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Greensparty Senator Whish-Wilson attacks model Jennifer Hawkins after she refuses request for private meeting #auspol

Jennifer Hawkins

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has been viciously slagged by ex-merchant banker turned Tasmanian Greensparty Senator and leadership aspirant Peter Whish-Wilson

The Senator’s cruel attacks (in an official media release produced by his taxpayer-funded office) included describing the top model as:

■ “A plastic beauty queen”;

■ “Shallow and hypocritical”;

■ “Naive or wilfully blind”;

■ Not serious about “avoiding accusations of hypocrisy” (from him);

■ Responsible for the fact that some people litter, throwing out water or soft-drink containers made by Coca-Cola and its subsidiaries, by reason of the fact that a Coke subsidiary, Mount Franklin water company, sponsor her. It’s a stretch of the kind that only years of yogic training and pagan worship could facilitate.

A bizarre and untoward attack indeed.

Perhaps all explained by his request to privately meet with the model on the issue. He was told she was too busy. He then denounced her.

His concluding words damn him most:

“It’s not as if Miss Hawkins isn’t aware of this fact either, as I have attempted to meet with her and discuss the issue – yet was informed she was ‘too busy’. A shame, since our beaches are littered with her sponsor’s bottles, and that of their parent company, Coke.”


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  1. ” Fair suck of the sauce bottle” So Extra-Terrestial Willywanker-Whish-Wilson wants to perve on superior Earthling Hawkins and gets the brush off ,so what? Maybe this Tassie Neanderthal and his mate bar hopper OldSarah-Hanson-Young get off their haunches and clean up their own mess.

    Posted by Old Cobber | May 8, 2013, 20:25