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INCONVENIENT TRUTH: 32% Australians will pay $10 a month extra to pay for climate change

AAP reports: Australians have put a price on what they’re prepared to pay to help fight climate change — $10 extra a month on their electricity bill. The 2008 Lowy Institute Poll reveals that Australians want action on climate change, but not if it costs jobs or hits them in the back pocket. In a telephone poll of 1001 people conducted between July 12 and 28, a majority of 32 per cent favoured paying only $10 a month extra on their electricity bill to help solve climate change. However, 21 per cent of respondents were not prepared to pay anything extra.


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  1. Pay for climate change pay for what. Coal is the main power supplier. Before the world sub prime woes some of the 20 billion surplus could have been used for projects for power and water supply.
    Trying to conserve water is not the answer. You know its not going to rain think of it that way. The sea is the one, expensive yes water from the sea. Remember 20 billion in surplus. A couple of billion dollar projects would help.

    Posted by Richard | January 23, 2009, 23:48