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HIS MEL GIBSON MOMENT: Julian Assange blames the Jews for negative press

assangeantisemiteRevelations in the glorious UK slag-mag Private Eye that Julian Assange is anti-semite misogynist – coupled with him endangering the lives of countless allies of freedom in Afghanistan by revealing their identities – will confirm his status as a villain in the eyes of many of those who think that even an occasionally flawed America is a great force for good in the world.

Assange reportedly rang the editor of the Private Eye to challenge him on reporting they did last week about Assange’s ties with a Russian Holocaust denier and anti-Semite.

The owner of Wikileaks believed the catalyst for these revelations was his now shattered relationship with the Guardian newspaper, the lefty London newspaper that inspires much of the Melbourne Age’s pale imitation.

In the conversation – which we can only hope was recorded – Assange is reported to have insisted he was the victim of a “Jewish” conspiracy: The lefty New Statesman summarises Private Eye’s article:

In an article entitled "A Curious Conversation with Mr. Assange", Private Eyereports that Assange claimed the magazine was involved in a conspiracy with a group of Guardian journalists, all of whom "were Jewish".

Hislop challenged him on this claim, pointing out that Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger was not Jewish, to which Assange allegedly replied that Rusbridger was "sort of Jewish."

According to the article, Assange also suggested that the Guardian reporter David Leigh and the journalist John Kampfner were often seen together outside of work, and that Kampfner had an agenda against him because Assange had turned down his application to ghost-write a forthcoming book on him.

The WikiLeaks head added that the Guardian turned against him because he had stopped them "ripping him off" for millions of dollars. The former hacker also expressed his anger that Nick Davies had reported leaked police material from his Swedish rape and sexual assault case.

Assange reportedly told Hislop that the Guardian had "failed my masculinity test" and "behaved like gossiping schoolgirls".

You got all that?

It’s the Jew’s fault. And possibly the homosexuals. And it was all to do with these Jews “ripping him off” for millions and that his foes “failed (his) masculinity test” because they were “gossiping schoolgirls”.

A Mel Gibson moment, to be sure.

No doubt Assange’s army of apologists will deny he said it or muddy the waters.

On reflection, in the same rambling phone call with Private Eye’s editor, Assange was a bit worried about what he’d said:

Later, the article recounted, Mr. Assange asked Mr. Hislop to “forget the Jewish thing,” but he continued to insist there was a conspiracy against WikiLeaks, based on a friendship between the three men.

We can only hope Private Eye has a recording of the chat, we suspect they probably do.

Whether or not Assange is guilty of being a rapist, he is clearly a very powerful and dangerous force for evil in the world, an America-hater who looks for Jewish conspiracies and who is perfectly comfortable working with Holocaust-denying lunatics.

The far Left’s poster-boys so often end up this way, revealed for what they are. Libyan tyrant Gaddafi once had a steady stream of far Left folk heading over to Tripoli on junkets to sample his viciously anti-American delights.

It’s the trouble with not believing in much except hating America or Israel or both. The emptiness of their position seems to so often create pacts with people who are at the end of the day just scum.

And that’s certainly what the revealed anti-Semite woman-hater Julian Assange has been revealed to be.

UPDATE: Here’s the first part of the Private Eye article.

UPDATE: This is doing the rounds of social media after this story broke:


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  1. He’s sexy, I like my boys blonde.

    Posted by CraigL | March 2, 2011, 7:31
  2. The Guardian ARE a bunch of gossiping schoolgirls, but I feel his criticism of them is too mild.

    Posted by coz | March 2, 2011, 8:10
  3. Assange is a dangerous egotist and this just shows he’s got an anti American, anti-israel, pro-himself agenda.

    He will go down in history not as a hero but a threat to our security.

    Posted by Real | March 2, 2011, 8:38
  4. Let’s hope Julian Assange and Andrew Wilkie never get together and breed. Their offspring would create such a vortex of egotism and self-pity that this whole damn planet would be swallowed whole and never seen again on this cosmic plane.

