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Knights Lawler and the HSU grail

Remember when VEXNEWS revealed dodgy HSU boss Kathy Jackson’s latest lover Michael Lawler was in Opus Dei prior to his mid-life crisis?.

Turns out his old man Sir Peter Lawler was a very well-regarded fellow from that world, with credible suggestions by HSU truth-seeker Peter Wicks that Knight Lawler was a chum of Tony Abbott’s papa, long before Tone appointed pre-lapse Mikey to a very cushy $400K per annum Commission job on what is now Fair Work Australia. Good to see some family values being highly valued. Many Sydney mates assumed Lawler had fallen off the cart but perhaps his recent efforts, converting an ex-far Left Labor turned notional Labor moderate union boss into an HR Nicholls Society after-dinner floor-show entertainment to pour crap on her old comrades, has been his ticket back to the acceptance and comforts of home he once had.


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  1. We must keep in mind that Abbotts’ father was an asylum seeker. While some of our 16 year old boys were putting up their age to go and fight for England, his father aged 16 ran away from England to Australia, where he was taught dentistry for his reward. Did he stay here and practise his new found talent as a sort of thank you for all you have done for me? Nup as soon as the nasty war was over he ran back to UK. A few years later he applies to emigrate here with his little family as ten pound poms. Any chance of paying the UK government ten pounds to take him and his family back?

    Posted by sara west | June 30, 2012, 9:21
  2. Opus Dei, catholic church, HR Nicholls, it’s all clear to me now, Ben Morgan is Michael Lawlers son!

    Posted by P Slipper | July 1, 2012, 9:30