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MILE HIGH: NUS back to living high on the hog

A VEXNEWS informant/patriot writes:

Interesting how National Union of Students President, Socialist Lefty and compulsory student tax advocate Angus McFarland has kept his junket to the UK so quiet. No longer than one week since the government announced that there would be a return to compulsory student unionism, Angus has flown half way around the world to see how student unions in the UK operate. This is not unlike a hitherto broke-ass lottery winner splashing on a European Vacation after winning First Prize. The trip is said to be fully funded by scarce NUS money and is a perfect example of why students should not be forced to pay into the coffers of the corrupt organisation that is NUS. What benefit to students does this trip provide, why is it so secretive and just how much did it cost? Angus has climbed up the ladder of student politics opportunity unchallenged, maybe its time someone stood up to this intellectual giant.


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  1. Tsk Tsk. Poor form

    Posted by anon | November 19, 2008, 18:37