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CLASS TRAITOR: Live-on-the dole MP shuns cattle class


Adam Bandt finished up his live-on-the-dole week by reaching the conclusion that his policy prescriptions were correct. Naturally, he wants more taxpayers’ money spent although hasn’t proposed how it would be funded. It doesn’t matter because it’s just a thought-bubble. A publicity stunt designed to make the government look bad and make him look like a font of compassion and social justice.

But he’s full of it.

This very morning, Bandt flew from Melbourne to Canberra on Qantas flight 804, arriving at 8.17am.

He flew in seat 2A, business class.

The cost of the business class seat is listed on Webjet at $737. One-way.

If he’d travelled economy class, the cost would be around $129. And that’s not counting the carbon emissions impact of business class travel.

There’s nothing illegal with Bandt’s travel arrangements, they are within entitlement. But his sense of self-entitlement seems truly boundless.

His silly publicity-stunt sets himself up for criticism like this. If he spent less money on his travel, there’d be money available for welfare recipients he pretends to champion.

He’s not in a position to deliver anything, he says, but vote for me.

He’s delivered the carbon tax from a government that promised not to impose one but didn’t get around to the issue of  welfare recipients until the dying months of the government.

And when addressing the issue, all we got was a cunning stunt. Hopefully, he’ll be soon replaced.


TUESDAY UPDATE: Adam Bandt’s class struggle has leapt from the pages of this august publication to the even more patriotic Daily Telegraph. Their most-excellent Gemma Jones – a potentially award-winning journalist – has embraced our yarn and even added references to the sometimes sinister goings-on in Chairman’s Lounge. First class reading.



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  1. he’s the martin foley of state politics

    Posted by angry bro | February 4, 2013, 13:07
  2. Misandrist + Misogynist = green misanthrope

    Posted by Stinking Violet | February 4, 2013, 18:58
  3. What a dicraceful Turd!Ichallenge him to debate this description. What a discraceful Turd.

    Posted by Old Cobber | February 4, 2013, 21:38
  4. Apparently, BJ knows about a secretary of a large union who had the union’s offical seal in his drawer at work. The seal had to be affixed to every single enterprise agreement. And a few employers are starting to talk about the union secretary’s price for producing and affixing the seal, which was the flight, the accommodation and the “company” of his choice (possibly from Craig’s list) paid for by the employer.
    That’s why the former secretary won’t ever be prime minister.

    Posted by Bull Shitten | February 4, 2013, 21:48
  5. Just goes to prove that he learnt much while doing his PhD in Marxism – especially the bit about Soviet politicians riding in ZiL limos, while the Proletariat masses pushed their Lada crapboxes to the nearest garage…

    Posted by Fred | February 4, 2013, 21:55
  6. Adam is welcome to pay a ‘visit’ to my welcoming back passage anytime the cutie likes.

    Posted by Pissy Chryne | February 4, 2013, 23:58
  7. Andrew, I eagerly await your analysis of Julia Gillard calling the election early, Craig Thomson being arrested, Evans and Roxon resigning.

    Posted by Alex | February 5, 2013, 0:20
  8. another endorsed Grub by DEAN MIGHELL what where you expecting.both DEAN and ADAM brothers in arms.

    Posted by jimmy | February 5, 2013, 8:11
  9. So now Gary Humphries is a absolute shoe in for the Senate now, thanks to some Greens ‘strategist’ doing what might be described as the political equivalent of waving a very small willy around, to try and look important in the Canberra Times.

    You know, Greens if it was kept in your pants instead of showing off, maybe the Libs would have gone with Zed, and Simon may have been a chance for the seat. Humphries is unbeatable if he runs.

    Posted by Ha! | February 5, 2013, 8:26
  10. It could be taken as a indication of poor internal discipline to have anonymous spokespeople to be mouthing off to the media. This the CT commentator might even be a interstate dude mouthing off.

    Does Christine approve? Not the first time we have seen the someone in the Greens speaking for the party from behind a veil. How about a little openness and accountability, so we know if the stuff in the media is pure guff from a rouge employee, or really the Greens position.

    Posted by Fair political comment! | February 5, 2013, 11:19
  11. Why can’t those nasty Councillors who used to be ‘nothings’ before I met them, see the talent and ability in my little Paulie.

