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Maxine McKew unrevised on working with Rudd: “It’s like being kept in a dungeon”

Comedian Wendy Harmer isn’t joking when she says that Maxine McKew might be full of it when painting Kevin Rudd as an exemplary leaders and his successor PM Julia Gillard as a vile usurper. When McKew was working in the Rudd government, she told Harmer that working with Rudd was not pleasant: “It’s like being kept in a dungeon,” she reportedly exclaimed.

These remarks were probably made during 2008 and 2009 when the Josef Fritzl dungeon case had come to international attention.


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  1. I’m not very impressed with Wendy Harmer making a private conversation public. With friends like this, who needs enemies? This shows a lack of integrity and a whatever-it-takes philisophy in her support of Gillard. Also, didn’t she heartlessly crack dingo jokes in relation to the Azaria Chamberlain case years ago? This is more evidence of her nastiness, lack of integrity and poor judgement.

    Posted by LDC | October 28, 2012, 6:49