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RED KEN: “BoJo is losing his grip on tube”

WHINY London diddums were “trapped” on a broken underground train for a whole hour this morning in temperatures as high as 30C plus.

The incident, which the London Evening Standard stopped short of comparing to the Tokyo Nuclear Disaster, inconvenienced and upset thousands of commuters on their way to work.

But the “disaster” has no doubt left a smile on the dial of Red Ken Livingstone, who is eager to get back in the municipal ring against beloved buffoon and current Tory Lord Mayor Boris “BoJo” Johnson.

The Jubilee Line, which will be crucial in pumping people around the city during the London 2012 Olympics, has been plagued with breakdowns for ages and last night began a comedy of errors affecting connecting routes.

Officials say a signal box cover fell off a train in West Ham causing power outs along the Jubilee Line, leading to problems on adjacent lines.

It was the second day in the row problems on the Jubilee Line caused closures along the route.

London today experienced its hottest day of the year so far – something like 24C – and many “sweltered” for an hour in underground temperatures of 30C plus.

At least 1500 commuters were led along tracks and through tunnels from five Jubilee Line trains.

The free, throw-away London Evening Mail tonight screamed: “TRAPPED ON TUBE: Thousands stuck in the heat after metal falls on rails”.

One commuter, Jayesh Pankhania, a 40-year-old accountant from Chiswick, said: “It’s ridiculous. We’re supposed to be a world-class city but we have a third-world transport system. When it’s hot, I avoid the Tube if I can, if there was an alternative, I would use it.”

It is unclear what Mr Pankhania has ever travelled on Victorian public transport in Austrtalia or any other train system in the world.

Good news, however, for fans of Red Ken Livingstone, who came out strongly against the current mayor’s handling of the issue.

The former Lord Mayor, who is campaigning around the capital, slammed BoJo, saying: “There is no sense that the Mayor has a grip on the Tube. The Olympics are little over a year away, fares are soaring over inflation, and delays and chaos on the Tube are unresolved. Commuters are fed up with claims from the Mayor’s office that everything is improving.”

No word yet from the Red Cross about plans to create a “” funds.

More London views and spews: www.davidsaunderson.com.au


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  1. Dear Londoners, you are pathetic! Lots of love to Kate and Will

    Posted by bravo | April 21, 2011, 12:41
  2. I wonder what Rick the Rat is doing today?. Plotting to get himself into Parliament aged 23. Forget it mate, your political career is over

    Posted by Anonymous | April 21, 2011, 14:46
  3. So it got all the way to 30c. Poor old poms. You don’t know what a hot temperature is.

    Posted by Murray | April 21, 2011, 15:34
  4. Bloody Hell! 30 degrees on the Tube! Try being in Penrith when it’s 40, whingers.

    Posted by tevita | April 21, 2011, 15:56
  5. The temperature is one thing – the body odor another. And yet still not as bad as Sydney’s Villawood detention centre. I hear the place has been very hot this week.

    Posted by Ben | April 21, 2011, 21:50
  6. My daughter lives in London. She says being in the non-airconditioned underground in summer with 1000s of poms is purgatory.

    Interesting to learn Red Ken is still alive. He must be well past pensionable age now. It’s 30 years since he was last mayor IIRC.

    Posted by Walter Plinge | April 21, 2011, 23:42
  7. So if Kate has ditched the traditional wedding horse carriage, is she going to be catching the tube to the nuptials?

    Posted by London calls | April 22, 2011, 19:44
  8. even this site is taken over by royal wedding.

    Posted by had enough | April 25, 2011, 10:12
  9. Not interested in stories about old boring Englishman. More stories about (not so) sweet Kate and her CRUEL lips!!! NOW…

    Posted by The Cad | April 26, 2011, 18:33
  10. I’d happily be stuck in the tube with a 1,000 people…..so long as they are all male…..

    Posted by Cr Craig | April 26, 2011, 22:44


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