    Posted by Inga Binga | February 5, 2013, 13:44
  12. Don’t worry guys he won’t be around after September

    Posted by Argus Tuft | February 5, 2013, 16:14
  13. Time to throw out the green filth.

    Posted by Roy Tuswell Seat Sniffer | February 5, 2013, 16:18
  14. Thanks Dean…….i doubt i will be around too.

    Posted by Jimmy | February 5, 2013, 16:59
  15. Bandt quote: “Will have to find out today where you can eat in Melbourne if you’ve got no cash.”

    Typical inner city types, always looking to eat out. There’s this room in your swish apartments called a “kitchen” you can dine there for 10% of the cost of eating out.

    Posted by Typical Inner City Trendoin | February 5, 2013, 18:16
  16. Sweet little Paulie don’t worry about that vermin Shonke and Browneye, sit on Mamma’s knee for your yummy nightly feed from my big old pendulous supple teat then Nanna will read you a Mr Men book called ‘Mr Traitor’ is has a very sad ending.

    Posted by Inga Binga | February 5, 2013, 21:04
  17. Paulie loves a little suckle. He loves the throw a discus around my bitsies

    Posted by Binge | February 6, 2013, 7:44
  18. Few politicians fly economy because they are seeking peace and quiet to either catch up on sleep or to do reading, as Adam is doing in this photo. That is not a crime- he is a human being who needs his space. Public life is not sustainable without it.

    Posted by Jenny Stirling | February 6, 2013, 8:09
  19. Is the word “sustainable” sustainable? Better check with George Orwell. He knew a bit about Language.

    Hope this helps
    H the B

    Posted by H the B | February 6, 2013, 10:13
  20. The Chairman of Infrastructure NSW is also the Chairman of Lend Lease Infrastructure…..Barry O’Farrell has got to go

    Posted by Sydney Girl | February 6, 2013, 15:24
  21. Add Dean Mighell to the list…..

    Posted by jimmy | February 6, 2013, 16:24
  22. D. A-drews pick for federal health minister

    Posted by one | February 6, 2013, 22:28
  23. Please Inga no no no don’t sit on me.

    Posted by Shonky Ronke | February 6, 2013, 22:34
  24. What about you Adam…do the greens think it is right that the chairman of infrastructure nsw is also the chairman of lend lease infrastructure?

    Posted by yepitsabuscka | February 6, 2013, 23:02
  25. You got the first letters back to front on cunning stunt.

    Posted by Kylie Kay | February 7, 2013, 9:47
  26. @Bull Shitten
    not to miss a point but..

    A, How should unions be funded, membership fees does not cover the cost and many receive benefits paid for by the few.

    B. how do we set up funding for unions and politics for the future.

    Posted by one faction | February 7, 2013, 12:21
  27. @Bull Shitten

    Yea in business this behavior is expected and common

    Posted by long gone | February 7, 2013, 12:29
  28. jenny has a valid point….

    the quantas club is full of wankers who are there for status as well.

    otherwise go private jet…..!

    I would to avoid the political class

    Adam seems like a nice guy..

    Posted by hy | February 7, 2013, 14:19
  29. I have always argued that backbenchers should fly economy class except for those who are flying home overnight. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane MP’s should all be required to use the most cost effective ticket home. This would save millions each year.

    Parliamentarians would start to understand the ordinary small business entrepreneur a lot better if they had some common experiences and the hassle of cattle class travel and cheap hotels is one such example.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | February 7, 2013, 18:39
  30. Kate I am a bit corncerned half my team appear to be crooks: Ryan, Shaw, Peulich & Tilley.

    Posted by Red Ted | February 7, 2013, 19:13
  31. Matthew Drummond of the AFR must be the thickest of planks to believe Peter Costello voluntarily left his merchant bank. Unloved in Melbourne and loathed in Sydney means no clients no income and lots of debts. Me thinks BKK punted him.

    Posted by Dogsgonemissing | February 7, 2013, 20:29
  32. Is it true that longtime nemisis Stephen Mayne is running in another election? This time for President of the Municipal Association of Victoria?

    Posted by Anonymous | February 7, 2013, 20:39
  33. Farewell Dean,the books are cooked,the membership fucked i hear you would like to depart the crime scene.leaving Troy the poison chalice.THANKS DEAN…..

