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MAYNE COURSE: Greedy Melbourne councillor Stephen Mayne under corruption cloud over rorting free-meals entitlement at Town Hall

Melbourne councillor Stephen Mayne could be one of the first local politicians referred to the new Victorian Independent Broad-based Commission Against Corruption following revelations he's been rorting little-known, very expensive and lavish "internal sustenance arrangements" at the Town Hall.

FAIRFAX EGG ON FACE: Doyle landslide despite The Age’s mudslide

The Age's rage against Robert Doyle fell on deaf ears when Melbourne ratepayers cast their vote. Their power is waning, and we're not just talking about the power outage at their production facility We reflect on their putrid campaign of vilification against the Lord Mayor's team and what the future might hold for all of them.

BUBBLES BURST: China confronts hard landing while Australia obliviously whistles a happy tune

Tony Abbott's frenemies think they're helping by insisting the PM is a crook. They're as useful to the Coalition as the 9/11 terrorists were to Islam. While they fiddle around talking up conspiracy theories, Australia's biggest trading partner, China, is burning out of control, with soaring inventories, an ailing and corrupt banking system and, as one analyst has compelling argued, is the greatest kleptocracy the world has ever known. How long can it last before it hits the Great Wall? What will become of Australia when it does?

WEASELS POP TOO SOON: Greens party lose despite perfect storm for Labor, 4% Stephen Mayne shamed once more

Does it get any better than the Greens party gloating about a victory they didn't have, Stephen Mayne again getting around 4% of the vote despite getting at least 25% of the media attention and Labor learning its lessons hard, if you lie down with Greens dogs, you get up with very itchy fleas. It's a beautiful day for freedom.

WHAT’S THAT SMELL? Stephen Mayne sh*t-sheets himself, pooh-pooh locals

"Attacks" complained about by US devil-worshippers bearing a "Vote Satan" sign on their property and simultaneously by a serial political candidate with no apparent fear of public rejection have been criticised as cunning stunts possibly motivated by attention-seeking. Some even speculate whether the timing confirms Stephen Mayne's long-suspected involvement in a global movement of Satanists.

MAYNE’S SHAME: Mayne makes million from muck-raking then wants council whistle-blowers punished

Shameless and sleazy local politician Stephen Mayne lied about a Chinese community group. They sued him. He apologised and now expects ratepayers to pick up the tab. Despite professing to be a champion of 'shining light in dark places' Mayne has ratted on everything he professes to believe in by demanding the punishment of council whistleblowers who revealed the details of how much Mayne's antics have cost the public purse. On behalf of a concerned public, VEXNEWS sought his explanation.

KOOKABURRA LAUGH: Stephen Mayne wins $10K feminist prize while bullying female councillors and costing ratepayers a fortune

Accountability activist turned slippery local politician Stephen Mayne is finding public office very heavy going, apparently throwing in the towel, saying he wouldn't seek re-election in next year's council poll, following claims he'd engaged in bullying a female councillor. The claims emerged as Mayne won a $10,000 prize for aiding the cause of womankind and has embroiled the council in a messy series of expensive court cases which could cost ratepayers many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

SLEAZY: Councillor Stephen Mayne votes to allow high-density development in street where he’ll inherit property

What happens when a preachy, whiny sanctimonious corporate governance crusader gets onto a local council? You guessed it, he's mired in sleaze, voting on planning applications in dubious circumstances, covering-up millions of dollars of spending and even supping with former Premier John Cain, whom he once denounced as a devil who bankrupted Victoria. We shine the light on his dark, nasty and arguably corrupt little municipal world.

UP IN FLAMES: Has Stephen Mayne finally met his match?

Reckless defamer Stephen Mayne has continued his forked-tongue ways as a local councillor, critics say, prompting defamation litigation from one of his victims, a non-profit Chinese community nursing home for elderly people too frail to live at home. He won't apologise, they are outraged and have demanded justice while Mayne appears to want ratepayers to pick up his tab. Yesterday, he added fuel to the fire by appearing to threaten the nursing home's council funding unless they drop their defamation case, an act of impropriety that some think could see him sacked from the council by the Minister for Local Government.

INSCRUTABLE: Stephen Mayne had Liberal party member scrutineering for him who was challenging Lib votes in Mayne’s favour

Stephen Mayne's bid for Victoria's upper house seems to be fading away but not before he had a member of the Liberal party - Charles Richardson - attend the count and attempt to strike out Liberal votes in order to assist Mayne.


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