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DAY OF ATONEMENT: Mortal enemies John Howard & Pyne kiss & make up to celebrate Christopher’s 20 glorious years

Former PM John Howard once hated once-youthful ambition-machine Christopher Pyne. As the nation readies for its longest ever national election campaign - called for September 14th - the Jewish Day of Atonement - it appears Pyne and Howard have atoned to such an extent the former PM has agreed to be Guest of Honour at Christopher Pyne's glittering celebration of his 20 years in Parliament.

OH NOES IT’S THE FACELESS MEN: Patrick Secker MP dumped by Liberal faceless men, defying federal leader Tony Abbott

In a behind-closed-doors party meeting, defying their federal Leader Tony Abbott, Liberal party "faceless" men and women preselectors boned their popularly-elected MP Patrick Secker. Is this necessarily a bad thing?

HE’S THE MAN: Phil Coorey take a bow on Bob Carr crash turned crash-through yarn

The Prime Minister showed off her throbbing mojo, defying expectations to appoint former NSW Premier Bob Carr as Foreign Minister. She seemed happy. And she certainly seemed to have made an old man very happy too, judging by Carr's irrepressible smile during the announcement. But the happiest of all was the utterly vindicated Fairfax Gallery scribe Phil Coorey who broke what seemed a highly implausible story on Monday. We present a very rare special event in the life of VEXNEWS: a reverse ferret with carefully curated music.

LABOR’S DISGRACE: Self-indulgent personality politics is a compelling reason to punt this government

We love their NBN. But a government displaying Whitlam-era levels of self-indulgence as federal Labor has been simply does not deserve to occupy the ministerial wing. Where's Dr Philip Nitschke when you need him?

EWE NOT EWW: ABC dines out on Christopher Pyne’s clean mind

When Liberal flamboyant federal front-bencher Christopher Pyne referred to the Prime Minister being "eaten out" he didn't mean what dirty-minded ABC viewers and listeners imagined he did. Just as well he's not a cunning linguist. He says he was referring to ewe but many were left saying "eww."

A SLEDGE TOO FAR: Bullying the PM in Canberra’s corridors not a good look for Pyne & Hockey

Christopher Pyne and Joe Hockey's private sledging of Prime Minister Gillard in the corridors of Parliament House is politically moronic. It's not the first time it's happened either.

FB SNAFU: Christopher Pyne’s sweet Caroline pictorial controversy exposed

Facebook can be no friend to prominent public figures. When Christopher Pyne uploaded a pic of a friend Caroline, some of his FB friends mistook it for his wife. Hilarity ensued or as the Leader of the Opposition might say "sh*t happens."

LIB SPAT: Christopher Pyne tells colleagues he’d be much better shadow foreign minister than Julie Bishop

Christopher Pyne covets Julie Bishop's shadow portfolio. Former Costello staffers talk up a challenge from Andrew Robb to Julie Bishop's deputy position. The Libs are in for a lively month of internal posturing but sources close to Bishop to VEXNEWS she is staying exactly where she is and that WA MP's will defend her to the death.

GOTCHA: Houssam Abiad defeated by VEXNEWS nation

It doesn't get much sweeter than claiming the political scalp of someone who thought he could slide into Parliament without getting his hateful views about Israel, the United States and even his own country challenged. Adios, Houssam Abiad. We examine the assertion by SA Party President that Abiad's critics were motivated by racial prejudice.

HOUSSAM ABIAD: Liberal facilitated report that condemned Australia as racist and anti-Muslim

Hater Houssam Abiad's past is really catching up with him in his bid for Liberal preselection in Adelaide. Today, Christopher Pearson at The Australian has expressed astonishment at his candidacy and we can reveal his role in a taxpayer funded report containing denunciations of Australians as racist and condemning Police and other government officials as anti-Islam.


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