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THE CHILLING TRUTH: Ralph Blewitt raped his sister

Ralph Blewitt, the main accuser attacking the PM in an embezzlement conspiracy theory that has attracted substantial media interest, has himself been accused by his sister of raping her when she was a child, in an interview that was partly broadcast but sanitised for defamation reasons by the Seven Network. It is probably best for everyone the sex predator has fled back to Malaysia.

SHOWER-SCENE PSYCHO EXPOSED: Dirty old perv Ralph Blewitt cannot wash away his filthy past

Relying on Ralph Blewitt as an authoritative source on anything is looking less sensible by the day. VEXNEWS can now reveal the sordid reason why his ex-wife loathes him: she caught him watching his teenage step-daughter in the shower.

MAKING US RALPH: Horny old loser Ralph Blewitt’s lengthy custodial sentence could starve Asian sex industry

VEXNEWS exposé of the PM's principal embezzlement conspiracy theory promoter, Ralph Blewitt, as a "sex predator" has gained further national attention, this time in News Limited Sunday newspapers which have also revealed that his supposed partner-in-crime Bruce WIlson has said she nothing about it. Meanwhile, because it offers readers more pleasure than even dirty dog Ralph could get from a lithe young Balinese lady and a bottle of baby oil, we give Blewitt a fair old kicking and reprise past slimings while contemplating what the old goat appears not to have given much thought: that confessing to serious crimes could get you a serious custodial penalty.

RALPH BLOWS IT: PM’s accuser admits using Balinese sex workers

Remember when VEXNEWS revealed the PM's embezzlement conspiracy theory accuser Ralph Blewitt was a sleazy sex-predator preying on young Asian women? Now, in attempt to clear his name, he's gone and admitted some dirty deeds indeed.

PM’s accuser denounced by former colleagues as untrustworthy, lying “sexist pig” #auspol

RalphblewittThe PM’s accuser, former lefty union official Ralph Blewitt, previously revealed by VEXNEWS as an ugly Australian sex tourist operating in Asia, was denounced by then colleagues as a “sexist pig,” “complete imbecile,” “stooge,” “useful idiot (by himself),” “liar,” untrustworthy …

BAD TO THE BONER: PM’s accuser is sleazy sex tourist, preying on vulnerable young Thai women

The man on whom The Australian relied for a front-page attack on the Prime Minister implying she was an embezzler is a low-life sex-predator who trawls Asia for vulnerable, suspiciously young women. We look at the life and slimes of self-admitted crook and former AWU militant leftist Ralph Blewitt and realise he has plenty of reason to seek immunity from prosecution that doesn't have anything at all to do with Australian politics.


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