    Posted by Gregoryno6 | March 2, 2011, 9:04
  5. Never again will the faceless Jews decide who will run this country. Shorten and Conroy are going to prison where they belong.

    Posted by chris | March 2, 2011, 9:26
  6. Julian Assange has given the world a much needed wake up call by exposing just how easy it is now to leak material.

    The under-resourced Wikileaks can not deal with sensitive material properly much as he protests that it does.

    However, almost all the Wikileaks material I have read shows the United States to be a force for good in the world as it most surely is. That must really grate with the leftist apologists especially now that the people in the Arab world are shaking off the yoke of dictatorship.

    I am one who believes passionately in open and transparent government and freedom of information but I do believe some matters should remain “state secrets” not because they may embarrass politicians or diplomats but because they risk lives of people working for their country. The balance between disclosure and non-disclosure in areas of national security and sensitive military research is one where careful judgment need be shown, preferably with parliamentary oversight and a vigilant press and independent judiciary – sounds a bit like a Western democracy, doesn’t it?

    Julian Assange is a gifted but flawed person with many character issues and some quite obnoxious values – driven by his self-importance – who is not loath to use his prodigious talent and smoldering charisma (despite his gawkiness) for evil rather than good. He would make an ideal NSW right-wing ALP member or an even better member of the Greens Political Party.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | March 2, 2011, 9:32
  7. Jews like to be the puppet-masters, so lets shine a spotlight on them to see them for what they are.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 2, 2011, 10:40
  8. Annonymous, I pray your bowels fall out and you perish a broke and broken man, foreskin intact.

    Posted by Real | March 2, 2011, 10:56
  9. Just read a couple of comments by chris and Anonymous. I hope they are joking.

    If not – you’re deluded scumbags. If you are going to make comments like that have the guts to reveal your name.

    Posted by Ronnie | March 2, 2011, 11:00
  10. Assange seems like a decent chap to me.

    Posted by Captain (Retard) Wacko Jacko (Active) WANKER | March 2, 2011, 11:25
  11. Chris@ 9:26

    How charitable for Shorten and Conroy to visit prison to see how those criminals Howard and Costello are faring behind bars where they belong. Thanks for letting me know.

    Posted by Micky D | March 2, 2011, 11:56
  12. Sooky la-la AND an anti-semite.
    I can easily see how it might have turned bad in Stockholm when those damned Swedes wouldn’t come across.
    After all, we’ve all seen those movies where all Sewdish chicks are up for it right?
    What is wrong with them?

    Posted by Leigh Lowe | March 2, 2011, 13:12
  13. no one seems to be discussing the timing of leaks. To me this is the real power as it is market sensitive – if not inflammable in the case of BOA. The BOA shareprice took a hamering on rumour assange was going to leak stuff about it, although it later recovered. Who makes the decisions to release what and when?

    Posted by blackmambo | March 2, 2011, 14:28
  14. Andrew…..hope you start naming names in “The Brotherhood” scandal that is unfolding….this is just the sort of thing that made your name…..hate the coy articles in “The Age” that fail to name names….when we all know that the “professional insider” class of journos and the like know who they are…..



    Posted by burbankmac | March 2, 2011, 14:44
  15. “It’s the Jew’s fault.”

    Which one? Personally, I blame Jesus.

    Posted by Arnold Nasty | March 2, 2011, 15:02
  16. Julian Assange had a “morning glory” with two Swedish women (in their late 20’s) and when they found out he had shagged both of them and that they were not anything special they got upset. It’s “Women Monthly” magazine stuff not a court matter.

    Posted by The Independent Man | March 2, 2011, 16:10
  17. His remarks about the Guardian are spot on.

    I don’t hold a candle for Julian, and he seems a little self absorbed and childish.

    But he is right, many in the media who originally supported him have turned on him, I would feel upset as well.

