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FRONTIERLAND: In NT, one MP calls asylum seekers “scum” while another parties hard on taxpayer fuelled European vacation

Northern Territory politics is played hard just as you’d expect but one clown Country Liberal MP Adam Giles has disgraced himself and conservative politics by referring to asylum seekers as “scum.”

Giles is a recent arrival at the Northern Territory, after previously running for the Libs in the ACT in 2004. He is currently married to Tamara Giles who is the co-owner of the lefty indigenous newspaper The National Indigenous Times.

Must be some pretty wild discussions around their dinner-table.

Perhaps after copping a lashing at home and from his party hierarchy Giles was keen to apologise and insisted “it was a genuine slip of the tongue.”

cossintrip Meanwhile Labor Lefty Senator Trish Crossin has also drawn fire over her lavish European vacation which will leave an enormous carbon footprint of the kind the warming enthusiast would be first to denounce in others.

Her imprudent husband Mark was busted for repeatedly boasting about the gay old time he was waving in Switzerland on Facebook. One of his 147 Facebook “friends” thought it might be nice to share his joy with the broader community. A number of these “friends” include his wife’s parliamentary colleagues who have been a little envious they didn’t get in on the same junket. The dynamic duo is part of the Australian Parliament’s taxpayer funded delegation attending the International Parliamentary Union conference in Geneva, on which the survival of the world depends.

The joyfully unsubtle NT News interrupted its ongoing croc coverage to expose the scam and even photoshopped the lefty’s head on a beer-drinking German’s not-so-hot bod.


Giles Dog


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  1. Let’s see, the boat people turn up and demand entry, pushing others who have done the right thing waiting years further down the list.

    Once they bully their way into Australia they then demand:
    * A public house, pushing waiting Australians down the list;
    * Social security payments, courtesy of the Australian taxpayer;
    * Medicare and full medical care, courtesy of the Australian taxpayer;
    * Schooling and education for the kids, paid for by you-know-who.

    And then give it a year or two and these boat people then apply to have their extended families migrate to Australia and again the poor old taxpayer cops it in the neck.

    Meanwhile, as out of control immigration into Sydney and Melbourne sees an ever increasing demand for housing stock push prices to a level far beyond the reach of average Australians.

    That’s why these boat people are a parasite on Australia.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2009, 9:19
  2. Giles is the only CLP member with any real leadership prospects. He went ‘overboard’ – pun intended, but he was spot on about resources taken from Alice Springs to be shifted to Christmas Island – Centralians lose again. His comments for which he apoligised and clarified will not hurt Giles’ career at all. Get him a seat in Club Fed!!

    Posted by go adam | October 21, 2009, 9:35
  3. Re “go adam”, Giles is a punchline. He has no leadership prospects.

    How do you think his scum line was received in the Northern suburbs of Darwin with their huge immigrant community (including many former refugees) and marginal seats?

    Also his epic back pedal isn’t fooling anyone. It was no slip of the tongue – just some idiot getting carried away ranting about matters he couldn’t understand, likely having had too much to drink. (I think his rant was after 10pm?)

    I doubt Adam Giles could point to Sri Lanka on a map. Fuck this clown.

    Posted by Darwinian | October 21, 2009, 10:28
  4. Lucky you are anonymous with such obnoxious views. Ugly ,ugly ugly.

    Posted by Arther conan doyle | October 21, 2009, 11:19
  5. Posted by anon | October 21, 2009, 11:24
  6. Typical crap that you see every day in NT politics.

    Giles is a tool of the first degree. Spends all his time slagging off black fella’s and any NGO that works in the bush.

    Bit rich coming from a bloke who grew up in the socially deprived backwater of the ACT.

    Meanwhile his wife makes a fortune off of the same NGO’s by charging Big $$$ for them and government to advertise in her shit sheet the National Inidgenous Times.

    Posted by Topender | October 21, 2009, 11:26
  7. If asylum seekers were such a great thing as the left would have us believe, why are no countries, including Indonesia, interested in taking them? More to the fact, if we follow the left’s line of thinking, why dont we just fly plane loads of them from displaced persons camps in Sri Lanka etc to Australia and take as many as want to come here?

    Why dont we? Because they are a terrible burden on both the taxpayer and Australian society.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2009, 12:35
  8. If Giles is a leader contender in the Territory, then I think its time that Wilson Tuckey had a crack at Turnbull. Mind you, at least Tuckey instils some wit into his barbs… word is that Giles uses beer for his

    Posted by stopyerwhinging | October 21, 2009, 13:26
  9. Ugly indeed! Adam, they smell the fear, they belittle you and your wife and her success. They think you drink too much (is it because you are indigenous?) They want to kick your dog!

    Giles should make a late run for Higgins!

    Posted by go adam | October 21, 2009, 13:46
  10. Giles doesn’t drink too much.

    He just can’t hold his piss cause he’s a chardonay swilling ponce from Canberra.

    It’s a joy to see him and his mate Dave Tollner sprint from the chamber on sitting days to Kitty’s or Shennanigans to down a bevy or two or thirteen.

    The terrible twins love to hold court at the bar, intertwined in some perverse form of brother loving.

    Then its a quick trip down to the Hunypot to chat to their Darwin girlfriends.

    Posted by Topender | October 21, 2009, 15:36
  11. Let’s get Giles to run in Higgins and Tollner to run in Bradfield, at least then we can get these two fuckwits out of the Territory and give everyone else a good laugh.

