberra for over a week working on a contract Original post […]

    Posted by » VEXNEWS | FIRED UP: Gary Morgan torches Catherine Ng’s dismal … | November 21, 2008, 18:04
  4. Ng is outrageous, She drag queen?

    Posted by Anonymous | November 21, 2008, 19:25
  5. Give QANTAS the flick.

    QANTAS shows no compassion or loyalty to its Frequent Flyer members.

    I saved up over 100,000 points over 13 years of giving QANTAS loyalty. Not once did QANTAS repay that loyalty. Just when I was hoping to use those points in a holiday to Europe QANTAS FF staff stole the points and failed to respond to correspondence asking that they restore them.

    QANTAS is quick to bribe senior police with free trips to the USA and allow it safety record to decline.

    If you plan to fly within Australia FLY VIRGIN

    Posted by Give QANTAS the flick | November 21, 2008, 19:50
  6. There is a scam going on in Town Hall. Senior Staff and City Councillors ring up huge expenses on their credit card and get the City Council to refund the value in full. Meanwhile staff and councillors gain FF points from the transaction.Enough for the City Council staff and Councillors to have a free trip abroad. Paid for indirectly by the ratepayers of Melbourne. No fringe benefit taxes paid. This secret commission scam must be stopped. If Morgan/Columb or McMullin can put an end to the scams and rorts they will have my vote

    Posted by QANTAS FF rort exposed | November 21, 2008, 19:58

    Isn’t amazing that the only thing that Catherine Ng can be faulted on is her attendance at council meetings!
    Have you ever stopped to think that she may actually be doing some work to help the City of Melbourne rather than attend bureaucratic, paper flinging meetings!

    Posted by [DeKay] | November 24, 2008, 9:01
  8. Considering only a small % of people live in the city, how about looking into the other council elections and giving us some inforamtion that is useful to the people.

    The ‘City of Melbourne’ election one has just turned into toilet trash and your not helping.

    Andrew Landeryou, (a) Whats your cut in all of this? (b) How are you going to amuse yourself after this election is over?

    PS – If Gary Morgan shuts the 24 hour toilets, where are he and McMullin going to meet to take part in “wanton acts of sodomy”?

    Posted by Totally Stunned | November 24, 2008, 9:29
  9. Considering only a small % of people live in the city, how about looking into the other council elections and giving us some inforamtion that is useful to the people.

    The ‘City of Melbourne’ election one has just turned into toilet trash and your not helping.

    PS – If Gary Morgan shuts the 24 hour toilets, where are he and McMullin going to meet to take part in “wanton acts of sodomy”?

    Posted by Totally Stunned | November 24, 2008, 9:29
  10. They can cum to my house

    Posted by Granger | November 24, 2008, 9:50
  11. Catherine Ng is yet to respond to the call for the VEC to maintain an open and transparent count of the lord mayors election by presorting ballot papers into primary votes prior to the data-entry of preferences into the VEC database. The Victorian parliamentary Electoral Matters in reviewing the 2006 State Election had recommended that the VEC initiate a preliminary sorting of ballot papers as occurs in the Senate.

    Under the provisions of the Victorian Local Government Act the VEC is required to presort ballot papers with a manual count. They have some discretion with a computerised count. There is nothing that prevents the VEC from initiating a preliminary sorting of the ballot papers as recommended by the Victorian State Parliament. Presorting the ballot papers prior to data-entry would facilitate an orderly and proper scrutiny of the ballot.

    Bill Lang, Melbourne City Council’s VEC Returning Officer, has thumbed his nose at the Victorian State Parliament and Candidates who have called for a manual count or pre-sorting of the ballot papers His refusal seriously undermined confidence in the conduct of the election and the Victorian Electoral Commission.

    A letter of complaint has been forward to the Minister for Local Government,Dick Wynne, and the Victorian Electoral Matters Committee (EMC) .

    The EMC in revising the stuff ups of the 2006 Victorian State Election has recommended that the VEC presort ballot papers into primary votes prior to data-entry. If the VEC can not self regulate its affairs then it is up to the Victorian State Parliament to step in and restore public confidence in the the conduct of the election.

    Posted by Melbcity | November 24, 2008, 19:37