    Posted by jimmy | February 7, 2013, 21:12
  34. dear one faction
    all your answers lie in the one big career development fund…

    Posted by one direction | February 7, 2013, 21:18
  35. made your mind up yet Dean.you have join elite company C Thomson,K Jackson,L Armstrong,B Madoff,C Skase,P Slipper,M Frostick all fucken thieves and liars.

    Posted by jimmy | February 8, 2013, 16:20
  36. Adam ants 1 week stunt looks contrived compared to abbots 1 week of voluntary work in central Australia.

    Posted by Stunt master | February 8, 2013, 19:27
  37. How many tonnes of carbon does Bandt churn out flying business each year ?

    Posted by Anonymous | February 8, 2013, 23:52
  38. He could always join Robert Doyle who sold 15 copies of the Big Issue in 1/2 hr whilst standing outside Young and Jackson. Mind you he is paid over $150,000 a year. His bar bill alone would meet the cost of a home for 5 families a year.

    Posted by The Big Issue | February 9, 2013, 0:38
  39. It is not as if he was only paid the equivalent of the dole. He was still receiving his salary. Cheap trashy stunt to try and attract support from the lowest paid members of our society. Try living on the street for a week without a home.

    I guess it was all in preparation for September 15 when he will become unemployed and living on the dole for real.

    Posted by Green Opportunist Grandstander | February 9, 2013, 2:31
  40. No only does Adam Bandt get to fly business class and catch a commcar from the airport to Parliament house, he also gets to park in the long term car park while the rest of us plebs have to catch a train or a bus to work.

    Not only does he also get the benefits of fresh fruit salad and a club lounge coffee delight, he also is racking in the Frequent Flyer points that are awarded from the tax payer funded first class flights.

    Points that he can use to fund private travel when he loses office. A holiday in Thailand with a lady boy or two.

    Posted by Frequent Flyer | February 9, 2013, 2:57
  41. Doing another hatchet job on Adam Bandt, Andrew? Are you worried your beloved Labor party will lose too many votes to the Greens at the next election? Why don’t you find someone more worthy of criticism. How about Swanny – the man who can’t even design a mining tax that actually collects tax, or “Captain” Julia Gillard, who won’t allow the rank and file in the northern territory to select their own senator.

    Posted by Lozza | February 9, 2013, 7:45
  42. Doing another hatchet job on Adam Bandt? Are you worried your beloved Labor party will lose too many votes to the Greens at the next election? Why don’t you find someone more worthy of criticism. How about Swanny – the man who can’t even design a mining tax that actually collects tax, or “Captain” Julia Gillard, who won’t allow the rank and file in the northern territory to select their own senator.

    Posted by Lozza | February 9, 2013, 7:49
  43. What are Kingston Councillor Geoff Gledhill, of Business First noteriety, and Mordialloc MP Lorraine Wreford Mayor Ron Gormless and Cr Shonky Ronke scheming with developers in the Green Wedge? It seems that after ratting on Paulie P, they now want his vote or want him off Kingston.Or do they think they can get to him by chucking rocks at Inga Binga?

    Posted by Anon | February 9, 2013, 8:12
  44. The creator of this blog, A N D R E W L A N D ER Y O U, has really got it in for Adam Bandt and The Greens.

    Posted by jez | February 9, 2013, 15:19
  45. Part of Red Ted’s problems might be his genetic material.
    Interbreeding and incest is fairly common in the toffy class. Just have a look at his Uncle Marshal I am sure his maternal grandfather is also his father.

    Posted by anon | February 9, 2013, 15:48
  46. So what if Peter Costello’s merchant bank went bust? How many retired politicians make it in the real world? Only Greiner although MT hit it big before politics. God that would irk Pete cos we know how much brotherly love he has for MT.

    Posted by Nick reigns | February 10, 2013, 17:44
  47. What comes around goes around.Dean Mighell….. i hear all over red rover.

    Posted by T.Murphy | February 10, 2013, 22:19
  48. what about me dean ? I don’t have to leave as well do I? where will I find a job that pays me for doing fuck all?

