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IN THE FAMILY: Mirabella MP’s allies seize control of Wangaratta council, could bone CEO and replace him with husband

Federal MP for Indi, Sophie Mirabella, has seized control of the Wangaratta council, insiders say, with rising speculation in the regional centre that her allies want to appoint job-seeker Greg Mirabella, her husband, to a senior post at the council.

Feeney smites Mirabella on green jobs

Rare is it that a non-Barnaby Joyce media release can run on VEXNEWS without amendment. This pleasing offering from the First Parliamentary Secretary of Defence, Senator David Feeney is quite good value though:

More splits have emerged within the Liberal-National

LOSING IT: Sophie Mirabella gets a much-needed holiday

Many in Canberra think Liberal industry spokesman Sophie Mirabella needs a much longer break from work than the 24 hours she received after going troppo in the House of Representatives Tuesday night. Some believe the strain from embarrassing revelations about a secret lover forty years her senior who then left her millions in his disputed will have pushed her over the edge.

DOING RIGHT: Sophie Mirabella under pressure to give vulnerable old man’s estate to charity

Liberal federal shadow industry minister Sophie Mirabella is embroiled in a messy financial and personal scandal involving the million-dollar estate of Colin Howard QC, an Alzheimers' sufferer, who appears to have given Mirabella, a former live-in lover, hundreds of thousands of dollars. His family aren't happy, want answers and want to leave his legacy to charity. Liberal insiders say Mirabella will be under pressure to disgorge the proceeds of what they say are inappropriate transactions.

COALITION KERFUFFLE: Libs slam Nats for turning to Chinese for Vic Police uniforms

The federal Liberal Industry shadow minister has launched a scathing attack on Victorian Nats Leader and Police Minister Peter Ryan for awarding a contract for the supply of fabric for Police uniforms to China at the expense of local jobs.

GREENS DRUGS: Liberal MP slams Greens on taxpayer-funded free heroin trial, injecting rooms and “medical” marijuana

Federal Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella has done what her state colleagues have failed to do, hold the Greens to account for their extremist policies on taxpayer funded nationwide free heroin for junkies trials, heroin injecting rooms and "medical" marijuana.


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