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GREENS PARTY PIG OUT: Greens party councillor’s husband ordered away from council free feed trough

greedygreen  A Greens Party pig has been told stay away from Council meetings because he eats too much.

The Daily Telegraph’s Joe Hildebrand reports that Chris Maltby who is married to a Waverley City councillor has been ordered to stay away from council meetings because he would attend and eat all the food laid on for the councillors and officers.

Maltby professes to be a “lapsed pagan” on his facebook page yet also oddly expresses allegiance to God-fearing and abortion opposing Ronan Lee MP, the Queensland Greens Party MP who was once a Labor Party MP.

Joe Hildebrand tells the amusing yarn:

A GREENS politician has been told to stop bringing her husband to council meetings because he eats too much of the food.

Waverley councillor Prue Cancian was told not to bring her activist husband Chris Maltby to meetings because the ratepayer-funded catering could not sustain it.

The matter came to a head at last Tuesday night’s council meeting at which Mr Maltby, despite having been asked not to attend by general manager Tony Reed, again showed up. The Daily Telegraph has been told that at the end of the meeting there was no food left for the hungry councillors or their staff.

Mayor Sally Betts said she could not justify using ratepayer money to feed councillors’ families.

“As a mayor I could not condone spending ratepayers’ money on meals for all of the councillors’ family and friends and anything else,” she said yesterday.

Technically guests are only allowed at council meetings at the invitation of the mayor.

Waverley has allowed councillors’ spouses, friends or relatives to attend the meetings occasionally.

But it is understood that Mr Maltby is almost a constant presence.

Typically, sandwiches and other refreshments are provided at such events, as well as alcoholic beverages.

Ms Betts said councillors’ family and friends should not have carte blanche access to catering.

After the amusing tale was published this morning, the greedy Greens party pig squealed loudly.

He and Greens party supporters variously claimed he wasn’t approached for comment or was savagely misrepresented. Joe then revealed the correspondence exchanged between the hungry journalist and the even hungrier Councillor’s hubby. The greedy Green was not happy.

The exchange is well worth reading.


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  1. What, there’s not enough food in the rubbish bin he sleeps in?

    Posted by loves2spooj | February 25, 2009, 17:46
  2. Posted by Eatingyourgreens | February 25, 2009, 18:05
  3. Is this also the case at Moonee Valley?

    Posted by in for a penny | February 26, 2009, 7:33
  4. What a piece of crap.

    Posted by mongrel | February 26, 2009, 11:32
  5. He even looks like a locust.

    Posted by vegeterian | February 26, 2009, 11:48
  6. I’m not surprised. Leftards in general tend to have little discipline, an overheated sense of entitlement and a belief in living off the public tit.

    Posted by Kevin Killjoy | February 26, 2009, 12:27
  7. You should see Lambros go in Moreland meetings, that’s why he keeps putting on weight.

    Posted by Mayor Quimbay | February 26, 2009, 12:28
  8. Ronin Ronan Ronen is gonna lose his seat, washed up aged 30. Fucktard.

    Posted by Loser | February 26, 2009, 12:30
  9. Councils provide themselves with plush facilities and lavish catering at ratepayers expense. What an additional insult when the councillor hacks, dud CEOs and senior managers from councils like Brimbank, Casey, Colac Otway etc get stuck in like pigs with their snouts in the trough!!

    Posted by Anon Annonski | February 26, 2009, 14:01
  10. Yum yum yum yum!

    Posted by Trot | February 26, 2009, 15:47
  11. It seems our friend in the Greens has a tasty problem.

    Posted by Garth | February 26, 2009, 16:02


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