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Labor must muscle up to the Greens party menace

Troy Bramston is talking sense: “If Labor is looking for a political circuit-breaker and to reinforce its values, then tear up the agreement with the Greens and fight them like any other political party. The government’s future may depend on it.”

We haven’t always been kind to Troy Bramston but we can’t fault his analysis today:

…the Greens are always attacking Labor: on the mining tax, refugees, gay marriage, uranium exports, live exports, to name a few. In contrast, Independent MPs Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie are always defending the government. Labor is under attack from the Greens while being seen as beholden to them.

The alliance may be helping to keep Labor in government, and to pass legislation, but it could destroy the government at the next election, as voters flee to the Coalition.

In fact, this is the Greens’ aim: to destroy Labor. In July, Brown told The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan that he hoped to supplant Labor as a mainstream party. This is pure fantasy. The Greens are not a party of the mainstream, as Gillard has said. Their ideas are often impractical, irrational and illogical. Their future is only as a minor party.

The Greens also like to believe that they are holier-than-thou, an attack opportunity for Labor. This collection of student politicians, ex-Trotskyists and environmental evangelists are just as political as their opponents. Colluding with the Ombudsman to ask prepared questions at Senate estimates and taking the largest ever private financial donation to any party ($1.6 million) should puncture any notion of moral piety.


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