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BLOWBACK: Peter Slipper saga might end up bad news for the Coalition

Many think there's a lot more to the James Ashby ambush of Speaker Peter Slipper than meets the eye. The Coalition will be hoping their young bomb-thrower stays solid. If Ashby was encouraged by Slipper's political rivals to dish the dirt, they are taking a big punt the flamboyant young man won't blab.

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA: Queensland minister-to-be Lawrence Springborg’s close ties with Syrian regime revealed

Ask senior LNP figure Lawrence Springborg what he thinks about Syria and its government. He can't get enough of it.

LNP SURPRISE: Campbell Newman says he won’t repeal Labor’s gay and lesbian surrogacy laws

Campbell Newman has stunned his LNP colleagues and upset the powerful Christian lobby in Queensland by unilaterally decreeing on Sunday that his party would not be repealing laws passed by the Bligh government on gay and lesbian surrogacy. LNP insiders say he consulted no-one and worry this is a sign of arrogance to come.

GONER: LNP candidate Mark Boothman lied to Campbell Newman about his online crime-and-slime-spree

When caught out being centrally involved in the production of a smut site, LNP candidate for Albert, Mark Boothman lied to his Leader and to the public about how the pornographic content was put on the site. We can now reveal there was an extensive array of offensive content on the site, uploaded by him personally. Will Campbell Newman show high standards of governance and bone this liar and porn peddler? UPDATE: Within hours of this VEXNEWS report, Mr Newman has said he would re-investigate his troubled candidate... although by later in the day that turned out to be a fib as well. Mmm...[developing]

Pugnacious LNP treasurer Barry O’Sullivan tries to save his bacon

Foul-mouthed pugnacious LNP treasurer Barry OSullivan and power-broker shows humanity in a frank interview to the Courier-Mail after copping a caning for weeks on various mini-scandals..…

SPLITTERS: LNP cracks down on “Liberal Club” Queensland rebels with email warning

The merger of the Liberal and National Parties in Queensland was an incredible achievement given the bad blood between the two. The formation of what some fear to be a splitter "Liberal Club" by prominent Liberal identities in the Sunshine State has provoked the LNP hierarchy into warning party members that it has not authorised the Club and does not endorse it in any way. With respected Liberal elder Nick Minchin set to address the Liberal Club early next month, tensions are rising with the summer temperatures.

GIVING PETER THE SLIPPER: LNP backbencher marked for departure as Mal Brough circles

Queensland LNP backbencher Peter Slipper is in Mal Brough's sights as the former Howard minister quietly joins the party ahead of reclaiming a seat in federal Parliament.

FACELESS MEN: Hajnal Ban’s bitter blog blast at blokes

Dumped LNP candidate Hajnal Ban has attacked those in charge of her party who stripped her of preselection after VEXNEWS revelations of claims of improper financial dealings.

HAJNAL BAN: With friends like these she doesn’t need enemies

Hajnal Ban has had a tough week following VEXNEWS exclusive report on her legal troubles. As you'll see, it gets worse.

A WRIGHT MESS: LNP star Hajnal Ban accused of misusing old man’s money

On Sunday VEXNEWS exclusively revealed Queensland LNP star federal candidate Hajnal Ban has a gravely serious problem relating to her financial relationship with an elderly mentor in a nursing home. Since then, events have moved quickly, with national and Queensland media following up our exclusive, with the LNP hierarchy quickly disendorsing her, ordering a new preselection and reportedly discouraging her from recontesting. Developing...


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