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THE HIDE OF TANNER: Millionaire merchant banker says Labor isn’t Labor enough

When a former firebrand lefty unionist turned over-promoted Labor minister turned lavishly superannuated millionaire merchant banker says Labor isn't quite Labor enough, VEXNEWS is probably going to write about it from a reasonably critical perspective.

(WHAT) ARE THEY THINKING? This Labor government has done some good but “Living Green” is killing them

The federal Labor government's mistaken kissing up to the Greens party will be a cautionary tale for generations of Labor activists, politicians and leaders to come.

PASS THE ORANGES: It’s half-time in Australian politics, and it’s just beginning to get interesting

The polls show the federal Labor government is in big, big trouble. And its outrageously self-indulgent and bizarre leadership spat will do it no favours. But with eighteen months to go, anything could happen. Keating '93, Beattie in '98, Bracks in '99, Baillieu 2010 show that politics can turn on a dime. Yes, it's half-time, with all to play for.

TORA! TORA! TORA! Kamikaze Kev prepares to take out as many enemies as possible

Kevin Rudd can't win but like kamikaze pilots before him, he wishes to inflict as much destruction as possible on those who've wronged him. UPDATE: Rudd didn't win, the result 71: 31 an emphatic repudiation of the ex-PM's poorly-timed, incompetently-administered and disastrous revenge raid.

THE SUM OF ALL SMEARS: Is Kevin Rudd actually mad or just maddening?

The nation's leading mental health activist has declared Kevin Rudd a "sociopath" who is "not fit for office" and was removed as PM "for his own wellbeing." An extraordinary intervention that warrants a careful evaluation. We consult Dr Google.

KEVIN THE WRECKER: Rudd may not nominate on Monday in order to do Gillard slowly

While Kevin Rudd is willing to wound the PM, some in Labor's caucus say he will be afraid to strike. For now.

MAD, BAD AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW: Rudd sinks to Evatt-like depths

Kevin Rudd's dramatic and emotionally manipulative resignation was calculated to inflict as much damage as possible to the Prime Minister who deposed him. A brilliant man, whose brilliant script revealed not just how clever and cunning he is but also just how unfit he is for the high office he seeks. Vengeance against those who wronged him is his only clear motivation, much like the equally brilliant, tragic and destructive Labor leader from the 50s, Doc Evatt.

GOOD RIDDANCE: Kevin Rudd cracks the quits

Kevin Rudd's decision to quit is a good thing. The antics he pulls on from this point though won't be good for his party or the nation he is sworn to serve.

LABOR’S DISGRACE: Self-indulgent personality politics is a compelling reason to punt this government

We love their NBN. But a government displaying Whitlam-era levels of self-indulgence as federal Labor has been simply does not deserve to occupy the ministerial wing. Where's Dr Philip Nitschke when you need him?

FLUSHING OUT RUDD: Ex-PM puts Labor in poo with phantom, memory-loss dependent, no-numbers faux challenge

Kevin Rudd's foes are daring him to step up and do what he is talking up in private: challenge for the Labor leadership. But, because he doesn't have the numbers, he won't. He is willing to wound and yet afraid to strike.


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