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REVEALED: Qantas bumps passenger so Simon Crean can get to Canberra on time

creanbaseball Rampaging Leo Shanahan’s career is on the up after fleeing the sinking Fairfax ship and walloping Socialist Left staffer Paul Erickson for cheekily dissing Leo’s patriot papa Dennis.

Punchy young Leo is now working for the ambitious “conversation” site the Punch from News Limited aimed to be a “Crikey killer” by the Rupettes. More power to their arm, we say. If the bankrupt email newsletter veered any further to the left it would surely be required to locate to Pyongyang.

The Punchies are using Twitter quite admirably too. In two tweets this week, Shanahan revealed that Qantas is in the habit of bumping prole customers for our democratically elected politicos whose time is clearly deemed to be more precious than our own.

The culprit: the jet-setting Trade Minister and connoisseur of the Charvet tie, Simon Crean.

Shanahan writes:

Plane from Melbourne to Canberra was late cause Simon Crean needed to get on the flight and then they had to boot someone off.8:51 PM Sep 6th from web

They said a “passenger urgently needs to get to Canberra”, and down the aisle walks a shame faced Crean.8:53 PM Sep 6th from web

While almost certainly enough to be a splash story on VEXNEWS in a quiet week about abuse of power, Qantas continuing to duchess those who regulate it, Shanahan just let the story out by Twitter, suggesting perhaps that the Creanster might not be the only offender. Tsk tsk.


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  1. If a prole is flying Jetstar you forfeit your fare if you are one minute late to checkin. Not so pollies. I’ll complain about this to Pastor Nalliah and ask him to pray for us that pollies don’t take precedence over proles. Simon Crean is a typical pollie. Give a prole a seat.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 8, 2009, 23:06
  2. It was an honour to give up my seat for Simon. I did sign him up for some sessions on my couch, and possibly some group with my thumb-sucking clients.

    Posted by Sigmund Freud | September 8, 2009, 23:40
  3. This is simply one more instance of a “Don’t you know who I am ?”
    Don’t bother to make a booking or reservation, just turn up and ask if they know who you are !!

    Posted by Geoff Cass | September 9, 2009, 12:18
  4. Hmmmm….not good for pollies PR.

    Posted by Mommies Little Secret | September 9, 2009, 12:28
  5. Tim Fischer could have arranged a flight on Gaddafi’s jet

    Posted by Dim Tim | September 9, 2009, 13:17
  6. Crean’s dictatorship of the wankers.

    Posted by Labor crooks | September 9, 2009, 15:45
  7. Oops, isn’t Crean a former union official and therefore one of the fair dinkum proles. The hypocrisy of these self proclaimed “friends of the working man”, or in today’s parlance “working family”, gets up my proletarian nose.

    Posted by David | September 9, 2009, 17:47
  8. I pray that Pastor Nalliah and his sheep keep their noses right out of politics in the South East.

    Posted by True Believer | September 9, 2009, 21:57
  9. Is someone going to tell Crean to fix his dandruff problem. Check it out…it’s mean. He seriously needs a good dandruff shampoo.

    Posted by Close to the storm | September 10, 2009, 0:53
  10. There fleas

    Posted by Anonymous | September 10, 2009, 18:37
  11. If I were about to head on holidays and I had to wait two hours for the next flight to make sure one of our senior ministers could make a cabinet meeting I’d be happy to sacrifice my spot.

    A seat on a plane bound for Canberra is no great personal loss – if it were a trip to the Gold Coast I may take a different view though.

    Posted by Ross Grove | September 10, 2009, 23:31


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