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SLUSH: NSW Labor Left accused in high school cash rort

davidbarrowthiefA senior National Union of Students state leader has been charged with claims he exploited high school students to bankroll a Labor factional stacking operation.

New South Wales NUS President David Barrow has been accused of trousering thousands of dollars in cash from a “NUS Schools Day”where elected student representatives were “inspired about uni and leadership.” Legal experts tell VEXNEWS that failing to account for funds collected on behalf of an organisation is a breach of the NSW Criminal Code.

Barrow has also been accused of keeping the Schools Day secret from rival factions within the union motivated by a desire to bankroll and sustain a NSW Labor Left recruitment drive ahead of a looming Young Labor conference scheduled for this Saturday. The Left – once dominant in Young Labor – increasingly struggles to survive under increasing insult from the Greens Party.

The only way factional rivals discovered the event – which had left-wing figures including the President of NUS Angus McFarland and Linda Burney MP speaking – was when they noticed a report of it in the Sydney University student newspaper Honi Soit.


When challenged about his secretive approach at an official hearing into corruption claims, according to one source the confident and flamboyant left-winger responded “I’m President of NSW NUS Branch, I can make the criteria, I consulted myself’. His criteria required all speakers to be from his own faction and from metropolitan Sydney. The high school students who paid money to attend a factional propaganda gathering have been “ruthlessly and shamefully exploited” according to one concerned student activist who has prepared a complaint for the NSW Department of Education.

Officials are investigating why Barrow has failed to deposit the cash stash in any bank account owned by the national union. They are believed to be considering reporting the alleged theft to NSW Police should Barrow fail to accurately account for the missing funds.

They are also believed to be reporting Barrow and his associate Petra McNeilly for attempting to establish a bank account without lawful authority of the state executive that governs them. Because of Barrow’s alleged corruption, executive members are said to be gravely concerned about the corporate governance implications of entrusting him with an NUS cheque book.

Barrow has failed to provide the receipt book from the event and has otherwise refused to co-operate with the investigation into the controversy.


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  1. Over 150 people attended that conference and Barrow won’t hand over the thousands he collected in cash from these high school kids. That’s disgusting. And corruption.

    Posted by ICAC | August 12, 2008, 23:54
  2. Jail him now

    Posted by Book em danno | August 13, 2008, 11:09
  3. David Barrow dosn’t even control the NSW NUS Executive. I hate to think what absolute power would do to him.

    Posted by Lord Acton | August 13, 2008, 15:07
  4. Who cares?

    Posted by Student | August 15, 2008, 11:14
  5. Absolutely shameful.

    Posted by CatBread | August 15, 2008, 16:18
  6. is ‘flamboyant’ code for queer?

    Posted by dangerousdave | August 18, 2008, 17:45
  7. I hear this Barrow fellow has also been using UTS SRC resources to recruit students into Labor Left. He recently took over an Students’ Association office on the Haymarket campus stating “I’m the NSW NUS President and I’m entitled to an office anywhere I want”. Many students have since reported seeing him trying to build a following of international students and kids doings communications degrees.

    Posted by FlatJono | September 29, 2008, 21:04