    Posted by Gone Troppo | October 22, 2009, 1:22
  12. “Let’s get Giles to run in Higgins and Tollner to run in Bradfield, at least then we can get these two fuckwits out of the Territory and give everyone else a good laugh”

    Throw in the two Senators and you’ve got deal.

    They’re never here, Scullion is shacked up with the new girlfriend in QLD and Crossin is too busy flying around the world devouring universes.

    Posted by Topender | October 22, 2009, 7:23
  13. Wouldn’t this asylum seeker business be a heap easier and cheaper if the Government just sucked it up and made it tougher for illegal immigrants to enter Australia once they were caught? That would quickly dent demand for a boat ride downunder.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 22, 2009, 7:45
  14. As Ali G once said,”Is it coz I is bleck?”

    The CLP rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by go adam | October 22, 2009, 9:12
  15. I am proud to take a stance to support the Boat people and other Socially or Socialistically sensitive issues.
    I believe there should be open boarders and free passage of Refugees, Drugs, Gays, Prostitutes, Criminals and people who I think I can control, like the people in the Liberal Party.
    I think the Liberal Party is a group of Xenophobic Anachronistic Neanderthals.
    For a very short person, I cast a very big shadow.
    Little Alex they call me, but I am really Napoleon. Nick from Johnson and Johnson helps to prop me up. But I wish he would stop propping me up in the front of my pants.
    I only like people I can control; Like Andrew, Mark Neeham and Mike Photios.
    I hate looking up people’s noses but it comes naturally to me, that’s why I have people bow in my presents.
    I want all the Boat people – Refugees and others to come to this country to serve me as I should be.
    I am a true Libertine or is it Libertarian, I have convinced myself of the way of an open and free form of Anarchy. However I would like my servants to be KNOWN AS THE HAWKEBOTS.
    And in the famous words of some American:–
    Send us the retched refuse of your putrid shores.
    Thank you for reading my brilliant words

    Posted by Alex Hawke | October 22, 2009, 22:25
  16. Alex that was such a wonderful speech.
    I am a true believer in Libertine ideas, I think?
    It is like the board of Johnson and Johnson I command them the way you command the Liberal Party.
    Te JERKS in the Liberal Party have taken your crap for years now and they don’t complain. I have taken your JERKS and I have not complained either.
    You shall be our new Fearless Leader. I will ditch Malcolm or even Fatty to put you on top of my pole. – kiss me.
    I too believe everyone should get down on their knees and service us as we have done to each other. We should take turns at giving each other JOBS.
    I hope members of the board in Johnson and Johnson in the US don’t hear about our manages. We shall inflict the greatest damage to the Liberal Party that has ever been done. I hope you can keep the secret about us being members of LABOR.
    All the love
    Nick the Dick

    Posted by Nick the Dick | October 22, 2009, 22:42
  17. I am very upset that Nick has said he was going to elevate Alex to the Supreme Being the Fearless Leader of the Libertine Liberal Party.
    He has promised it to my very close PARTY BOY fiend Michael Photosynthesis – he is soo Green and and he will feel soo LEFT out.
    Nick I thought you were going to give the big head job to Mike Baird for the state now you are doing an Alex to Alex.
    You told me that you were working behind (as you are good at the behinds) the scenes to get rid of Fatty and put Baird there instead. I only thought Alex did things like this.
    Alex promises things to people he can’t deliver. He has promised the seats of Baulkham Hills and Castle Hill to 10 or is it 20 people already.
    He has stabbed them all in the back at the same time he can’t help himself.
    Andrew is not aware Alex was the one who told everyone Andrew was not living in the electorate before and during the last Local Government Elections in Baulkham Hills.
    I used to love you
    White Boy

    Posted by Garth Ward | October 22, 2009, 23:03
  18. Boys – Boys,
    Don’t Lawyer up on me, don’t widen the circle, don’t loose track of who you are dealing with. You know all the s**t I say.
    You know how powerful I am. After all King David gave me the position, Little Johnny said he did not want me there, he said I “was unsuitable”.
    I am the Supreme Being – even if I am too short to fit into the Royal Robes and the Crown falls over my eyes.
    I have enough positions for you all. I will divide Baulkham Hills into 5 portions, Castle Hill into 7 portions, Parramatta into 11 portions and so on. I am the Supreme Being.
    The Supreme Allah of the HILLS – the blessings of the prophets be upon me.
    You know I have had talks with Peter Dimwitski, AJ, Mark, Larry, Justin and all the others about positions, I lead them up the garden path, you know that.
    You know I lie to those who are not true believers of the only faith, this is written in the Holy Qur’an”, Sharia, the belief of Libertarians.
    It is Taquiria to lie to a non-believer, I would never lie to you guys – my true loves.
    As I say: I have never promised anyone anything, or so I say to people when they confront me about what I have promised them earlier.
    I have promised Party Boy — Photosynthesis David’s upper house position.
    I am even going to bring his holiness Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi to Australia to give me some pointers on leadership. I am promising him a position on the board of Johnson and Johnson or a Vice President of the SEC – I hope he believes me!!
    Your lore and Master and don’t forget it.
    Supreme Being

    Posted by Alex Hawke | October 22, 2009, 23:33
  19. apparently Dave Tollner and newly single Damien Hale were sighted at Throb together last Saturday night.

    Posted by Darwinian | November 2, 2009, 19:38