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HEATING UP: MPCCC matches Abbott’s simple slogans with intractable structures and interminable jargon

imageThere are nearly as many shades of opinion on the climate change/carbon-tax rainbow as there are members of the House of Representatives.

And yet we wonder if even the most enthusiastic cheer-leader for a unilaterally imposed jobs-exporting carbon-tax might have reason to pause over the most recent nocturnal emission from the high-powered ”Multi-Party Climate Change Committee” (the MPCCC to its few friends) .

Its lengthy legalistic rhetoric is painful, inaccessible and suggests a frightening number of structures, roundtables, working groups, stakeholder engtagements, technical working groups and so on.

The standard of the communications in the MPCCC communique suggests the government is going to find it very difficult to persuade Australians that it’s doing the right thing by introducing a tax calculated to solve a global problem in one jurisdiction where some credibly argue it will not make a serious contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The best argument they have is that we need to prepare for the future where there will be huge global pressure to reduce “carbon pollution.” Until that pressure is universally felt though, the effect of bringing the tax in will be shift the economic activity we’re taxing to other places. It makes us uncivilised, we know, but we struggle to comprehend the logic of that. Without global action, how can we solve what we are told is a global problem?

Rolling back this mess and the compensation payments attached to it presents a huge challenge for the Coalition too. The way they’re going, they’re entitled to think the carbon tax will ensue their election. The potential uncertainties could trip up the Opposition but not if this communique represents the standard of their communications to the ultimate decision-makers.


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  1. I remain concerned about the lack of rain in Australia over the past few months.

    As any climate change scientist will tell you, the recent weather events have not been rain as properly defined by the meteorological experts.

    We are getting highly significant concentrations of formerly gaseous hydrogenated oxygen pollutants being precipitated as a liquid caused by an excessive amount of rapidly moving atmospheric humidified air masses as a result of global warming.

    Accordingly, this is further proof of the deleterious impact of the increasing presence of oxygenated carbon in gassified form in the atmosphere.

    Can’t you get with the science of this?

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | April 20, 2011, 14:33
  2. Having now carefully re-read the scientific literature and following a peer review by my Labrador puppy who ingested vast quantities of said liquefied pollutants with no noticeable ill effects, I may need to concede that the previous posting may have been a little premature in my doomsday analysis. While not yet prepared to acknowledge that I was in error, I must caution that uncritical acceptance of the results of my scientific conclusions may be a cause for a subsequent retraction.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | April 20, 2011, 14:37