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NO WAY: Australia says no to the UN’s racism while we derail local bigots

bigots Australia’s belated decision not to participate in the notorious United Nations conference on racism is as welcome as it was overdue.

We can all agree racism is worth opposing. But the modern iteration of the United Nations adopts a perverted and sinister approach to the issue.

It is clearly – if rather disturbingly – enunciated on an article appearing in the unpleasant “Guerilla News Network” website which writes glowingly of the UN’s conference on racism:

The United Nations global racism meeting is the first for eight years. Naturally it will discuss the evil racism of jews, the barbarism of jews, the slaughter of children by jews, and the destruction of civilisations by jews.


It doesn’t end there.

So far the countries under the boot of the jew that are boycotting the meeting are the USA, Israel, Italy, Canada, Australia, and Holland. I expect other countries under the boot of the jew will follow.

jews are like an evil cancer spreading through the world bringing corruption and suffering to humans.

UN anti-racism campaigners find support from the lowest of the low. Why?

Because the entire United Nations has been hijacked by countries whose governments either sincerely fanatically believe in Israel’s destruction or who adopt that stance because it plays well with the punters.

At one time, those countries were restricted to Israel’s near neighbours, Muslim countries who would reasonably regularly attempt with military force to drive Israel into the Mediterranean.

Now – to use the language of the anti-semites above – the “evil cancer” is spreading throughout Africa, Asia and much of the world that should know better. When you substitute the name of the Jewish state with the name of the Jewish people, the hate literature reveals its true self. Some of it would have earned its authors high positions in the propaganda hierarchy of the Third Reich, so elaborate are its conspiracy theories, sweeping in its condemnations and effective in its demonisation and vilification.

Not all of the hatred for Israel – we should say – is driven by anti-semitism. Some of it is a far from carefully considered set of assumptions about the Palestinian people being subjugated underdogs who are suffering.

The complexity of the Palestinian situation is profound. But what is clear is that only by ignoring key facts is it possible to blame Israel for most of the misery that goes on within the Palestinian Authority.

But – like good propagandists- Israel haters are sticking to a simple message. A lie so big that some find it hard to answer.

It boils down to this: they say Israel is a racist nation, perpetrating apartheid.

It’s quite a spectacular and lurid claim, particularly for anyone who has visited the country.

For Israel is a  country that excludes nobody from any office or benefit on racial grounds, that elects Israeli Arabs to its parliament and that is one of the most cosmopolitan and open societies the world has ever known.

But Israel haters are keeping it simple. It’s the new South Africa, it’s apartheid, it must be boycotted.

Why? Because they have tried to stop the flood of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians by building a defensive wall to keep the terrorists out.

The aspiration of the Palestinian people is to have a separate sovereign nation. Some say it has already. A wall that keeps the terrorists out from another country is no apartheid. It’s fence is just simple common-sense.

No one calls the US an apartheid state because of its well-guarded borders. No one says Australia enforces apartheid because we insist on approving the people who seek to live or visit or work here.

But Israel is treated differently. It is the world’s geo-political punching-bag.

But the label “apartheid” is particularly disgusting in our view. Apartheid was an institutionalised racism practised in South Africa that kept people within that country living in separate places and with different rights. That simply does not happen in Israel. And no legitimate commentator has asserted it does.

To see so many presumably well-meaning people whose sympathies naturally lie with underdogs argue with a straight face that Israel is engaged in apartheid is a very sad sight indeed.

Recently, fifty brave Stanford University academics got together to express their disgust at the misleading and deceptive libel of Israel:

To describe Israel, the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, as apartheid, trivializes the South African past while doing a grave injustice to the most pluralistic and open society in the Middle East today.

Under Apartheid, people were legally classified into racial groups and forcibly separated from each other. Apartheid South Africa was ruled by a White-only government. A wide range of laws ensured racially based discrimination, including the prohibition of Blacks from voting, using Whites-only schools and hospitals, and even mixing with Whites in public places.

The State of Israel has nothing in common with apartheid. Israeli society, as many others, is not free of racial and religious discrimination. Yet, in Israel, all minorities – including the 20% of Israeli citizens who are Arab Christians and Muslims – have equal civil, political, economic and personal rights. Israeli Arabs form political parties, compete in free and fair elections, and are represented in all levels of the legislature, executive and judiciary. Arabs are members of, for example, the Israeli Parliament, cabinet, and High Court. Israelis of all religions and ethnicities can legally live in any public residential community, attend the same universities and use the same hospitals. Arabic is an official language, an Israeli Arab is the Minister of Culture, and Arab Israelis richly contribute to Israel’s science, culture and sports.

To equate Israel with apartheid displays a profound ignorance of the horror that was South Africa as well as contempt for democracy in Israel. The difficult path to peace in the Middle East can do without this sort of empty vilification. Rather, we need to work together toward the vital quest for true co-existence, peace and justice for all in the Middle East – Christians, Jews and Muslims.


The war of words about Israel matters just as much as stopping the terrorist attacks that emanate from the Palestinian Authority and Lebanon against Israel.

The demonisation of Israel is nothing less than attempting to create a moral construct to justify Iran’s attempt to annihilate the country.

