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POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION: Slipper quits, government reaps what it sowed

Former Speaker Peter Slipper has been treated very shabbily indeed by both sides of politics. Now he's resigned, we hope he torments the lot of them.

SHADOW BOXING: James Ashby’s $500,000+ legal bill is the dirtiest little secret in Australian politics

James Ashby won't tell us who's funding his sexual harassment litigation against Speaker Peter Slipper. WIth his legal costs estimated at $500,000, it's time for answers. We also look at the sheer folly of $50,000 in taxpayers' funds being paid to the gutter-snipe whose own paid shrink thinks behaved in a "provocative and sexualised" manner in the workplace. UPDATE: Sources tell VEXNEWS that the number Ashby's lawyers cited in discussions with the Commonwealth as having been expended on legal costs is $1.2 million. Even allowing for traditional padding, that's a huge amount for anyone to fund.

LIFE OF THE PARTY: James Ashby accused of procuring unwitting young men for HIV positive millionaire mate for pleasure palace “partying”

Speaker Peter Slipper's accuser James Ashby has some serious credibility issues he needs to explain. We dig deep in Sunshine Coast muck to shed new light on the character of this devious and dangerous young man.

THE TIME-BOMB: Liberal gift set to be a toxic Trojan Horse

The conduct of a high-priced Sydney law-firm engaged by James Ashby, an LNP identity who has made serious claims against Speaker Peter Slipper, has been questioned by the Fin Review's Marcus Priest.

BRISBANE BUZZES: Was James Ashby paid $50,000 to make his sexual harassment complaint against Slipper?

Political insiders are well aware of widespread talk that Speaker Peter Slipper's harassment/Cabcharge accuser James Ashby was paid $50,000 (with promise of free legals) to initiate Federal Court proceedings against him. Ashby - and those associated with him - could be getting into all sorts of trouble if it's true.

BLOWBACK: Peter Slipper saga might end up bad news for the Coalition

Many think there's a lot more to the James Ashby ambush of Speaker Peter Slipper than meets the eye. The Coalition will be hoping their young bomb-thrower stays solid. If Ashby was encouraged by Slipper's political rivals to dish the dirt, they are taking a big punt the flamboyant young man won't blab.


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