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TRICKY, TACKY GREENS: Greensparty says CCTV is waste of money as cops use it to search for Jill Meagher

As Police use CCTV to desperately locate Jill Meagher, the Greensparty have decreed CCTV a waste of money. UPDATE: Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has said he'll look at it installing more CCTV cameras in light of how vital they've been in trying to find Jill Meagher.

WHO’S NEXT? Tasmanian Greens ready to scrap over Senate vacancy with protest militant Adam Burling favourite

Bob Brown's shock departure has caught his Tasmanian Greens political party on the hop, with VEXNEWS able to exclusively reveal that one of Brown's staffers, forest-protest-militant and pagan spell-weaver Adam Burling is positioned as favourite, even though he has considerable baggage.

MEAN GREENS: Enviro push for body hacks to make us hate meat, grow shorter, not breed & have energy-efficient ‘cat eyes’ to solve climate change

Environmentalists are pushing for potentially dangerous "body hacks" that they say would reduce the human impact on the planet. Last week, we saw Greens leader Bob Brown talking about little green men from space, now we reveal a bioethicist's push to use drugs on kids to make them shorter, hate meat, become more politically correct and altruistic, grow cat-eyes that would mean they wouldn't need to turn lights on and so on. Under their latest wacky scheme, we'd have little Green men on planet Earth too.

ABC’S JON FAINE ASKS: “Is there intelligent life in the Greens? Has Bob Brown lost it completely?”

A national political leader in Australia - of its Greens party - has openly canvassed the possibility of life of on other planets and that we ought create one-world government. He then went on holiday. Probably much needed. When a normally Greens-friendly ABC radio host interviewed the Acting Greens party boss about the speech, further hilarity ensued.

SECRET WEAPON: Greens bring out the gimp in Niddrie battle

Desperate to get some traction in the Niddrie by-election, a place where the Greens party don't tend to poll well, they have brought out a political weapon so formidable that the local papers were too scared to directly report his presence.

ELECTORAL APARTHEID: Greens-backed NSW donations law shuts out asylum-seekers from election process

As a result of controversial new laws in NSW - backed by the notorious NSW Greens - asylum seekers will be prohibited by law from fully participating in state elections.

INDICTED: The bunging of Bob Brown

Bob Brown's decision to take a $1.6 million donation from one of Australia's richest men and subsequent shameless spruiking of the multi-millionaire's commercial and property development interests is an ugly corruption scandal that could potentially see Brown imprisoned or fined by order of the Senate, following a reference to the Privileges Committee initiated by Senator Helen Kroger.

JUST ONE THING: What Labor can learn from Ted Baillieu

Ted Baillieu found his well-hidden manhood on the brave day he recognised the extreme-left Greens party as a greater menace than his Liberal party's traditional Labor foe. On this at least, Labor can a lot from him.

Bob Brown faces corruption probe on helping $1.6M political donor

Greens leader Bob Brown made a mistake taking a $1.6 million donation from travel millionaire Graeme Wood, the largest in Australian political history. And he’s made a bigger mistake proposing public policy changes that would financially benefit his rich benefactor.

GREEN PARTY FRAUDSTER: UK Green party director busted selling bogus “anti-radiation” pills to Japanese

The Australian Greens political party is closely associated with the UK Green party. They have failed to respond to questions about an outrageous bogus "anti-radiation pills" scam run on the people of Japan by one of the Greens' most prominent identities.


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