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SEITZ: No Party endorsements to ease Brimbank tension

georgeseitzblessed The Brimbank council has increasingly looked like Three Mile Island due to an inability by the two Labor moderate groups on there to get along.

Added into the mix is a violent and racist ginger group the Sunshine Ratepayers and Residents Association headed by operatives like Darlene Reilly and Simon Bereux that hopes to take over the council on behalf of its angry white membership. Their group comprises a sinister mix of extreme left and extreme right who have combined to eliminate “ethnic” influence from the council. Authorities are believed to keep a close eye on the group.

A further player, the lovable rogue Robert Mammarella, these days a member of the Socialist Left, is also expected to field candidates in the hotly contested council election. Mammarella’s hobbies include taking over asset-rich community groups, grooming his son Justin, who is the dashing and ambitious Crown Prince of the Mammarella dynasty and denying that he enjoys sharing a family meal of KFC occasionally with former Maribyrnong MP Bob Sercombe. He insists seafood is his preference.

Many regard Brimbank council as a political base necessary to maintain patronage over certain community groups in the area. The Left’s poor showing in council elections has been just one of the reasons for their poor performance, factional insiders say.

Popular State MP George Seitz – increasingly enjoying a burst of cult popularity among younger ALP members – has held out the olive branch of peace and fraternity according to observers of the situation, now distancing himself from plans to have a formal party endorsement preselection process that might have had the effect of preventing those in the opposing Natalie Suleyman group from running.

Seitz is believed to happy for the voters to resolve who should be on the council without using what his supporters regard as a “strong working majority” of ALP members to mete out cruel justice upon his foes.

It is the kind of statesmanship and mature judgment many on both sides of politics have come to expect from the veteran MP, first elected in 1982 in the days when then Premier John Cain was still counting paperclips in his office.


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  1. Landeryou obviously likes Seitz which must be the result of the brain injury he sustained at the hands of Solly Lew’s thugs years back.

    But the truth is:

    1) Seitz’s own people were filthy about the endorsements because it was going to block many of their private ambitions.

    2) Seitz knew the SL were not likely to support endorsements unless Mammarella was given ‘something’ which meant it could have been blocked on Admin

    3) Endorsements would have meant the warring parts of the Labor Unity Brimbank Adams Family Horror Show would have been stuck on the one ticket together.

    4) George has promised lots of people the chance to run in Brimbank with his “help”. These dud promises would have been quickly exposed with a preselection.

    Those reasons were crucial in Seitz changing his mind. The only reason he wanted to go ahead with it was because he thought he had the numbers in Natalie Suleyman’s ward and could have prevented her from running.

    Just another case of revenge being a spicy dish that can leave your bum feeling very sore if you tuck in to it too quickly. Seitz will now wait for later chances at Suleyman revenge, at the next lot of state preselections. While he does that he’d better look over his shoulder for an angry Premier who probably wants him dead and would please the press gallery by making him so.

    Posted by Truthspeaker | August 20, 2008, 16:17
  2. The fact is ALP or Liberal Party endorsement in local government has not delivered good representative governance.

    It is best for both State and Federal ALP if party politics is kept to a minimum local government sector.

    With the introduction of multi-member proportional representation the best chance of maximising like minded representation is by allowing individuals or Groups of people to compete and stand independently and negotiate supportive preference deals.

    The persons or groups with the highest community support wins the day.

    A presentation process will only minimise or prevent good local representation.It is a controlling moved designed to give whoever can organize the numbers of the day of reselection to seek to control and prevent others from participating. It has nothing to do with maximising the potential outcomes. If anything Party endorsement in a local level is like a red flag to a bull and endorsed candidates can become a focus of resentment and polarisation. More often then not there is a negative backlash against endorsed candidates.

    The only party to benefit from a partisan campaign is the Greens but they too will soon feel the brunt of resentment by the electorate.

    A free, open, competitive and yet co-operative campaign with non endorsed candidates delivers a better outcome that best represent the community as a whole.

    Posted by Melbcity | August 20, 2008, 18:08
  3. Melbcity is absolutely correct.
    Maybe Labor operatives in Loonee Valley might relaise the path they want to take in the new Multi ward P.R. System with eiher endorsement or supported are also on the wrong path.
    maybe BS shouls step in?

    Ironic the comment from Melbcity, when Melbourne Labor are also on the path of destruction.

    Posted by Anonymous | August 20, 2008, 23:21
  4. Seitz popular with young Laborites? God help the future of the party.
    I wouldn’t say Brimbank was divided between two moderate groupings. One group is a bunch of nuff nuff’s who are aligned to Sietz. The others are patriots who lost Kororoit because Stevie Newnham kept the heroes of the NUW locked out for a smidgin too long!

    Posted by Anon Anonski | September 4, 2008, 15:38
  5. The corruption and sex scandals continue to surround Local government particularly at Melbourne, Whitehorse, Brimbank and Casey are the reason I believe we should get rid of the 3rd tier of government, and just have Federal and State Governments.

    Federal and State governments are made accountable through TV, radio and print media.

    local government has little accountablity through local papers.

    Now mainly thanks to this website we see some of them exposed

    Posted by GET RID OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT | October 15, 2008, 18:15


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