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Peter Roebuck’s sexual assault victim speaks out

The London Sun reports that Peter Roebuck’s sexual assault victim has claimed he was ‘cornered and sexually assaulted at a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.’.

Saturday’s assault was said to be so serious he requested counselling. A source close to the case said: “The young man is not gay and is not a sex worker.

“He needs money to go to university.

“He contacted Roebuck after a friend said he might sponsor him. But he said Roebuck pounced on him. It has left him traumatised. He got away but was so shocked it took days for his girlfriend to talk him into going to the police. Roebuck was about to be arrested when he jumped from the window.”


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  1. So Fairfax and the ABC have been protecting and eulogising a predator of vulnerable young men. A criminal no less. But it’s ok, Roebuck loved his family like a dad. This stinks.

    Posted by Oh my! | November 17, 2011, 6:22
  2. ‘Cornered in a hotel bedroom’, please, he went there knowing exactly what was happening. This was not ‘a young man’, it was a fully grown, educated, university adult of 26.
    He must have known from his friends what it was about.He had been told by another student exactly what the other men were doing. He agreed to go to a hotel bedroom to meet a man who might pay his university fees. The man asked him to bring a stick with him, in case he needed to beat him.
    But he went anyway, does this sound like someone who was completely in the dark about what was going on?

    Posted by Andy | November 21, 2011, 22:36


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