    Posted by woward horthing | February 11, 2013, 8:56
  49. a number of years ago i recall seeing a rural independent boarding a plane going to his hometown. He waited to be last on board so he could walk down the aisle saying hi to everybody and greeting them like life time friends.
    A few weeks later I witnessed Barry Do Nothing (as opposition leader) – he also boarded last but had seat in the pointy end so he did not have to talk to the hoi polloi.

    Posted by the insider | February 11, 2013, 9:59
  50. Good work Andy, keep sticking it to Bandt. The bloke is a flog.

    Posted by Piv | February 11, 2013, 12:17
  51. ‘ride the bus,buy a ticket’:quoted by DEAN MIGHELL.not bad from the biggest thief in the trade union movement.

    Posted by jimmy | February 11, 2013, 15:13
  52. Section 265 of the fair work [registered organisation]act 2009 to supply all members with means to view the audit report.But no DEAN MIGHELL spends millions of members money fighting it.WHY because the books are cooked.the end is finally near….

    Posted by jimmy | February 11, 2013, 15:18
  53. Julia Gillard is a Lawyer.

    She should know Infrastructure NSW is wrong – that its constitution is framed to permit insider trading by the Premier of NSW Barry O’Farrell and the members of the Board.

    She should know that its constitution is framed to permit maintenance of conflicts of interest by Nick Greiner, the premier, and members of the Board.

    She should know that the Act confers judicial powers upon the Premier of NSW in contravention of the Doctrine of the Seperation of Powers.

    She should know that the framing of the Act is inof itself a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

    She should know that the Act in operation perverts the course of justice.

    In NSW Julia Gillard there is now a two tier criminal code – one for the Premier and another for the rest of us.

    If it is good enough for the Premier of NSW to inside trade, to hold conflicts of interest, to refrain from the reportage of a crime – then it is good enough for the rest of us.

    It is time to abandon adherance to the law of NSW.

    Company directors need look no further than the Premier of NSW for behavior guidance.

    Julia Gillard – you have a duty towards us – the people of NSW.

    Please come to our aid.

    Please defend us from the lawlessness of Infrastructure NSW and Barry O’Farrell.

    Please help us Prime Minister.


    Posted by deleted [impersonation] | February 11, 2013, 16:04
  54. Deano if we get sacked who will pay for our fav ‘she-male’ DVDs??

    Posted by Howard Worthing | February 11, 2013, 20:30
  55. Great news today……the pope and Dean Mighell both resigning on feb 28th.plus a bonus Tony Abbott will jail corrupt union officals for 5 years.Thanks Dean enjoy barwon…….

    Posted by Jimmy | February 11, 2013, 22:52
  56. Does anyone have a vacancy for a out of work Lawyer with minimal prospects? Available after September 14.

    Experience on living within his means. (He expects to be on the dole for a while)

    Access to Frequent Flyers points will support his travel plans for some time to come.

    He was rejected for redeployment to a senatorial role. Other than that not much real life experience. Possibly suited to become a media commentator. Any offers open to discussion.

    Posted by Wanted Bar Soliciting Job come Sep 14 | February 11, 2013, 23:18
  57. C’mon Andrew wake up!! Bandt is old news.
    There’s an asteroid approaching and the Pope is departing. Don’t tell me that’s mere coincidence…

    Posted by Gregoryno6 | February 12, 2013, 8:31
  58. @one direction

    only cleaner cash thanks.

    funds will be needed for the change and election coming up, all the alp chooks need to sort out their sponsors as little red is going down.

    Posted by one faction | February 12, 2013, 23:32
  59. The Australian reported that Costello has now been sacked by Fairfax. Why didn’t his pal Joe Aston get that leak? Costello speaks to him hourly as Costello spews his bile against his many opponents which Joe faithfully reports?

