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Katter hearts Kathy claims The Australian

The Australian suggests maverick country member Bob Katter has invited HSU national secretary and occasional ALP preselection candidate Kathy Jackson to join his Australia party.

WHAT could have been. Health Services Union national secretary (and Craig Thomson nemesis) Kathy Jackson is among those possibly-disaffected-with-Labor union leaders who’ve been wooed by Bob Katter and invited to "come on board" his party. Alas, while Jackson says she is flattered — Jackson is only human and we are talking of His Bobness, after all — and will remain open to discussion on matters of mutual interest, she will not be filling out an application form to join Katter’s Australian Party. For all its faults, she adds, the ALP is "still good at representing working people". His Bobness for his part said he was enjoying rising support in the union movement, saying he had been asked to give speeches to union rallies where workers had been "screaming and yelling" in agreement. Not civil union rallies, obviously.


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