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HIPPIES ADVANCE: Northern summer sees hippies make important territorial gains


20110622-094641.jpgWhile it’s chilly in the southern hemisphere, in the north, scantily-clad, probably inebriated and threatening hippies, pagans and even druids are exploiting the warm weather to variously punch on at Stonehedge and lay down on yoga mats in Time Square, Manhattan.

In other disturbing developments overseas relating to hippies and the yoga they enjoy, Colorado authorities are searching for a transient who they say was perving on ladies at the Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder which, we distantly recall, was the Earthly home of Mork, from Ork.

He went extraordinary lengths to do this, apparently hiding underneath the makeshift portable toilets unexpectedly assembled by the hippies for their festival of free love and weird body contortions.

Upon entering the excretion facility, a woman believed she noticed something moving in the repository tank underneath the toilet, alerted a hippy man to the irregularity who then detected a man covered with a tarp.

The very tall man emerged, after those attending quickly got over their aversion to authority called the local cops, barefoot, shirtless and yet “covered in faeces” and proceeded to do a runner. Understandably, the event security guard didn’t want to go near him so he escaped into the wilderness. If it wasn’t on Reuters, you’d think it couldn’t possibly be true. Then again


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  1. Allah be praised. They will all die of ultra violet (or is it infra red) radiation poisoning from the ozone hole and be burnt to a cinder by global warming.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | June 24, 2011, 22:17