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Pakistan: The Ally From Hell

Pakistan’s government is barely competent and occasionally infiltrated by Taliban sympathisers. Should we be concerned they possess an arsenal of 50 nuclear missiles?.


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  1. Pakistan was, is and will always be a threat to Western powers that believe in democracy, freedom and are not Muslim by religion.

    As someone from India, I know Pakistan better than most people on this site. Around 15 years ago when Pakistani terrorists did not had to hide themselves an Indian News station was invited by a Pakistani terror outfit to come and see them in action in Pakistan.

    One thing that I still remember from that doco was when they showed their ‘recruitment room’.

    They have a room where every new terror recruit is brought in at the time of induction. In that room there are 3 flags on the floor. 1st Flag is of India, 2nd of Israel and 3rd of USA (which in this context also means Australia).

    This is the mission of these groups. 1st target India, then Israel and 3rd USA. Every new recruit was made to walk over the 3 flags so they understood clearly what their mission in life was.

    on 9/11 they successfully reached their 3rd target. Pakistani terrorists will not stop unless they are hunted down and killed. Pakistani army is the other problem but once again US has to take them on rather then try and hope that Pakistani Army will redeem itself.

    Posted by Mark Sharma | November 23, 2011, 1:01