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Reverend Fred Nile is reaching out to the young people #auspol

It’s not just the Greensparty that can produce hip vids to recruit the kids, Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic party is on the job..


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  1. dear fred
    i cannot believe the type and amount of gay rights garbage the school kids have to put up with today.
    as one person put it “soon they will have to listen to gay sex education” in class……….

    what have we become….. i wonder did u see the nz tv coverage upon declare gay marriage legal recog.

    what u saw was 14 to 16 men dressed in wedding gowns running around shouting hands in air like something that has just escaped mental rehab…. obviously it didn’t work for them…..

    a clownish display of ugliest proportion… a mockery “look at us we make a fool of the man/woman family unit thing”

    that is absolute disgusting vileness…. born out of protestantism most noticeably from britain……
    we have seen anti gay demos just recent from france not a peep from britain or america

    i say now… it (the gay) is the most disgusting form of life to yet to evolve.. it is a congenitally defective human…
    snake venom is made made in the gut of a snake…

    to make a particularly acidic form of vomit a human can inhale the fumes of 9.9%hydrochloric acid and bleach in 4to 5 hrs u will exhale your guts collect this in a jar go to your nearest gay paper
    or bar and say “see this…we hate your filthy guts you human vipers..here have some of our venom

    do w want to see this human garbage parading in mockery…

    i have my right to speak… i want to convey my way….i do support anti gay protest marches in
    france and i hope it happens in apathetic aust….
    oh yeah and one last thing…… i hate your filthy gay guts

    Posted by rime | April 27, 2013, 4:14
  2. Listen up rime, you disgusting worthless piece of shit, what right do you think you have to attack a group of people that have suffered for the last 2000 years.

    you and your bff fred nile are just a bunch of bloated egotistical god loving worms that will one day realise how wrong you were to attack innocent people that just want the same rights as everyone else.

    All you have to hid behind is your magic book written by the sky fairy you like to call god. it is time for you to open your eyes and realise changing is coming and its coming fast.

    the number of atheists is growing and the number of people that subscribe to your magical fairy king in the sky is rapidly decreasing. you can bet that the minute fred nile dies thousands of homosexuals across Australia will be [deleted] their husbands extra hard just as a final farewell and [deleted] you to that ultra-[deleted] fred nile.

    You are despicable people, you are the modern day Nazi’s and if there is a hell you are going straight there. If you honestly believe you are any better than anyone on this planet, especially the homosexual community you are nothing more than an ULTRA [deleted].

    by the way this was written by a 17 year old with christian parents and grandparents, your society is changing and being ripped up from under you, kids laugh and joke about religious students in our schools, our scripture teachers are mocked by the students, your whole culture is dying underneath you, and you better watch your back, cause as your supporters get old and die, the well is going to run dry, cause kids arent afraid to stand up and say they are gay anymore.

    Have fun fighting the inevitable change you Ultra [deleted]s, i hope satan’s [deleted] isnt too spiky, dont want to rip your [deleted] to shreds now do you.

    Much Love
    Another teenage [deleted].

    Posted by [deleted] | April 29, 2013, 14:59
  3. hello “deleted”

    just on the “nazi” comment .Hitler came to power in 1933 on the back
    of the german peoples unrest ie mass unemployment, high inflation ,
    a sense they had much to offer but they were being treated as second class in europe , they knew they were better at science and tech at that time in the whole of europe…. and yet they had to put with the Versailles treaty…..hitler stood in front of an angry mob…..as everyone knows the fastest way to become a leader is to stand in front of an angry mob….

    now Ernst rohm was gay..he was a homo… he preferred young blond men of Aryan decent… he was the leader of the SA… as long as he was useful to the NSDAP “they” let him live so the advice to hitler was this
    we know this guy is a faggot… we know the SA dont know about it
    we know that a godless faggot should not be leading our beloved peoples
    and they went on
    now… we know that a “fairy god king ” may not exist in the sky but we sure as h..l don’t like the alternative… especially if that alternative promotes lifestyles that are against the interests of nationality.. of decency.. of the husband the wife and the child symbology… the family unit… the strongest unit to promote unity and fertility amongst our nation (germany)

    the strong will survive..as they must… the weak must die.. it is the basic premise of evolution..
    it is only the human man and and woman that have included the debased the weak the deformed the feeble minded …no other creature on this planet does that.. for them it is survival of the fittest..

    you see “deleted” promoting your type of use for your body (sodomy) is unhealthy to our species
    unreasonable and unlikeable ..that type of behavior is regressive to a species who is trying to create copys of itself.. each copy better than its predecessor.each copy worthy of a place on this precious planet… a planet that is becoming increasingly overpopulated with our species anyway
    and promoting that type of sexuality to a child who does not yet know what sexuality is…is a crime against our species

    true i may or may not go along with the “fairy god king thing” but i will go along with the rest of nature on this planet that has been working for “millions” of years to create ever more perfect representations of itself …i have a duty to look at coloured pictures and stories in an analytical way..the same way i look at your(gay) coloured pictures and stories and activism
    i am not at school now or uni and in this way i am not swayed by peer now…and never was when i attended above..
    i am not frightened by your rhetoric… why should u seek to frighten me away from my opinion anyway ..what is your motivation to do so anyway …..

    would u agree that my equality and my opinion is timeless and in tune with nature…and yours is a derisive offshoot ..an impression equatorial to a Picasso..all colour no substance nothing of meaning..a misuse of oil and canvass…burn a modern art and what have u lost…4 lts of oil paint
    strewn about…

    don’t be absurd in your belief to equality….equal to what as a reference..not the fairy god king
    which u have said is rubbish,,so it must be to nature to your fellow man of which we all must take our reference..
    so therefore u are equivalent to me…but i do not have your sexuality.. mine is different to yours…heterosexuality
    we have nothing in common with you apart from the parts of our bodies looking the same they are put to completely different purpose..mine to hopefully create a better copy of me and spouse
    yours to deride and mockery of our unit…and nothing more

    you are man and man woman and woman why not have conviction of your commitment… u can not take a child the product of man and woman ..that surely is against your nature..and marriage cannot be what u long for….call it butt buddys call it something else but dont expect us to call it marriage…we hate your filthy diseased guts ya tards its as simple as that

    in this event i agree with the nsdap who in 1934 raided the spa at bad weisee , gave a gun to ernst’and said this comes from 93%of the people “take the gun and shoot yourself in the head or we will do it for you” which they eventually did.. again the faggot had no conviction..

    dont say to me that im an aussie without an opinion..dont try to frighten me away from my opinion
    im not one of your stupid peer walking round with headphones listening to asynchronous noise..
    dont say u are equivalent to me.. a heterosexual… u are not
    u don’t want to be… have convictions say u want to be something other..non reproductive humans
    dont talk to me i dont want to know your diereses nature…..i want to breath clean air untainted by some new homo disease
    dont ask me to stand by at your parades,thereby giving tacit approval.. i do not..why should tv be made an advertisement media for that…

    why is there not a parade for hetero’s…. look at me im openly hetero ..heres is my partner..she’s hetero..we are on tv..look its fun to be het…

    you(gays) are an absurdity..trying to legitimize yourselves… in a softened western world

    i may not go for the fairy king but i agree with fred and with his right to say it good on you fred go get em buddy…more power to you

    oh yeah…. and one last thing to all the faggots and dikes …i might have told u once or twice..
    …….i hate your filthy gay guts…….

    Posted by rime | May 3, 2013, 17:16
  4. on ya rime…

    Posted by rime | May 3, 2013, 17:22


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