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NO JIVE WITH CLIVE BUT CHRISTIAN SHALL RISE: A Tale of Tony Abbott’s responses to two unexpected federal candidacies

Interesting to compare Tony Abbott’s response to high-flying WA Treasurer Christian Porter’s controversial federal preselection announcement with his response to LNP mega-donor and former party director Clive Palmer’s universal declaration he’d be running against Wayne Swan in Lilley:

“Like everyone who wants to run for the LNP, I’m afraid he’s got to run the gauntlet of a very testing pre-selection process,” said Mr Abbott, who said he was not consulted ahead of Mr Palmer’s announcement today.

“Certainly the right candidate for seats in Queensland that have traditionally been Labor seats is someone who is going to do the hard yards, knocking on doors, being in shopping centres, talking to local newspapers.

“We need a grass roots candidate and I’m confident that’s what will be delivered.”

On Porter:

Mr Abbott said Mr Porter, who’s been touted as a future WA premier, had been outstanding in his state role.

‘I would welcome Christian Porter in Canberra,’ Mr Abbott told reporters in Brisbane on Tuesday.

‘I think he has a fine contribution to make to our team in Canberra.’


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  1. difference being mr palmer can buy his seat even if mrrabbit thinks he’s politically inepet

    Posted by roy | June 13, 2012, 13:38