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Politicians take note: young people worry about jobs not trees

A consequence of the Greensparty championing every lefty interest under the sun other than the environment is that environmental concerns have slipped from being the primary concern of a huge survey of young people to sixth place, an enormous change in the space of a year. The Greensparty’s future is flashing before its eyes while the major parties are reminded that jobs and opportunity are the most crucial issue for young and old alike.


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  1. A false dichotomy. I’m sure young people are capable of being worried about both. The proportion of jobs in timber industries is exceedingly small, so even a doubling of them would not significantly impact the employment prospects of young people, assuming, of course, that they all want to work in timber. However, I’m guessing this is just a way of expressing your seemingly pathological disdain for all things Green.

    Posted by Slim | December 5, 2012, 8:15