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FREE AT LAST: Brian Burke not guilty

brianburkepatriot The persecution and prosecution of former WA Premier Brian Burke by the notorious Corruption and Crime commission has now ended with him being found not guility on four of five charges against him. The fifth, of lying to the CCC, was upheld and he’s been fined $25,000 for that.

Given the fuss and fanfare generated by the CCC in this case, it’s a devastating result for the expensive agency. There continues to be speculation the state government will make deep cuts to its lavish and indulgent budget.

The West Australian online reports:

At the conclusion of the hearing and before today’s verdict, Burke repeated his call for legislation to limit the CCC’s capability to tap lawyer-client phone calls.

“I remain absolutely appalled at the evidence that was led that showed that the CCC actually listened to my senior counsel’s advice to me two or three days before the hearing,” he said at the time…

Outside court, Mr Burke thanked his wife for her support.

“I would like to pay a tribute to my wife, Sue, who never signed up for any of this nonsense and who’s love and unconditional support has made it possible for my family to get through this terrible period,” Burke said.

“All the rest just doesn’t matter.”

All the substantial allegations made about Burke by the CCC – that he’d acted improperly in representing a client when he was a lobbyist – have been thrown out as false.

These anti-politician agencies, created very unwisely by politicians in search for a cheap headline and short-term approval from salivating journalists, are invariably generating much more egregious examples of corruption than they ever solve.

In this case, a prosecutor was listening to calls between a defendant and their lawyer just prior to the case.

We doubt that even happens in the People’s Republic of China and it ought not happen here.


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  2. I’m no fan of Burke but the fact that the CCC listened to his discussions with his Barrister just before the hearing and was then so incompetent or arrogant that they revealed that in evidence says much about that organization.Perhaps a lot more than budget cuts are indicated as they usually only effect those at the bottom of the food chain.It seems that a thorough purge of the upper echelons is essential.

    Posted by Anonymous | April 2, 2010, 9:26
  3. The CCC are a pathetic joke foisted on this state by one Jim McGinty. His amended changes in the CCC act to have it so that the CCC could only investigate if their was an element of corruption involved, took the emphasis away from drug dealers and other criminals to focus on government authorities – even to the point of investigating a teacher for withholding a can of soft drink from a pupil until s/he demonstrated an appropriate work ethic in class. Am I joking? No way, it happened!!! Fifty million a year (we are not allowed to know the exact amount) for this bunch of incompetent investigators. This mob are simply out to lynch anyone they can through any bullshit that comes in their possession. Their motto should be “charge and be damned” because they don’t give a fuck about the people they have dragged behind their ute. They act like Nazis, hiding behind the law. Interesting to note that the CCC lawyer who made use of all these lawyer-accused intercepts, Stephen Hall, was later to be made the youngest judge on the Supreme Court. Mmmmm, things that go bump in the night and make you think.

    Posted by Noodler's Ink | April 10, 2010, 16:46
  4. x

    Posted by b | April 11, 2010, 0:37
  5. It was bound to happen. We have just heard in WA that a ‘witness’ summonsed to attend a CCC ‘inquiry’ into misconduct at the Stirling Council has taken his life. It was always going to come to this, what a sad tragedy. Will there be a Royal Commission into this tragedy?

    Posted by Davros | September 11, 2010, 0:10
  6. Why do I always have the taste of pillows in my mouth?

    Posted by Pissy Chryne | September 11, 2010, 0:48
  7. What do you expect from a state that fries its prisoners!

    Posted by Throbbo | September 11, 2010, 1:05