    Posted by Anon | February 14, 2013, 14:13
  60. The poor old Greens will be a party of history after the double dissolution brought on by Abbott.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 14, 2013, 22:37
  61. Jimmy, you are strangely silent. Months of obsessing over Mighell has resulted in…………………the NSW Branch of the ETU being the subject of an FWC Inquiry. Jimmy, not a word, not a murmur. Mmmm these events do have a way of just landing right back in the lap of the screaming hysterics. Please Jimmy if you are going to hold yourself out as a representative of all that’s good and fair in the union movement; a workers champion saving members from rorts and frauds everywhere then at least be even handed about it. Even you must find this ironic in the midst of your obsessions.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 15, 2013, 16:37
  62. Thanks Dean for your concern, the NSW branch is not my problem.firstly Dean it’s not a obsession, the audit regarding the VICTORIAN BRANCH will show the members that you are a thief.to tell your organiser’s that you will resign on feb 28th then you want to hang around to do political work ‘you do fuck all’ while all your organiser’s and shop stewards suck your dick you want to set up a portable sick leave scam and run the protect redundancy scam you are fuckin kidding yourself.you must had forgot to tell them you no longer have support in any branches in the country will see you back in federal court regarding the books.

    Posted by jimmy | February 15, 2013, 23:07
  63. C/bus and co/invest boards are also aware you are corrupt Dean Mighell and will be in the coming months fucked.are you aware it’s a lot harder to steal money from c/ bus and co/invest as they do not have levies.

    Posted by Jimmy | February 16, 2013, 10:57
  64. Jimmy, you have been banging on for over a year. The Mighell story has now run longer in the union movement than WWII. He has been investigated by ASIC, Cole RC, Federal Police etc; all I can say is the bloke is a fucking genius. Your story changes every five minutes, you refer to Federal Court action that there is no record of. Jimmy, most folk can work out that the national executive of the CEPU passing resolutions about audits is just a bunch of embittered old ALP hacks with their hands on their dicks pretending they are big men in the union movement, they’re not, they are fucked. They are just useful when it comes to providing rivers of cash to elect more hacks and then the ALP shits on them. Now Jimmy I suggest that you turn your mind to the real issues here is a few to be going in with. 457 visas, real union corruption such as gross inflation of membership numbers (only so many times you can take a cattle prod out and try and give dead and honorary members some life) Abbott is going to have an audit field day on that rort Jimmy and members can sue the arses off the fucking corrupt officials who siphoned off their, money, money that should have been used for them, fuck Jimmy they have to get it back some how. How much do you reckon in that little fraud mate? Insecure work, offshoring of Australian jobs, privatisation, uranium mining, training, superannuation. As I’ve said before not a big fan of Mighell personally but he is the one doing something about all of these issues while you and your tired old mates keep on with you bitching and whining. Looking forward to the plebiscite Jimmy, I voted Yes for a plebiscite to disaffiliate and stop giving my money away Jimmy and that’s what’s really driving you old tossers.

    Posted by Not Dean, but willing to be Dean if it soothes Jimmy! | February 16, 2013, 14:52
  65. Every body needs some greens

    Posted by one fact | February 16, 2013, 21:51
  66. Not Dean, yep your Dean. Why have you passionately fought against the old hacks (the national ETU executive) auditing the books and then by doing that allaying their concerns if everything is fine? The fact is you are the one that’s not adhering to your union’s directive. Show them the books and let the old hacks move on. But you won’t will you? Instead you are going to scurry away because you know you can’t delay it any longer and prove to everyone that has suspected it for a long time that you have the heart of a pea

    Posted by Not Jimmy | February 18, 2013, 13:36
  67. @ Not Jimmy | February 18, 2013, 13:36

    LMAO what hypocrites you have done nothing about the concerns raised by members about other branches especially NSW. I have raised concerns and this so called national executive does nothing. Now you are spending tens of thousands of members money to ‘allay concerns’ the only concerns that you have are that Mighell is slowly eroding away at all of you, slowly eating away at your capacity to keep the ETU affiliated, that’s why you have to stop him. Board fees rort over, honorary members rort over, over affiliation/thieving from members over, influence in the ALP (such that it ever was) over, ALP jobs for the boys over, careers over! You really do give the game away here; what you are really on about and it amounts to some ‘confected concerns’ and Mighell is unlikeable, jeez go figure. Most people in politics are pretty unlikeable. When your Fed Court matter results in nought I hope Mighell sues for you the legal fees. Better idea, just give the rorted board fees to the union but make sure it’s under members control ok. Members sure as hell cannot trust you with the money.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 18, 2013, 14:23
  68. @anonymous (Mighell) Boo Hoo. Your rants might carry some weight if you would just let the independent auditor (not the one you said you paid for by the company that won’t give it to you, bha ha ha) fulfil your unions resolution. I actually agree with you if any branch (including Victoria NSW WA) has done the wrong thing then let them be held to account.simple

    Posted by Not Jimmy | February 18, 2013, 15:43
  69. 1. Paul Howes at his annual shindig doing a very unconvincing attack on big business while wearing a cheap shiny arse suit. No more invites to the US Embassy for you and Olivia Paul.