Those are the dark forces patriots are asked to confront in this debate.

The local representatives of this sinister presence need to be to account.

Former Australian Democrats Senator Lyn Allison, living large on a juicy pre-Latham era parliamentary pensions, finds time to stand in pics denigrating Israel (see above second from the left in the back row for those who’ve forgotten what she looks like). In an act that says much about her political stance, Allison lent her support to a campaign that – in all seriousness – asserts that Connex ought be boycotted because it is involved in the construction of a light rail project in Jerusalem. The latest nuttiness claims the light rail is a racist light rail that “ethnically cleanses” and is “tantamount to a war crime.”

Of course, anyone in Israel, of any racial background, will be able to lawfully travel on the light rail. But if you’re going to tell a lie, Goebbels once his anti-Semite minions, make it big, it makes it harder to refute.

Campaigners against anti-semitism have told VEXNEWS they have volunteered to hand out pamphlets for the Israel haters and dumped thousands of them in the nearest Visy Recycling bin. Others have signed the petition, using a number of amusing fake names that could expose the petition gatherers to even more than the usual amount of ridicule and contempt.

So too does the notional union boss – another dumped federal MP – Steve Dargavel, the titular and ceremonial head of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union who has used the union to fill in time between gigs in the federal Parliament. He took time out from his “work” at the AMWU to speak at a pro Hamas rally earlier this year. He thought it wrong that Israel should attempt to defend itself from missile attacks from Hamas in Gaza.

One ALP insider told VEXNEWS today “This is the kind of mindless grub that some hope to position as the de facto leader of the Left of the ALP in Victoria and some think should be bought off by being given a seat in state or federal Parliament. It’s enough to make you sick.”


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  1. Andrew, thank you for a thoughtful piece.

    Posted by Daniel Lewis | April 20, 2009, 17:33
  2. The one thing that is clear about extremists – be they political or religious; be they left or right; be they muslim, christian, hebrew or any other religion, – is that they live in alternative universes where reaso and truth must be vilified and attacked if they do not fit in with the extremist’s alternative reality. They live in a world where black is white; where good is bad; where parallel lines can meet at right angles; where any contortion of reason or fact is embraced as long as it reinforces their pathlogical hatreds and their warped prejudices.

    These people rarely know what they are for, but they know who and what they hate.

    In a democracy they are entitled to their opinions,prejudices but they are not entitled to be treated as rational people.

    A well written piece Andrew.

    Posted by Assault on Reason | April 20, 2009, 23:16
  3. I like the Guerilla News Network. Especially its faithful reporting of news about Jews.

    Posted by Wacko Jacko | April 21, 2009, 0:20
  4. Do your history. The Jews in Israel were the first terrorists. Waged an absolutely disgusting war on innocents. Still are.

    I love the Jewish people that I know but the thought of Israel still sickens me, after what I’ve learnt and know to be facts. I’ve never before spoken to pro-Palestinians on the subject, before you accuse me of being brainswashed by the crazy left extremists.

    Don’t brand this as simply anti-semitism when it’s anti-Zionism. Many Jews themselves do not agree with Israel.

    The Guerilla News Network ‘article’, while shocking, is not entirely far from truth. And yet to inlude it as a substantial point in your piece, in order to apparently prove the stupidity of the UN conference, makes little sense. You’ve discredited these people as wackos and extremists. Yet I’m sure there are some who denounce the conference who will have equally extreme views against Palestinians and Muslims. Extremists can be Christians/Muslims/Jews; therefore you can say ‘Christians/Muslims/Jews find support from the lowest of the low. Why? Because they are TRULY BAD.’

    Pretty much what you said; pretty much an irrelevant point designed to stir up angry emotional support.

    Posted by SC | April 21, 2009, 2:11
  5. ps. of course i do not think that jews are spreading like an evil cancer, bringing corruption and suffering…i only think that Israel has been barbaric, racist, destructive…

    Posted by SC | April 21, 2009, 2:16
  6. “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification.” ~George Washington, ~page 269 of The 5000 Year Leap.

    “The nation which indulges toward another habitual hatred or habitual fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interests.” ~ George Washington

    “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Posted by Jack Smith | April 21, 2009, 14:33
  7. The extremist is the strawman you need.

    Boycotting and demonizing the UN for allowing diverse leaders from around the world to speak on behalf of the people they represent is a bad idea.
    If you don’t agree with what you hear, speak up!

    Australians may not really favour a cowardly silence in a debate that is 60 years overdue.

    Posted by Anonymous | April 21, 2009, 14:53
  8. I love the Jewish people that I know

    Thanks, SC, for pointing out that some of your best friends are Jewish.

    We believe you, of course.

    Don’t brand this as simply anti-semitism

    Interesting. Nobody actually said anything about antisemitism before that comment. Why so sensitive? I can’t possibly imagine!

    Can we brand your comments as stupidity as well?

    Posted by Daniel Lewis | April 22, 2009, 9:22
  9. As Barack says you always meet with your enemies and this is not a good move strategically in diplomatic terms!

    There are extremists every-where even in our political system they just pretend to be moderates for the media and within their organisations.

    Smart but not out-done!

    Posted by debbie does dallas | April 23, 2009, 13:11


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