// STRANGE STORIE: Sydney glamour model Edwina Storie doubles up as Iranian regime propaganda TV “reporter”

edwinastorie777PressTV, the official news outlet of the theocratic government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has employed an Australian correspondent, Edwina Storie, who is a former “adult entertainment” model and big-boozing party girl.

Her behaviour, all perfectly lawful here in Australia, would be sufficient for her to be stoned to death in the theocratic and tyrannical regime that pays her to propagandise on their behalf.

Storie, a trained journalist and glamour model, has recently started reporting for the Iranian news outlet, with stories including one broadcast this weekend cheering on the efforts of local ultra-left and Greensparty militants to institute a “boycott” against the Jewish state of Israel of the kind once pushed in Nazi Germany. Respecting customs in Iran, Edwina Storie partly covered her hair and dressed modestly during the broadcast.

Another Edwina story, broadcast on the Iranian propaganda satellite news channel last weekend, contained undoubtedly defamatory claims former Prime Minister John Howard and members of the Australian Defence Force are “war criminals.”

The VEXNEWS Investigations Unit can exclusively reveal the religiously fanatical Iranian regime’s reporter has had an extensive history of glamour modelling and behaviour inconsistent with the regime’s strict requirements.

Her social media accounts have quite recent declarations of enthusiastic consumption of alcohol, complete with photographs of her clutching the grog. One tweet made in December 2011 exclaimed “I wish I had blamed more on being young and dumb when I had the chance!” Indeed. Her Facebook account indicates allegiance to a publication “Green Left Weekly” and Triple J show “Hack.” Online evidence suggests she has appeared in a number of men’s publications, including Men’s Health.

Modelling sites, and her own social media accounts, accessed by VEXNEWS investigators, and saved for the purposes of news reporting, highlight the hypocrisy of the regime and its propaganda agents, and clearly demonstrate Edwina Storie’s double life she probably didn’t mention during her job interview. Her ground-breaking work on sex with robots probably didn’t feature prominently either as the regime mulled over her appointment.

One modelling site has dozens of racy images of Ms Storie with “tags” describing her work that would have any Mullah reaching for his stones. The descriptions include “porn movie,” “sex video,” “call girl,” “girl kneeling,” “erotic,” “sensual,” “mistress,” “affair,” “laying back,” “legs in air,” “seductress,” “sucking on finger,” “married man,” “office affair,” “secret rendezvous,” “cleavage,” “buttocks in air,” “arched back,” “body in air,” “busty,” “boobs,” “heels on bed,” “afternoon delight,” and “afterwork surprise.” Certainly it would be something of a surprise for Ms Storie’s work colleagues at PressTV.

A modelling site’s description of Edwina Storie’s work would have any Mad Mullah reaching for his stones…

Back at Tehran, the location of the global HQ of PressTV, Iranian Saeed Malekpour, recently had his death sentence for running a porn website confirmed by Iran’s supreme court.

A 19-year-old pregnant Iranian woman, accused of adultery, or sex outside marriage, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, recently battled authorities over her death sentence, not over whether she was to be executed but whether she could avoid death by stoning and instead by punished by hanging. You read correctly, she was pregnant at the time of her proposed death sentence.

These are not isolated examples of human rights abuses in Iran. Women in particular have been brutalised by the regime, recently shut out of most universities, and subjected to increasingly brutal treatment by religious police. It is frightening to consider what they would make of party-girl glamour model Edwina Storie.

If Ms Storie is summoned by her employer to attend HQ in Tehran, it would probably not be a good idea for her to comply.Neither Ms Storie, PressTV nor the Iranian Embassy in Canberra were immediately available for comment.

Here is the evidence of Ms Storie’s activities, gathered by VEXNEWS investigators:

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