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STRIKE: Fairfax journalists are revolting til Monday

theageonstrike AAP reports:

Journalists at Fairfax newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have voted to strike until Monday, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) says.

Fairfax Media announced earlier this week it would cut 550 jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

The Financial Review’s staff have also voted to strike until Monday.

VEXNEWS has also learned that the Age’s printers could also be out on strike which could mean no newspaper will be printed at all until Tuesday. Alternatively, ‘scab’ employees could be used to scratch together the left-wing journal.

Staff at the newspaper were once very militant in enforcing their will on a strongly profitable newspaper.

But the new management of the company seem quite resolute in making deep and permanent cuts to adjust for changing spending behaviour among advertisers and increased competition from online offerings like seek.com and realestate.com.au.

Some are hopeful these traumatic circumstances could permanently change a culture of left-wing arrogance that many have considered permeated The Age’s coverage of political affairs and international news.

Others say that the company CEO Don Churchill is throwing the baby out with the bath-water. They cite his decree that he’d be clamping down on “fringe benefits” like taxis. Newspaper insiders say that those who claim the least on taxis and other expenses are usually the least active and the least productive of journalists.


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