    As for the anti-semitic stuff, may be true, may not be. Really doesn’t matter to me since I didn’t really like him anyway.

    While anti-jew conspiracies are stupid, the only people stupider are those who demand that the holders of such theories be banned from expressing their views.

    Non-violent free speech means just that, no matter how stupid.

    Posted by James | March 2, 2011, 21:26
  18. Besides outspoken antisemite and life-failure Adrian Jackson, how many other anti-Semites are regulars around here?

    Is it a few? Or is it just one with enough time to post multiple anonymous comments between dole cheques.

    Posted by Dan Lewis | March 2, 2011, 22:28
  19. Hey you Jews get over it, why are you so thin skinned? There are still heaps of yous left so get over it.

    Posted by anon | March 2, 2011, 22:43
  20. Antisemetism is unnacceptible, as is Assange’s comments on amsculinity. However, I don’t see the difference between the ultra-left hating America unwaveringly and without reason, and the ultra-right loving it, be real, AMerica has it’s faults like all states. I have also been confused about why anti-semitism seems so much worse than other forms of racism. They are not the only people to fall victim to genocide and other racist atrocities, but they cannot move past it. The holocaust was a terrible tragidy, but if it never happened, Israeli state would not have formed at all… at least they have a state, in that ragard, of having their own State, and the right to self-determination there better of than many races and cultural groups, ie. the Palestinians

    Posted by arashi | March 3, 2011, 5:44
  21. hahaha, that is true, CraigL. At least when he isn’t lookingcreepy

    Posted by arashi | March 3, 2011, 5:50
  22. The French seem to have it “right”. 6 months jail for anti Jewish comments but jail also for wearing a Burqa.

    Posted by The Independent Man | March 3, 2011, 9:23
  23. Jews control the banking cartels of the world. Last 2 Fed Chairmen for example Bernanke and Greenspan both jews. Jews dominate money and keep it within their zionist group at all costs.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 3, 2011, 12:12
  24. Jeez this website is about as bad as Foxnews!!!

    Facts just made up!

    Posted by RealWorld | March 3, 2011, 12:39
  25. An Australian Jew used to run the World Bank. All those loans to the 3rd world to keep them in further debt to the 1st world.

    Posted by Bazza | March 3, 2011, 13:36
  26. The French seem to have it “right”. 6 months jail for anti Jewish comments and jail for wearing a Burqa too. Seems like a double standard

    Posted by The Independent Man | March 3, 2011, 13:43
  27. Hey anon, we’re not thinned skined. In fact, our foreskins are so big we don’t mind losing a few inches. You tiny helmet-headed ignorant bumpkin, can cannot even spell.

    Posted by Real | March 3, 2011, 14:42
  28. Julian assange is the Australian that is going to be remembered in 500 years time. One man has shaken the world to its core by exposing the lies and hypocrisy endemic to modern day international relations. He is a patriot of free speech and an Australian hero. The sooner you wake up to this Andy, the better you will be.

    Posted by J.C. | March 3, 2011, 15:18
  29. Julian is an astute pants-man…he’s cool..I mean, have you seen his Dr Evil pad? Yeah baby!

    Posted by YLARRRRGHHH! | March 3, 2011, 15:40
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  32. Real seems a very rude little Jew. Its a genetic trait. He should pull his foreskin over his head to muffle his mouth

    Posted by Heinz Riefenstahl | March 3, 2011, 17:01
  33. Brother Abbott put the young lad in the Taberackle so I can Christen him, in our way.

    Posted by Cardinal Pell | March 3, 2011, 20:09
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  37. Sausage julienne: let him suffer the close examination which he would impose on the rest of us. His mother could do with a dose of therapy, too.

    Posted by al-dhabih | March 6, 2011, 23:58
  38. Charlie Sheen’s activity make Mel look like a nice saint.

    Posted by Cheryll Kaines | March 11, 2011, 12:50
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