    2. How thick are the media in this country. Cryogenic Storage indeed. That’s where people who want to be brought bsack to life go, they get put on ice until there is a cure for what killed them. At the moment the ALP is letting the disease kill the whole party and its chances, it’s killing them all. Time to kill the disease once and for all if labor is to have any chance. Bring back Rudd; let him have his moment that way the ALP might just save some of the silver. Then have an orderly transition to Combet, just about the only bloke with any credibility left in the ALP. Move on learn your lessons, time for Rudd to come out of the ice. That’s what he was really saying.

    Posted by Strange Days | February 18, 2013, 18:01
  70. Things are sticky for me at Kingston since the Fat Lady has turned against me I wonder if there is any advice in the Fireman’s Handbook?

    Posted by Shonky Ronke | February 18, 2013, 18:13
  71. try indrustrial mediator

    Posted by Long gone | February 18, 2013, 22:52
  72. Ronke and Browneye – what a duo of crooks and shonkes.

    Posted by Anon | February 19, 2013, 2:03
  73. Dean Mighell you a thief,liar and a fucken no good piece of shit.see you in federal court.

    Posted by Jimmy | February 19, 2013, 9:48
  74. Can anyone provide us with a calm explanation as to what is going on with Dean Mighell

    Posted by Whats the story | February 19, 2013, 11:50
  75. he is under investigation by the national office, until they receive the victorian ETU books this will continue. they will pursue Dean to where ever he goes.in layman’s term DEAN is a thief,liar who needs to go..

    Posted by jimmy | February 19, 2013, 14:31
  76. Four of a kind the way foward i agree

    Posted by freddy | February 19, 2013, 15:28
  77. Hey jimmy ‘Whats the story’ asked for a calm explanation LOL.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 19, 2013, 17:26
  78. Deano is such a “”stud”” and so generous with all his money, as long as I look after his needs and let Mr Worthing watch us at it.

    Posted by Delores the She-Male | February 19, 2013, 19:04
  79. Dean would like to go on several boards after he resigns on feb 28th as the most corrupted ETU state secretary. eg Protect,C/Bus,Co-Invest boards problem is… Dean faces a serious dilemma does he accept FEES.as he thinks the NSW branch should not accept fees.i am betting as he is a fucken thief he will accept fees.

    Posted by jimmy | February 20, 2013, 12:18
  80. thank fuck Dean is pissing off as we won’t have to listen to this Jimmy cocksucker ever again

    Posted by yay | February 20, 2013, 12:57
  81. there is more than just that cocksucker jimmy what about the cocksucker Not Dean, but willing to be Dean if it soothes Jimmy. that bloke has serious issues ! he wants to be the most hated man in the union movement to soothe Jimmy. maybe he fantasises about trannies and wants to orally soothe Jimmy. does he know Dean intimately and know that Dean would blow any bloke in a good set of heels and a nice frock??

    Posted by yays mate | February 20, 2013, 14:14
  82. you sparkies are crazy. Dean is a knob for supporting the Greens but he is the only unionist that I can recall publicly speaking out against ethnic branch stacking.
    It is branch stacking which has corrupted the ALP to the core and until the likes of Bull Shitten and Eddie Obese are in jail where they belong nothing will change.

