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KEEPING THE FAITH: The Age’s herbal celebration by Comrade Coslovich undermined by cynical patriot

hippyloveorganic A patriot writes about Melbourne’s inner-city left-wing journal’s delightful unconscious self-parody as it seeks out stimulus plan rent-seekers who might not be able to save the world but they can name their chooks ‘Hazel’ and themselves ‘Cinnamon’ and ‘Faith Dove’:

I make no comment on your piece today about the age repackaging ancient tales about ALP pre-selections, but I can’t help but think you might have been blinded by the woods for the trees.

Should your eye wander above the fold on the same page, you might notice a story that seems almost too perfect a parody of the age to appear in the paper itself (I had to check whether Sept 28 was an alternate April Fools’ Day in some other calendar).

Anyway, the story, about the CERES indulgence in Brunswick (or is it Coburg?) features a picture of a bearded man holding a chicken (and her eggs lest we think the creature is for the KFC slaughterhouse – yum!), accompanied by a person called “Cinnamon” and another holding a basket of vegetables. The picture was taken by Melanie Faith Dove. Magnifique!

I also note the article reports that “Instead of thousands of individuals driving to their food outlet, the market comes to them”. I’m old and grey and don’t get twitter, but in my long ago youth, “food outlets” were called “shops”.

Melanie Faith Dove - photographer


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  1. Ahhh, he’s pure… look at the head tilt, beard and smug look.

    Posted by Snigger | September 29, 2009, 18:49
  2. Isn’t patriot Rob Larocca in charge of CERES?

    Posted by Moreland Leader | September 30, 2009, 8:37
  3. more of our taxes at work. funding this hippy shit is beginning to get a bit old. i can grow tomatoes myself – don’t need krudd paying some other bludger to do it

    Posted by Astounded of Melbourne | September 30, 2009, 13:53