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GARRIE MUST GO: Enemy propagandist turned veterans heritage officer condemned by Legislative Council President


In an ominous development for Garrie Hutchinson, a very senior Victorian Labor parliamentarian and Vietnam veteran Bob Smith has criticised the appointment of a former draft dodger and enemy propagandist as a Victorian government employee representing former soldiers.

The issue is threatening to explode with veterans also planning to tackle Premier Brumby on the issue next week at a Vietnam Veterans Day commemoration.

Hutchinson avoided being conscripted to serve in the Australian Armed Forces, fled to England and expressed his opposition to the Australian war effort by exhibiting Viet Cong films while overseas. He is now employed in a senior role dealing with veterans’ heritage in the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development.

The “Vietnamese War state” (supported by Garrie Hutchinson) was said by scholars in genocide to have murdered 1.67 million people. Millions of Vietnamese fled the murderous communist regime to build new lives, including in countries like Australia.

Smith, a highly respected figure in both the government and parliament as the President of the Legislative Council, has told journalist and veteran Sasha Uzunov that “I can’t use any stronger language to express my outrage at learning that Garrie Hutchinson holds such a position.”

Uzonov wrote in an email to veterans obtained by VEXNEWS:

Mr Robert (Bob) Smith, ALP, the President of the Legislative Council, Victoria’s Upper House, said last week he was outraged at learning that a draft dodger held a position within Premier John Brumby’s Veterans affairs unit.
Mr Smith, who served with the Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam, said: “I can’t use any stronger language to express my outrage at learning that Garrie Hutchinson holds such a position.”
“I will be taking up this issue personally with the Premier Mr Brumby,” he said.
Mr Garrie Hutchinson became the centre of controversy last week when Victoria’s Vietnam Veterans complained about his past as a draft dodger and sympathiser of the Viet Cong, which fought against Australian troops in the Vietnam War (1962-72).
Mr Smith served in the Navy for 15 years and was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal; Vietnam Logistic & Support Medal; and Australian Service Medal.
Victoria’s Vietnam Veterans have threatened to confront the Premier Mr Brumby during the Vietnam Veterans Day commemoration at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on Monday 18 August.


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