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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Victorian campaign brings out the vids

Victorian Labor has done very well with a bit of light relief done by Adam Rozenbachs and Corinne Grant in its online Labor TV videos, its astonishing amount of content including the ambitious newbie MP Jill Hennessy at Home who urges patriots to get stuck into the Country Womens’ Association and Nigella Lawson recipe books.

It was hard to beat the Herald Sun’s Stephen McMahon though who urged Labor to liven up dull campaign events with dancing girls. Clearly the lad is in line for a promotion. Nine’s James Talia heartily concurred although clarified his brother journalist’s remarks by insisting that no pole should be involved.

Few would have seen such entertainments at political gatherings other than those blessed with an attendance at one of MP Telmo Languiller’s legendary community events where you can see dancers with feathers reaching the sky and garb so exotic that it would almost be enough to breathe life into the dullards at “The Age Investigative Unit” who haven’t yet claimed redundancy.

The Libs haven’t done the online thing quite as enthusiastically but their website does the job. It highlights one of the most effective ads of the campaign which hacks should note to self could be used against any long-term administration with a little girl sitting in the back-seat of the car asking impatiently “Are we there yet?”

Only ten more days, dear.


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  1. I’m disappointed that it seems nobody has hired Katter’s ad guys.

    And I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to the Liberal ad – especially when it comes to the tone of that voice over and the Liberal’s overall tendency to use far too little syllables. It all comes across as just a little bit too negative and almost patronising even for who they’re targeting with the ad.

    The little girl though was a clever touch and the core idea behind the ad is definitely a solid one that should be looked at in the future.

    Posted by Anonymous | November 18, 2010, 14:24
  2. Hennessy needs to purchase a much more sturdy and supportive bra.

    Posted by anon | November 19, 2010, 14:06
  3. Hey Ms Hennessy what wrong with the Country Womens Association see This just proves that ALP women are such agressive know it alls and that all they care for are the western suburbs and being anti-life
    so now a move back to traditional values is so what this state of victoria so truly needs
    So all voters please putand vote ALP last especially in the seats of the agressive ALP women eg maxine MORAND Mt Waverley jill Hennessy Altona Jacinta Allen Bendigo. The public so want feminine women who like babies and cooking not rabid leftie anti lifers !

    Posted by GORDAN OLIVER | November 22, 2010, 16:25
  4. Jill was pro the CWA you tool.

    Posted by Gordon Oliver You Tool | November 22, 2010, 21:38
  5. Labor TV = money well spent. Lets hope come election time we dont sit around biting our fingers saying “well we could have spent that money in blah blah marginal seat”

    Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010, 22:07
  6. Please next time can we have some good looking women to do videos and not the hardfaced women of the ALP The public are sick of all the hardfaced aggressive pro abortion all for choice so long as its their choice and no one elses hard dominating imposing women of the ALP!
    ie the Gillard Kirner worshippers and clones that adhere to the Gillard Kirner anti life mindset yes Gilard and kirner and hennesy are all for womenes right yes all for pro abortion women well why doesnt Emilys list support pro life women candidates? please explain Gillard
    see Gillard dsicriminates against pro life women candidates in her own party because they get no funding to help run their campaigns but Emilys list candidates do that is so unfair!
    so Its time the men in the ALP regained control of the agendas on key issues instead of letting ALP anti life women push them around!

    Posted by X factor | November 23, 2010, 19:31


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