    Posted by WHOA | February 20, 2013, 14:58
  83. @ WHOA | February 20, 2013, 14:58

    It is branch stacking which has corrupted the ALP……..and over affiliation, and people using the union movement to advance their own careers, and low lifes who do deals with the boss to the disadvantage of their own members, and people who have never worked a day on the shop floor getting preselection and once they do they give not a backwards glance at the workers who put them there and the self interest of people who could not wait for power they had to have a bloody public execution that the public are not over yet and probably never will be and leaving the ABCC in place shitting on the construction unions and gutting what was a good mining tax to start with and not publically and stridently backing Assange and villifying and detaining refugees and demonstrating what unreliable dodgy spivs they are by shafting their coalition partners, partners that they needed to form a government Wilkie and gambling reform which most of the population support, and Carbon Pricing which most people still support. I could drone on but enough is enough. Paul Howes carry on in the last few days, his unrestrained bullshit is further alienating people. This is all about the NSW Right saving a few seats in Western Sydney and a very unedifying spectacle it is even ALP die hards are praying for an end to it all and as the likes of Howes emerge from the smoking ruins it will be a win to them as long as they still have the power to foist the likes of Obeid on us and they still gain control just ready to do it all again. Workers will pay the price of all of this vanity as Abbott guts the unions and leaves the entrails all over the country. Frankly you can only conclude that this is the end both the ALP and some unions richly deserve. Time to clean up.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 20, 2013, 20:17
  84. most people do not support the carbon dioxide tax and have not since Kev got rat fucked by the wingnuts at Copenhagen. We should get a tax deduction for emitting CO2 because it is fucking plant food, not ‘pollution’.
    You need to wake up to the fact that the ALP and Libs are the same team, just like Republicans/Democrate and Labour/Tories/LibDems. It does not matter who we vote for because the billionaires and their multinational corporations run the show.

    Posted by whoa nelly | February 20, 2013, 21:15
  85. Righto then there is the answer I’ll go and plant a few more trees to absorb the CO2, soak up all that plant food. You Goon!

    Posted by No jobs on a dead planet! | February 20, 2013, 21:31
  86. an answer to what? By all means plant trees, overgrow the world. peace, love and baked beans

    Posted by Johnny Appleseed | February 20, 2013, 21:59
  87. Yes! Overgrow the world!

    Posted by Johnny Appleseed | February 21, 2013, 17:25
  88. Did your grade six science teacher forget to teach you about photosynthesis?

    Posted by its getting hot in here | February 21, 2013, 18:07
  89. off to bob katter now DEAN.god help when they go out to collect money for the party.to any one involved in katters australian party beware..DEAN’S a thief he has been stealing levy money from the members for over 17 years.HIS NO FUCKEN GOOD.

    Posted by jimmy | February 21, 2013, 20:30
  90. @yay, leave Jimmy alone he has the good oil on the soon to be KAP Senator

    Posted by Jimmysmatesmate | February 21, 2013, 20:38
  91. If he had any oil, good or otherwise, he would have spilt some of it already instead of repeating ‘Dean his no fucken good’ like a fucking spastic over and over for a whole year.

    Posted by lets take off all our clothes | February 21, 2013, 20:55
  92. He has a very good point though

    Posted by Jimmysmatesmate | February 21, 2013, 21:40
  93. it will continue until he is charged and jailed thank you for your concern.he has destroyed many good people over the years.what goes around comes around.

    Posted by jimmy | February 22, 2013, 8:05
  94. @Strange Days

    Combet brought in the failed carbon tax that has increasing my bills and given money to large polluters with out them having to invest anything in renewable energy and no solar jobs.
    Give Gill-ard deadline to up her game or
    Bring back Rudd

    Posted by Rudi W Darebin | February 22, 2013, 10:48
  95. @ Rudi W Darebin | February 22, 2013, 10:48 Sorry Rudi, you are wrong the carbon tax has not substantially increased energy bills that was already happening. Deregulation led to price increases + the need to invest in ageing ailing infrastructure, these are the real reasons that prices increased in the first instance. In most states price rises are connected to replacement of infrastructure and ensuring safety related to bushfires. None of the energy regulators have said no to applications for price increases. Rudi the costs are directly related to deregulation and corporatisation, not the carbon tax, that has been a convenient distraction for Abbott. I guarantee you you will never here him say ‘we won’t privatise’ and ‘we will re-regulate’ and ‘we will legislate lower prices’ like with all things Abbott, everything out of his mouth is designed to distract from the real issues. Do you seriously think he will go up against the big end of town?

    Posted by Anonymous | February 22, 2013, 17:14
  96. @ Anonymous
    Who approved utilities price rises?
    just a hidden carbon tax wrapped in rhetoric.

    Posted by Rudi W Darebin | February 24, 2013, 22:29


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