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HULLSTOPIA: Attorney-General considers racism and sexism police for Victoria

The NUW’s choice for Victorian ALP State Secretary Mark Madden is presiding over an increasingly absurd situation as chief of staff to the Attorney-General and Deputy Premier Rob Hulls. The Australian’s Rick Wallace reports that his office commissioned a report that recommended granting coercive questioning, search and seizure powers to the Human Rights Commission, giving the state racism and sexism police. A courageous proposal, as Sir Humphrey Appleby would have said. Could someone buy Rob Hulls and chief of staff a clue? Those Liberals thinking they might as well leave loser Red Ted Baillieu as Leader because they are going to lose anyway should be thinking very carefully.


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  1. Hull is a patriot and the best AG and deputy premier in the country.

    Posted by Best AG in the land | January 14, 2009, 16:01
  2. I agree, there is no one better in State Parliament than Rob Hulls at the moment, a true patriot.

    Posted by Anonymous | January 14, 2009, 16:20