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SPINNER: Tim Lane defends Peter Roebuck’s “living circumstances” where he paid 16 youths to call him “Daddy”

There are few sports commentators as well-regarded as Tim Lane. Most of us grew up listening to his well-modulated and sensible observations about the games we love, usually on the ABC before he later went to more vulgar and commercial

THE OMERTA CODE: Sex predator Peter Roebuck preyed on young blokes wherever he went

Peter Roebuck's colleagues at the ABC - and in cricket reporting more generally - saw the sexual predator's conduct at first-hand. They kept his serial sexual harassment of young male employees quiet for decades. They are quiet still.

No locks on the bedroom doors in Peter Roebuck’s eight-bedroom “blue house”

One of Fairfax/ABC cricket comentator Peter Roebuck’s “sons” has revealed that in the eight bedroomed “blue house” there were no locks on the bedroom doors and doors were kept open…

Peter Roebuck paid as many as sixteen desperately poor Zimbabwean …

SHANDY SOUFFLE PUFFS UP: Adam Shand jokes he’s “disappointed” his former cricket coach Peter Roebuck didn’t beat him

Adam Shand was "coached" in cricket at Cranbrook by dead sex-predator Peter Roebuck. Days after Roebuck's death, 'Shandy' was on Triple M radio joking about Roebuck's criminally abusive behaviour and advancing crackpot theories that Roebuck could have been thrown out of the hotel room window, from which he jumped, by South African police. It's not cricket.

Peter Roebuck’s respected mate speaks up but raises more questions than answers

The Australian’s true blue Christopher Pearson gives perhaps the first honest appraisal by someone giving Peter Roebuck the benefit of the doubt over claims he was engaged in sexual abuse of young people in his care. Pearson is someone whose

ROEBUCK VICTIM EMERGES: Fairfax/ABC must compensate the victims of their employee’s sex attack

Rather than gloat about how embarrassed Fairfax and the ABC ought to be about their disgraced cricket commentator Peter Roebuck, we'd rather focus on ensuring they compensate all the victims of what now appears to be his systematic physical and sexual abuse of young men in his care, who were lured to him because of the prestigious position he held with those media organisations.

MAN OF MYSTERY: Peter Roebuck’s secret life slowly revealed

PeterroebuckmysteryThe Herald newspaper in South Africa reveals:

Peter Roebuck funded the education of “dozens of Zimbabweans” with their “schooling and sport” and

Peter Roebuck knew someone who committed suicide recently, which left him “devastated.”…

THE BACKLASH: Speaking truth to Fairfax/ABC power makes them very, very angry

We don't mourn the death of Peter Roebuck. In fact we're glad there won't be any more victims of his criminal sexual predatory misconduct. But we should all mourn the outrageous hypocrisy and humbug of two of Australia's most powerful media organisations who - hopefully unwittingly - facilitated the horror Peter Roebuck perpetrated on young people in his care.

PETER ROEBUCK: Did the ABC and Fairfax turn a blind eye to their own criminal sexual predator?

Fairfax and the ABC have both been pretty tough on organisations that have failed to act on sexual predators who've used positions of authority to exploit children. Fair enough. But do they eat their own cooking?


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